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. . .bleh. . .
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      9 comments

Having a rough day and in a funk of a mood and don't really want to talk about it but still keeping a promise to myself to blog everyday. Hope everyone has a great hump day! We can, we will, we ARE doing this! ~namaste~... Read more
. . simply mellow, the way I like it. . .
Tuesday, July 20, 2010      7 comments

Another pretty mellow day. I met with my group of ladies that I knit with. It was really great especially since I haven't been there much lately. And I figured out a pattern. . .woo-hoo! That really is the highlight of my day. SO exci... Read more
. . .i accomplished a goal . .
Monday, July 19, 2010      9 comments

So I set out to have a relaxed and fabulous day and I did just that. I was a total bum and it was great goal accomplished :) I did a whole lot of nothing but catching up on my trash tv and it was really relaxing. The only "real" thin... Read more
. . .the fair day 2 & the Beach Boys. . .
Sunday, July 18, 2010      9 comments

What an amazing day, even if it started off waaayyyyy to early for me! First, it was b-b-q- fundraiser day. Went there from 8am until about 4:30. We did so much! It was fun though. Lots of work goes into those volunteer events, it is so cra... Read more
. . .a nice day. . .
Saturday, July 17, 2010      6 comments

A really mellow day! Yay! Went to the gym this morning. Did some errands. Had a nice family dinner :) Going to watch a movie :) Tomorrow Fundraiser b-b-q all day. It will be busy! Hope everyone has a great day! ... Read more
. . .fun at the fair. . .
Friday, July 16, 2010      11 comments

A very long day indeed. A very great day though! It was really nice weather, not to hot, not to windy, not to cold! A gazillion or so kids screaming was both great and a bit much though. I only went on a couple of rides but I loved what I ... Read more
. . . relief, finally. . .
Thursday, July 15, 2010      7 comments

Well I am finally over Mr. Migraine! Woo-hoo! This morning I was not to sure though! I started off sketchy, went back to bed. . .and woke up later feeling fine. Thank Goodness! I did however miss my morning workout but I needed to to make it th... Read more
. . .finally starting to feel better. . .
Wednesday, July 14, 2010      8 comments

Finally feeling somewhat better :) Still have many symptoms but at least I can basically function finally. I actually got back to the gym finally as well. Woo-hoo! Well just another short and sweet blog. . .I hope everyone else is do... Read more
. . .and the pain continues. . .
Tuesday, July 13, 2010      11 comments

So I am still fighting with Mr. Migraine. I wish he would just leave me alone already. I am in so much pain. I am just over it. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day. We can, we will, we ARE doing this! ~namaste~... Read more
. . .and the pain sets in. . .
Sunday, July 11, 2010      11 comments

Between Relay, lack of sleep, and probably some dehydration, I am dealing with Mr. Migraine. I hope everyone else is doing well! Let's have a fabulous week and keep taking steps towards our goals! We can, we will, we ARE doing this! ... Read more
. . .relay. . .
Saturday, July 10, 2010      7 comments

SO I have never attended a Relay for life before and it is a great time so far. I will be here all night, wasn't really sure how long I would stay! I wish I knew how much I have/will done/do in terms of miles. I forgot my pedometer but oh well. ... Read more
. . .stronger. . .
Saturday, July 10, 2010      5 comments

Ahhh. . .the weekend, finally. I went to ST class this morning and it was really great. I even added weight, so I must be getting stronger and that is a good thing I am guessing. Looking forward to Relay tomorrow. It will be a long d... Read more
. . .i must be insane. . .
Friday, July 09, 2010      7 comments

I think I may just be a little insane. After an incredibly long workout yesterday. . .trying new things (well a do over really), my long ST class and then swimming for another hour last night I headed back for more insane punishment today. ... Read more
. . .yes, i did it. . .
Wednesday, July 07, 2010      12 comments

So yes I did it today. And I survived to tel lyou about it. I went back to spin to see if it was any better. I went in with the same instructor but only after talking to lots of people about my last experience. I now have to admit it was not th... Read more
. . .hi. . .
Tuesday, July 06, 2010      10 comments

A pretty decent day overall today! Sparked a little today. . .got more in the last few days and that was good for my mental state. I haven't been around as much as i like to be this last week and I can see a difference and I miss so many o... Read more

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