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  • Teapot!! Migraine, and Productivity!

    7/15/2020 10:28:04 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    My glass teapot came in today! So of course, we had to try it out right away! I got it specifically to use with blooming teas: It's green tea that has edible flowers in it that 'bloom' in the hot water! This one smelled of honeysuckle! It even had a flowery hint in the te... Read more

  • Awarded another badge woohoo

    7/13/2020 4:06:12 PM, by ANYVAR54

    Evidently I had increased my exercise minutes over the weekend. Yeah!... Read more

  • Drawing Board (not back to, just still at it!!)

    7/13/2020 12:04:12 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    282 I had an awesome first appointment with my new Internal Medicine FNP-C!! It was like watching an episode of House, how she pieced things together and came up with what our next move would be for some of my issues. She still looked at my previous labs that I brought with me for my A1C's and looke... Read more

  • Badges from first week of challenge

    7/13/2020 10:11:15 AM, by ANYVAR54

    This is all I could understand how to do, but I got more badges. Enjoy your week.... Read more

  • The benefit exercise brought me

    7/10/2020 9:01:12 AM, by MOMTOLJ

    I can't seem to lose weight if I don't exercise. Since exercising, I left both the walker and the cane behind. 311 I can walk up and down the stairs like an adult and not a 1 yr old ( one step at a time with my 2 feet on each step) 244 I also have more energy around the house and do more... Read more

  • Real Talk About Depression and Struggles While On This Journey

    7/8/2020 7:44:26 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I realized in my past two posts that I've only really highlighted my goals and where I'm planning and trying to make progress. I have not let you take a peak at what has prompted these somewhat drastic changes. Yes, school starting and me wanting to be ready for that is part of it. Wanting my kids t... Read more

  • Past 3 weeks of therapy summed up for you

    7/8/2020 6:31:35 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    In the past three weeks of therapy a lot has been discussed however I know I haven't written about it to you at all. First of all I discussed in week 124 the fact that my neurologist and myself got into it and she basically tore me down and said she thought I didn't need the surgery and a lot of oth... Read more

  • Have I Mentioned My Love of Monday's?

    7/6/2020 5:49:01 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Monday's 249 are a fresh start to the week and boy did I need another one of those! We had a wonderful 4th! 232 195 though I was too busy taking care of the dogs to go out and watch the fireworks that ALL of the neighbors seemed to be determined to be putting up (have I mentioned we are a... Read more

  • My measurements at beginning of Summer 5% challenge

    7/4/2020 12:55:43 PM, by ANYVAR54

    Measure your Bust - 37 Measure your Chest - 35 Measure your Waist - 35 Measure your Hips - 47 Measure your Thigh - right 27 Measure your Calf - right 16.5 Measure your Upper Arm - left 12.5 Measure your Neck - 13 Measure your Waist to Hip Ratio - .745 Measure your Body Fat... Read more

  • Start of 5% Summer Challenge with Shooting Stars

    7/4/2020 10:21:47 AM, by ANYVAR54

    Today is the start of our summer challenge. When I weighed myself this morning and used Spark People to record I got really excited. I only lost 2.5 pounds since the end of the spring challenge, but my abdomen measured 12 inches less than when I last recorded it three years ago! I also measur... Read more

  • Pamper Day, Plans, and Getting Back On Track!!

    6/27/2020 6:35:13 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    I feel so thoroughly pampered and the day is not even over yet! I got up early (insomnia stinks) and wandered the internet till a reasonable time to leave before my appointment for my hair, which was at 10 (I left at 0730), and got some Starbucks and waited for the Dollar Tree near there to open. I ... Read more

  • Here I go again...

    6/25/2020 5:48:52 PM, by CROUCHINGFLEA

    Living life with PTSD, and other mental illnesses can sure be a roller coaster ride! Especially in the weight loss department! I recently had a bad.... episode with my PTSD, I was on track with my weight loss, I was doing my atomic habits, I was getting back in gear, and BAM! An unwanted hello from ... Read more

  • Cooler Weather

    6/24/2020 1:13:54 PM, by TAMMYVAUGHN57

    259 Yesterday it rained so it cooled it off. I was able to take a short walk this morning (9 minutes). I got my sunglasses today, a prescription from the eye doctor. All I had to pay was $30. They are only for distance (I hate bi-focals) so I can wear them whenever I go out. Hope it will ... Read more

  • Wacked Up Schedule

    6/23/2020 10:02:08 AM, by TAMMYVAUGHN57

    234 My schedule has been way off this weekend. Yesterday, I had a very off day. I had no motivation at all, I slept off an on and then last night had less than 5 hours of sleep. Good grief! Today is a new day and I need to be mindful that God loves me for who I am. I have PT in abo... Read more

  • I just want to forget last week

    6/22/2020 10:27:53 AM, by KITTENSONG

    Last week was really hard for me. I kept gaining weight during the week and didn't really care how much I ate. I finally decided today that I was in one of depression episodes last week. It was a real low culminating yesterday on Father's Day. Father's Day has always been a very hard holiday for me... Read more

  • Father's Day 2020

    6/21/2020 8:59:57 PM, by TAMMYVAUGHN57

    This is a bitter sweet day now that my Dad has been gone for almost 2 years. I was doing pretty good, I would have grilled out but the heat bothers me but I had a couple of veggie burgers with no bun. I need to make my own so I can save on the expense. My motivation has been rather low lately. ... Read more

  • Week 123 of therapy

    6/21/2020 1:08:23 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    This week in therapy we discussed my possibility of having the surgery again. We also discussed my mom and her back and how we are waiting to hear about whether or not she will have the MRI for it. We discussed my possible CT-scan. We also used a emotion wheel to talk about some things as well. I al... Read more

  • Try Try Again

    6/19/2020 9:04:59 PM, by TAMMYVAUGHN57

    Today I've been doing better at tracking my nutrition. I had Physical Therapy this afternoon, and from there, I went to get a few more groceries. I saw a friend from church in the store so she asked me how much shopping I had to do. She said she'd text me when she was about ready to check out. I... Read more

  • Hi

    6/19/2020 1:21:41 PM, by PBUSHBY10

    Hi everyone, The public library has opened its first floor, so now I could get back online.I know I have to get back to eating more healthy, and developing more healthy habits.I apologize for not being around.... Read more

  • Being on Furlough

    6/17/2020 10:05:39 AM, by KITTENSONG

    I believe I mentioned before that my company furloughed me for a few weeks. I have been working full time since I was 18 so it feels strange to be sitting at home without working. I am getting unemployment so I can pay what I need to, saving what I have leftover. I have found without something... Read more