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  • 2-25-20

    2/26/2020 1:28:23 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    We had some strong winds today. I thought my house was going to be blown over. They suggested the gusts were only about 60 MPH. It was a very cold wind, too. We did have some melting. Had the snow not had a couple of days of sunshine and had the snow develop a crust, I'm sure the wind would have pic... Read more

  • _Tampon (Not Fat) Tuesday!

    2/25/2020 11:58:44 PM, by _RAMONA

    Yes, you read that correctly, and no, I haven't lost my mind! Today I became aware of a local need to which I hadn't previously given much thought. Here's the article that jiggled me out of my complacency and privilege: Tampon Tuesday Aims to Increase Access to Feminine Hygiene... Read more

  • Today’s Top Five…

    2/25/2020 10:42:39 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Contemplating my top five activities today in terms of time they took. #5 Working a jigsaw puzzle #4 Cleaning #3 Walking #2 Driving #1 Teaching/Helping A nearly perfect typical day for me. Keep moving forward! — Kohl ... Read more

  • Weather

    2/25/2020 10:07:54 PM, by GEORGE815

    Cooler and windy today... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    2/25/2020 10:07:33 PM, by GEORGE815

    213... Read more

  • Blood sugar readings

    2/25/2020 10:07:11 PM, by GEORGE815

    Lower number today... Read more

  • No Psychiatrist In The World

    2/25/2020 9:23:51 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    There is no Psychiatrist in the world---------- like a puppy licking your face. 338... Read more

  • It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood

    2/25/2020 9:10:05 PM, by MNABOY

    Accomplished several tasks today and stayed within my limits on eating.... Read more

  • So what's up you ask??? I am still alive!

    2/25/2020 9:07:47 PM, by HAPPY-CATHE

    I apologize that I ave been missing in action on & off. Life has been crazy busy, a tad hectic & at times full of chaos. And now I have to give you the heads up. The Lenten Season begins tomorrow. During this time, as I have in the past I will be not only giving up Face Book time, but I... Read more

  • Tuesday

    2/25/2020 7:16:27 PM, by PICKIE98

    Today I had a later rehab session, so am pretty tired tonight. I finally had to buy some eggs. Nick said they would bring some when they come over for game day, but the hens are only laying about 2 or 3 a day for now. Moni should be flying in from Germany tomorrow morning, so we should hear ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    2/25/2020 5:48:58 PM, by SHERYE

    Cop: I’m arresting you for illegally downloading the entire Wikipedia. Man: Wait! I can explain everything.... Read more

  • more jokes for today

    2/25/2020 5:31:04 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    Why do hummingbirds hum? Because they can't remember the words. Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it's too far to walk. Why didn't Noah fish very often? Because he only had two worms. Where do otters come from? Otter Space.... Read more

  • Winter Blues

    2/25/2020 3:24:25 PM, by GRAMPERS

    I've definitely got them, but not solely because of the weather, although that's a lot of it. The rest is just too much going on at home all the time. I thought it would get better after the second of our foster daughters were adopted, but it's gotten worse. Either one or the other is getting i... Read more

  • Spring fever kind of

    2/25/2020 1:08:38 PM, by MYTURN19

    It has been such a crazy last 12 months I am anxious for spring.No more need for furnace, cool enough to sleep with windows open, green leaves ( not the candy), birds tweeting ( not the president) and so much to look forward to. The last two days it was in the low 50's and So nice to take the do... Read more

  • Tuesday activity

    2/25/2020 12:27:50 PM, by DWROBERGE

    I have been outside cleaning up the driveway after the trash men picked up the yard waste and recycled material. Keeping very focused for more successes. Happy Mardi Gras to all. Getting ready to take my wife to her hair appointment and then into Fort Walton. Hope all are having a great Mardi Gr... Read more

  • Veggies and recipes..

    2/25/2020 10:49:11 AM, by JUSTA123

    Day two of me time, dropped the little one off at school and headed on down to aldi for veggies, for us they have the best prices on fresh veggies and fruits, got home and threw the laundry I started before I left in dryer, and then made myself an egg spinach mushroom and cheese on a bagel thin, no ... Read more

  • Metaphor, analogy, allegory or just plain speech?

    2/25/2020 10:37:01 AM, by JANBROS

    So...this morning as I ate my breakfast a ripe, plump (delicious) blackberry rolled off my fork bounced between my breasts and continued on down my belly, landing just below the "N" on my keyboard. Are you picturing a pinball machine, because I swear I heard the bells dinging as this happened. I... Read more

  • A Life On Hold

    2/25/2020 9:26:50 AM, by MATTEROFHEART

    For some reason, I am having a hard time getting back into the blogging thing. Yet, I know it was an integral part of my weight loss journey before. Before. Before cancer. Before my life was put on hold. The words used to flow so easily when I was talking about weight loss success, getting my health... Read more

  • Hi

    2/25/2020 8:17:30 AM, by CKEYES1

    ... Read more

  • It's that time again...

    2/25/2020 8:11:28 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Well it's that time of year here in Canada to start making our Maple Syrup. 484 We'll all be looking forward to Pancake Day in order to have some. How to Tap a Tree for Maple Syrup Method 1 Tapping the Tree. Find a maple tree. The most important step in the process of tapping a... Read more

  • 2-24-20

    2/25/2020 3:45:25 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Book club today. Time to update the email list so we can stay in contact. We read Bad Blood, about the Silicon Valley company that said they had a new way to do blood testing. They had an idea that they couldn't make work. Instead of saying that, they came up with a secret work around for the blood ... Read more

  • Monday 2/24/20

    2/25/2020 2:20:35 AM, by KOALA_BEAR

    Very discouraging day. Definitely coming down w/ a cold as I had suspected yesterday. So just as I was getting back to PT workouts, now this. & I just couldn't get my hands & feet warm. Back under covers w/ clothes on & layered up. Hubby went & got me Chinese🥡 food w/ lots of vegetables altho ... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Tuesday, February 25, 2020

    2/25/2020 2:15:41 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like an Eagle, I Soar High Above the Troubles of the World." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Monday is a great day this week.

    2/25/2020 12:20:24 AM, by MNABOY

    Saturday I was informed that a rent house had burned and that no one was home and thus no one was hurt. Today the insurance adjuster called that he would be here Wednesday which is rather quickly. My friend that has a mechanics shop called and said all looked good on my 1991 Montero. And the real es... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Monday, February 24, 2020

    2/25/2020 12:12:42 AM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like a Dolphin, I am Graceful, Powerful, and Compassionate." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • A Bit Of Magic

    2/24/2020 11:48:18 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    "I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning." J.B. Priestley This is so easily applied to what we have here at Spark People. 593 ... Read more

  • Blast from my past!

    2/24/2020 9:39:30 PM, by LISALISA28

    Today I found my old sparkpage back when I was mizlisaabc.This was back in 2008-2010. I loved reading my old blogs. There were memories about my mom (she passed 8 years ago), my old teaching jobs, and the boys were kind of small. The good news is I didn't lose a lot of weight and then gain it ... Read more

  • Grandkids

    2/24/2020 9:36:28 PM, by GEORGE815

    Grandson's 2nd birthday today. I tried to take him to the park as he enjoys pointing out all the animals he sees. It was very windy and kinda of cold. He was a great trooper through it.... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    2/24/2020 9:34:33 PM, by GEORGE815

    213... Read more

  • Blood sugar readings

    2/24/2020 9:34:05 PM, by GEORGE815

    Number not good this morning.... Read more

  • Monday - Rollercoaster Kind of Day

    2/24/2020 7:14:52 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    This morning started off with a student vomiting all over another student's desk. When moved to the restroom, she then vomited all over the aide and her clothes. The morning went downhill from there. Another student had to be picked up for a medical appointment, but not before she threw her d... Read more

  • How Shall I Spend The Evening?

    2/24/2020 6:26:51 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    My mind feels the weight of lots of paperwork pressing down. I definitely need to grade a chemistry lab report before co-op tomorrow. Medical bills from October are now due and I plan to make some sense of them. I actually organized them by provider about a week ago and left the job hanging. And the... Read more

  • heartbreak and then ok

    2/24/2020 5:50:55 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    My younger son had a sad evening yesterday when his girlfriend broke up with him. This was his first real girlfriend and it hit him rather hard at first. I was a little concerned by a few things that I knew like that she had been going with someone before making a play and winning my son as her ne... Read more

  • Summer plans

    2/24/2020 3:04:32 PM, by PICKIE98

    I just talked to Connie in Munising: I am going to try to reserve the same cabin for this summer that we had last autumn. It is very close to Troy and Connie's house and we discussed what things we could do this summer.. Chap3el falls, local paradise swimming area, Bay Furnace, Troy boating trek... Read more

  • I’m baaaack!

    2/24/2020 1:58:39 PM, by KATHYTURPIN

    This is my second week in a very long time since I’ve been back to the Spark. Some things I realized.... I actually have lost 35 lbs since I started this many years back. I had forgotten that, I’ve just been thinking about the 10 lbs I gained in the last year. I also didn’t realize I was eating so... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    2/24/2020 1:57:04 PM, by SHERYE

    HUSBAND: When I get mad at you, you never fight back. How do you control your anger? WIFE: I clean the toilet. HUSBAND: How does that help? WIFE: I use your toothbrush.... Read more

  • How well to you know St. Patrick?

    2/24/2020 12:53:49 PM, by GRAMLOCK77

    Here are some interesting facts about St. Patrick: The Real Saint Patrick Patrick wasn’t Irish. He was born in mainland Britain and his real name wasn’t Patrick. It was Maewyn Succat. The name Patrick was given to him later in his life, and we still know him by that name today. At the ag... Read more

  • Bathroom #2 Remodel

    2/24/2020 12:38:05 PM, by JOYFULMEMT

    We have been remodeling since September 2019. One bathroom half done and the other torn apart when we ran knot issues with our contractor. December 2019 bathroom #1 was completed. Now we are starting the work on bathroom #2. I am looking forward to this project being completed. ... Read more


    2/24/2020 11:35:07 AM, by MYTURN19

    My husband has lost over 40 lbs. In 12 days in the hospital and still not reached his dry weight. He has agreed to stay until Friday and if they reach dry weight will do a catheterization. He gets it. He needs to watch sodium. He was taken off BP meds, pacemaker meds, he can now walk. Thank you... Read more

  • Monday Morning

    2/24/2020 10:10:15 AM, by DWROBERGE

    It is a bit of a cool cloudy start to the day on the Gulf Coast. The birds are busy at the feeder. My wife has gone to her exercise class at the senior center. I pug up the two new shelves in the laundry yesterday and my wife painted all the outdoor furniture in the back yard. We have to clean u... Read more

  • New Beginning

    2/24/2020 9:43:12 AM, by JUSTA123

    Well, it's been awhile since I blogged, much has happened, in the last few months deaths, of dear people who just seemed to fade away so quickly. Maybe because of my age they hit me a bit more mentally, ones own mortality comes in to play, There have been a few good things, the end of January I did ... Read more

  • A Moment in Time

    2/24/2020 8:17:08 AM, by BEDA65

    One cannot live in negativity and expect to be motivated. Negativity drags us down. It depletes us. No matter how bad your life or circumstances appear, you must speak positively. Set your sights on positivity. Many do not realize just the words we use to describe things can invoke negative co... Read more

  • Hi

    2/24/2020 8:12:00 AM, by CKEYES1

    ... Read more

  • Look who stopped by...

    2/24/2020 8:08:03 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Well... we got another three recycle boxes of our so called junk out to the curb this morning. Lots of work and mental fortitude to dump all the clutter we've accumulated over the past twenty years. But now our home is starting to look roomier and more open. Still lots more to d... Read more

  • Doing better

    2/24/2020 6:07:21 AM, by FIT2BETHIN

    Feeling better about my control. I over did dinner last night, but still stayed within my calorie range thanks to all the walking yesterday. The swelling in my ankles are gone too, so I'm happy about that! We pack up camp today and head 3 hours north to visit long time friends. They bought... Read more

  • Thank you for the responses to my last post.

    2/24/2020 2:59:31 AM, by WICKEDKISSES

    Now to determine where. I dearly wish to return to the bay area (SF) but I'm not sure if it's even feasible. I would definitely need to get my storage situation resolved.... Read more

  • 2-23-20

    2/24/2020 1:13:16 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    Wore myself out yesterday, so I decided to sleep late. I thought I'd miss the snow that was supposed to fall. Well, it fell on the southern parts of the metroplex but missed where I live completely. I'm glad, because that means I don't have to brush off snow from my car before I go to book club. I d... Read more

  • Can We Know God's Will?...

    2/23/2020 11:56:01 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Tonight I returned to church in the evening to attend the first of several classes on beliefs. The topic of tonight’s discussion was a question: Can we know God’s will? We read scripture on God’s will of decree (sovereign will) and God’s will of command (revealed will) and had a good discussion guid... Read more

  • Weather

    2/23/2020 9:24:12 PM, by GEORGE815

    Snowed a bit. Very wet. Warmed up enough to melt.... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    2/23/2020 9:22:58 PM, by GEORGE815

    213... Read more

  • Water

    2/23/2020 9:22:17 PM, by GEORGE815

    Fully hydrated... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    2/23/2020 7:59:52 PM, by SHERYE

    A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and noticed he had his collar on backwards. The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards. The man, who was a priest, said, 'I am a Father.' The little boy replied, 'My Daddy doesn't wear his collar like that.' The pries... Read more

  • Sign Located Between Male & Female Restrooms:

    2/23/2020 5:48:55 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    Men To The Left...…………….Because...…………….. Women Are Always Right. I guess I can't argue with that...………….. 334... Read more

  • Happy Sunday!

    2/23/2020 3:46:16 PM, by MNABOY

    Sang with the choir today and it sounded okay, I think. Director said the anthem was beautiful and that should satisfy the choir.... Read more

  • Sunday laughs

    2/23/2020 3:23:56 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    What did Mrs. Bullet say to Mr. Bullet? We're going to have a beebee. Why did the atoms cross the road? It was time to split! Why was the baby ant so confused? Because all his uncles were ants. Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall? He wanted to make up for a lousy summe... Read more

  • Daily Affirmation for Sunday, February 23, 2020

    2/23/2020 2:58:01 PM, by PRAIRIECROCUS

    " Like a Chameleon, I Adapt to Changing Circumstances." - Jonathan Lockwood Huie, with link to Read more

  • Sunday

    2/23/2020 1:49:42 PM, by PICKIE98

    I love paying bills, balancing my checkbook! (sarcasm) Today was the day for it, but I am now organized and ready for a full week of running around.. I am finding I have more energy since I started rehab. I started my baby aspirin therapy two nights ago, had some tinnitus yesterday, but ... Read more

  • Little Victories

    2/23/2020 1:10:37 PM, by LISALISA28

    Gratitude. I have lost a total of 15 lbs since the first of the year. By the time I started tracking on Sparkpeople, I was already down 12 lbs. I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself that I am not on a diet. I am making healthy choices because I want to. Thankful for "clearance" produce. Mone... Read more

  • Hi

    2/23/2020 9:44:27 AM, by CKEYES1

    ... Read more


    2/23/2020 9:21:05 AM, by SPARKER36

    Sometimes it just gets tiresome to write everything down, read articles, etc. so I took a few days off from tracking-- but not from staying on track, otherwise. I have been continuing with exercise and eating right and decided to step on the scale this morning. So happy, I lost 1.5 pounds this we... Read more

  • What rhymes with orange... LoL

    2/23/2020 9:05:44 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    It is another great day here. Sunny, cold and windy, BUT no snow. 104 Since I decided a long time ago, that I was going to have a great day, everyday, I have been having great days, everyday. Yes, I get upset at things too, but then I remind myself that I'm still going t... Read more

  • Last week of February

    2/23/2020 8:59:40 AM, by MOMTOLJ

    This month has been rather tough - 5 times at the hospital heart and dry kidneys. This last week I have 6 medical appointments in 4 days.. Hope to end up with pace maker and defibrillator. I am very committed to my goal of losing weight to be healthier. Made some sticker for my upright freezer ... Read more

  • Good Morning

    2/23/2020 8:20:08 AM, by JAHNAH

    Blessings to all om this new day. Im restarting my WFPB way if eating today for just eating a lil meat makes me feel so nauseous ..its a terrible feeling. I was doing well but fell track but Im back today. Its hard doing it alone but this is for me. My gym routine is going good..git my 3 days in... Read more

  • Wondering...

    2/23/2020 7:03:37 AM, by WICKEDKISSES

    Between the inability to get out (the ppl I am living with are worried that if the manager of the trailer park sees me here a lot will try to up their rent, or ask them to leave) and the near constant smoking in the house, whether it's better to try to get into a shelter or stay until I find a home... Read more

  • 2-22-20

    2/23/2020 1:16:10 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    I finally ran my monthly errands. Now I'm tired. I took my recycling can down when I got home so I wouldn't have to deal with it when it snows tomorrow. Because I'm ahead of the game, the snow will probably jump over us.... Read more

  • We Are on Our Way to South America!

    2/23/2020 1:10:21 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Today I finished packing for my trip to South America. My medium sized suitcase weighs 35 pounds, but I am allowed 50 pounds. I have a carry-on duffel that is almost empty, so I can do a little shopping. I wasn't sure what to pack or how much. I have 3 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, a romper, 4 pair of ... Read more

  • Thinking of going Keto

    2/23/2020 12:13:38 AM, by FEISTYGAL64

    Watched a Youtube video with Dr. Jason Fung; an endocrinologist. He has a totally different concept of diabetes type 2. He makes a lot of sense. Now to work up the motivation to do it.... Read more

  • On Healthcare (A Light Approach)

    2/23/2020 12:02:31 AM, by PATRICIAANN46

    The medical community is unable to reach an agreement on what to do with America's Health Insurance situation. The Allergists were in favor of scratching it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. The Gastroenterologists had sort of a gut feeling about it, but the Neuro... Read more

  • Great Party

    2/22/2020 11:33:48 PM, by MNABOY

    Last night the food was good and the company better. While there was a great number of carry-outs those people would visit coming and going and I enjoyed visiting with more people than my last trip to Walmart!... Read more

  • Mardi Gras

    2/22/2020 10:47:49 PM, by GEORGE815

    Attended a fund raiser for Diabetes this evening. It had a flavor of Mardi Gras. It was great with the beads and all. Enjoyed the raffle part too.... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    2/22/2020 10:46:05 PM, by GEORGE815

    48... Read more

  • Blood sugar readings

    2/22/2020 10:45:25 PM, by GEORGE815

    Good number this morning... Read more

  • Spring Sorting, Walking, and a Movie...

    2/22/2020 9:06:31 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Spring sorting has begun! D21 asked daddy to help her with moving furniture around in the attic where she rooms alone. He was willing to help as long as she moved all she owned into the first floor hallway so her room could be cleared of dust and such. My aim for the day was to work with D15 to get ... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    2/22/2020 8:34:37 PM, by SHERYE

    Teacher to the class: "How can we keep our school clean?" Student: "By staying at home?"... Read more

  • Saturday - Mindful relaxation and recharging

    2/22/2020 5:48:03 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Today has been a lazy sort of day. I have been recharging my batteries, resting and getting my exercise in. Tonight's dinner will be steamed veggies and air fried chicken drumsticks. Ed found them on sale for $.69 a pound so we got ten pounds and he immediately broke them into packs with two for eac... Read more

  • can't help but be happy but was bad news

    2/22/2020 4:43:20 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    My older son called today which I was happy that he finally reached out to me but he is injured again. It sounds like they don't know yet how bad the injury but it is his knee and if I understood correctly it has to do with muscle or something behind the knee. He doesn't know yet if he'll be able ... Read more

  • Heat wave tomorrow!

    2/22/2020 2:50:18 PM, by PICKIE98

    We are supposed to get a 45 degree temperature tomorrow, so no coats and outside in short sleeves for awhile! We need the Vitamin D!... Read more

  • Today's Motivation 02/22/2020

    2/22/2020 2:04:50 PM, by HAPPYDAZ1

    Today's Motivation is MIA I have nothing much to share today. I'm heading to Florida for a much needed girls long weekend and I can't wait. The daily motivation blogs will resume when I get back. Thanks for checking in. ... Read more

  • Not to shabby

    2/22/2020 10:48:51 AM, by CKEYES1

    ... Read more

  • Lessons learned from feeling like a fraudster for winning “Most Popular Blog”

    2/22/2020 10:02:00 AM, by PCOH051610

    Good Morning! Full confession, I’m in a mild funk. Nothing to get alarmed about because I’m owning it! Yesterday something set me off (I’m trying to figure out what) and last night I was a self-pitying, unloveable mess. It’s a huge step for me to acknowledge, let alone be open about, so I’m ... Read more

  • Oooops.... WoW

    2/22/2020 9:29:06 AM, by TERRACOTTAGE

    Mom & Dad saving their baby from a nasty fall. 40 I think that nest needs a redo... for sure. 587 Hope you had a great day... 213... Read more

  • Beautiful Day

    2/22/2020 9:09:33 AM, by LITTLEBEACONS20

    67 259 I am starting today out with the fixings for the Just Crack An Egg and used the liquid egg makers instead of an egg. It's Saturday so today I plan on doing some sorting, throwing away papers and stuff that I don't need. I am de-cluttering my life to feel freed up. I have inspection com... Read more

  • Maintaining is HARD!

    2/22/2020 7:44:28 AM, by FIT2BETHIN

    My Feb goal is to maintain my current weight while vacationing in FL. I didn't realize just how difficult that would be! We are finishing up our week long visit with DH's sisters. A mini reunion, so to speak. Two of the sisters are morbidly obese (not exaggerating), and the other is super t... Read more

  • If the United States and the world are going to pot, I'm going to Celebrate!

    2/22/2020 4:51:12 AM, by WEARINGTHIN

    Tr**p can't take that away from us. Tonight, my wife and I were despairing about the state of things with the rearranging of the Pentagon, the Intelligence Services, and who knows what else. If you're rich and connected, you are free. If you go against that system, you might just go to jail. O... Read more

  • 2-21-20

    2/22/2020 1:16:10 AM, by SUSANBEAMON

    It's promising to be nice tomorrow, so I'm going to try to run my monthly errands. The forecast is for more white stuff Sunday, so I'm going to put out the recycling tomorrow. I am hopeful the white stuff stops Sunday night so I can go to book club on Monday. I may get the stovetop cleaned up and re... Read more

  • Yes...

    2/21/2020 11:59:12 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am ready for the weekend! Keep moving forward! — Kohl... Read more

  • All The Lonely People

    2/21/2020 11:40:12 PM, by PATRICIAANN46

    "Where do they all come from?" The most common reasons for loneliness are as follows: 1. We value achievement more than attachment. We need to focus on people and not allow the pursuit of work and wealth to undermine that. 2. We're left too much to our own devices. Technology t... Read more

  • Iced Tea

    2/21/2020 11:06:10 PM, by LIL-VIXEN

    I tried this new tea today called Teavana Crafted Ice Tea. It is a tea with creative blends of bright botanicals, real fruit flavors and premium teas. It comes in lots of different flavor mixtures. The flavor I’m drinking right now is Pineapple Berry Blue with Hibiscus. It’s very good tea. If y... Read more

  • Friday 2/21/20 lots of discomfort

    2/21/2020 11:03:34 PM, by KOALA_BEAR

    Early appt @PT this morning & a long one. My back as just a tiny bit tweaked upon arriving there, then quite a workout followed by the usual heat & electrical stimulation. Then came home, did very light tasks & decided to ice a couple places that were flaring up. Ended up resting for well over an ... Read more

  • Weather

    2/21/2020 9:47:18 PM, by GEORGE815

    Warmest day of the week... Read more

  • 2019 emoticon for how you feel today

    2/21/2020 9:46:52 PM, by GEORGE815

    213... Read more

  • Water

    2/21/2020 9:46:07 PM, by GEORGE815

    Fully hydrated... Read more

  • 90 minutes at gym

    2/21/2020 9:09:20 PM, by KITTYHAWK1949

    Today after the upper body class, I did the 30 minute circuit class which I enjoyed so plan to add to Monday and Friday. I also did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I recently got some foam dumbbells that I plan to use on Sunday when go walking at gym pool. They offer more resistance. More jokes... Read more

  • Smile of the Day

    2/21/2020 5:59:06 PM, by SHERYE

    Finally, the good-natured boss was compelled to call Smith into his office. "It has not escaped my attention," he pointed out, "that every time there's a home game at the stadium, you have to take your aunt to the doctor." "You know you're right, sir," exclaimed Smith, "I didn't realize it. You ... Read more

  • The Mardi Gras cajun shrimp boil

    2/21/2020 5:41:39 PM, by MNABOY

    The local Catholic Church has two money raising events for the public each year. Tonight is the seafood dinner and the spaghetti dinner is in the fall. There will be oysters on the half shell separate from the shrimp, sausage potato and King Cake. It is a money raiser so portion control is not a pro... Read more

  • What do you mean, I'm not the center of the universe!

    2/21/2020 4:42:11 PM, by NEBRASKANNIE

    The last couple of days have been tough because the little has been sick with an ear infection and fever and I haven't had time to log or exercise. Eating has been right on the edge, too. But today I'm back at it and taking care of myself. The two days I planned on time for myself didn't work o... Read more

  • Two years.... highest weight ever

    2/21/2020 4:06:10 PM, by NOREGRET2010

    It's been two years since i was active on SP. Gained more weight, worse health status probably ever. Something has to change. Here's to making that happen. Protocol: No processed food. work up to 1/2 body weight in water daily Work up to 10K steps daily I don't even know... Read more

  • Friday - Whew, I guess we made it through the week, not sure but I think we did

    2/21/2020 4:00:20 PM, by NANCYPAT1

    Today was another challenging day! My new escape artist had a field day today, grabbing iPads and yanking on cords plugging them in, got into my normally locked closet, broke the hook to hang her coat and book bag on, and the list goes on. She never closed her eyes, never stopped babbling, and never... Read more

  • New member help

    2/21/2020 2:06:09 PM, by BIGMOUTH

    Hello, how do I delete the meal plans? Is there a 'frequently asked questions' somewhere?... Read more

  • Friday

    2/21/2020 2:05:33 PM, by PICKIE98

    Today is a good day to move around indoors. I am getting things accomplished around here. IT feels great!... Read more