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  • 10.17.2020

    10/17/2020 7:03:14 PM, by THOMPSONK23

    Hey. Being healthy is more fun than eating what you want. PSA. Do what you're supposed to do. ------Breakfast- Oatmeal or Cheerios with a glass of 1% Milk. I do best when I eat Oatmeal. I think it feels me up without getting my sugar out of whack first thing in the morning. I need to do b... Read more

  • 10.10.2020

    10/10/2020 12:47:11 PM, by THOMPSONK23

    I'm very sad that I haven't blogged in a little over two months. I'm disappointed, because I have stated and know what a key role being able to be thoughtful about my days and eating habits has played in my weight loss. I will address this. I have done pretty well with this pregnancy still, tho... Read more