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  • Steps

    6/22/2021 11:29:23 PM, by CAT5JACK

    I got my 10,000 steps in today. I did 16.5 miles on the exercise bike. Took 2 walks today. ... Read more

  • 197.6 no exercise to record spent day taking care of Bob ... AF

    6/22/2021 9:12:41 AM, by JOE14250

    Spent Father's day with my guys. Should have taken a photo! Of course they brought their latest brews for us to enjoy. I had maybe 3 with them, but back on track. My two friends who are seriously mentally ill are needing time and attention now big time one wound up in a nursing home, an... Read more

  • 198.1 Day ? hiked Swatara SP 21k 2 beers

    6/20/2021 9:33:51 AM, by JOE14250

    Biked Thursday with the group in Oley. 20 miles Hiked Birdsboro Waters with Tom G 20 + steps by the end of the day. Sat. Hiked Swatara SP solo (missed group starting point) 21+ steps end of the day Sat went to Arts on the Ave. and over ate no tracking and had a beer at GNA ... Read more

  • xxx Wed Bike BZ Bike / walked with VS 22K steps ....... AF

    6/16/2021 9:49:27 PM, by JOE14250

    Left close to 9AM biked to 4th and Cherry. then up Cherry to 7th cut up past MC D's over the bridege and then off of Park rd. paralleling main Rd. to go under 222 at Best Buy and over the strip mall to river rd. Went to Berks' Leisure Center and then up trail to Red Bridge. got there by 9:55... Read more

  • 196.5 Monday Biked BZ biked 1/2 distance

    6/16/2021 8:42:22 AM, by JOE14250

    late so biked only from wyo on the border. good work out and biked to on the border. xxx Tuesday at Grace's drove Trud to Dentist met with Denise at Geets . meet Dan at AAA for full authoritzation POA with Vanguard. hike Philly and west reading for 11K.... Read more

  • 145th Weekend Fasting Cycle

    6/15/2021 12:44:28 PM, by SKATER787

    The 60-hour fast from Fri dinner to Mon breakfast went without a hitch. No cooking project this weekend. I'm eating more salmon in the morning. 145th fast is a minor milestone. I'm looking forward to 150th. Mon breakfast: Fried salmon, onion rings and purple sweet potato. Sausage and beet root ... Read more

  • 197.5 Day 0 in a slide I have not been on it ........ AF

    6/14/2021 6:31:57 AM, by JOE14250

    I am in a slide. Yesterday was a wash I didn't track food in the PM and ate food not recorded. I didn't exercise at all. Yes, the absence of this tool in the upcoming months is on my mind and I should prepare for it. I somehow find it secure that I can go back and review what I was doing in... Read more

  • 195.7 Day 2 Biked to BZ/ SS workout/ biked back ........ AF

    6/8/2021 5:12:26 PM, by JOE14250

    Biked to BZ good workout. Used 5 # weights workout fine. a lot of quick step one two sheit. I was more than my feet and brain could handle well. It is good for my brain to be behind my feet. It gives me room to improve my performance. I had to laugh at myself, luckily this is a talent I have... Read more

  • 144th Weekend Fasting Cycle - Deep Fried Black Fungus

    6/7/2021 11:43:12 AM, by SKATER787

    The 60-hour fast from Fri dinner to Mon breakfast went without a hitch. There was no cooking project last weekend. Mon breakfast: Fried salmon, hamburger, black fungus (new item). Cherries and limenade. PS. All the fried foods including the black fungus turned out very good. I got the deep fr... Read more

  • 195.4 Day 1 Biked to Sheetz then Lincoln circle ....... AF

    6/6/2021 9:45:02 PM, by JOE14250

    Did a bike ride in the AM before 10AM so that it was not so hot. Did about 8 miles. Did 16 different exercises designed by my PT therapist. The B series for the second week of work. I also worked on Balance. I have been doing this balancing on one foot at a time for weeks. It is tedi... Read more

  • 194.4 Hike to Pinnacle 9miles .......AF

    6/6/2021 6:45:52 AM, by JOE14250

    Did a blow out hike with BCHC very tough on the feet especially toes coming down. I need hiking boots for support. very tired upon return home. No alcohol - no cramps. Of course I drank plenty of water. Ate ravenously. Some how in my head all out expenditure of energy allows for all out... Read more

  • 143rd Weekend Fasting Cycle

    6/1/2021 2:02:10 PM, by SKATER787

    The 60-hour fast from Fri dinner to Mon breakfast went without a hitch. For Mon breakfast I had fried salmon, mussels, and onions. Slow cooked sausage and fresh lemonade. ... Read more

  • 142nd Weekend Fasting Cycle - Super Crunchy Fried Foods

    5/24/2021 12:42:38 PM, by SKATER787

    The 60-hour fast from Fri dinner to Mon breakfast went without a hitch. There was no cooking project this weekend as I was studying for work. After months of frying food, I finally got it super crunchy. The trick is to cut shrimp in half and double fried the food. This morning the salmon wasn't... Read more