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  • "The pleasure chemical" - recovery from addiction

    2/25/2020 4:20:44 AM, by WHITE-2

    This is an article about recovery from alcohol addiction, but it explains a lot about dopamine which plays a role in all types of addiction.
    ction-recovery/ Adapting from this article: " Judith Grisel, author of Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Exp... Read more

  • The Craving Brain: Neuroscience of Uncontrollable Urges

    2/22/2020 8:08:35 AM, by WHITE-2
    v=p0lL1MN2yCs What I learned in the first 15-20 minutes: Even after more than 20 years of abstinence, after using even a limited / small amount of the substance, an ex-addict will go straight back to the level of use that they had back when they were ful... Read more

  • I’m down 55 pounds

    2/16/2020 5:52:52 PM, by MRSHONEYCOMB

    I’ve lost 55 pounds over the last 30 weeks. 🤗 I still have 80 pounds until I reach my goal and I’m starting to lose interest. I’m currently doing 20,000 steps a day and 1500 calories.... I think I’ve decided to calm down and only push for a 1 pound loss per week. 🤷🏼‍♀️... Read more

  • The true cause of happiness

    2/16/2020 12:11:31 PM, by WHITE-2

    "It is our habit to think that there is some reason for our feeling of happiness - the bright green of spring leaves, the sound of laughter of a child, or the sensations you get from playing in the ocean. However what reallly causes the feeling of happiness is the silent, benevolent presence in the ... Read more

  • A must-watch if you're interested in weight loss AND health

    2/11/2020 11:30:59 AM, by WHITE-2
    8Ah3Q... Read more

  • Finding your purpose: 5 questions to ask

    2/8/2020 2:48:24 PM, by WHITE-2
    -need-help-finding-your-purpose... Read more

  • Greek Yogurt: the good & the bad

    2/8/2020 12:37:28 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    I bought 2 different brands of greek yogurt on Saturday, last week. The dannon Greek yogurt was the cheapest at $3.47 for a 4-pack. Instantly I noticed a difference in taste when I put the first spoonful into my mouth. There are 9 grams of carbs in this blueberry flavor. But I am thinking that... Read more