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  • 1st Day of Summer 2021 ~ Change of Season

    6/21/2021 11:45:19 PM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5541 Monday, June 21, 2021 9:33PM Happy First Day of Summer 2021 We can't become what we need by remaining what we are. It's our last First Day of Summer here on SparkPeople. We've had about two weeks to adjust to the news of SparkPeople going d... Read more

  • Thank You All

    6/14/2021 12:55:55 AM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5533 Sunday, June 13, 2021 11:23PM There is always, always, ALWAYS, Something to be THANKFUL for! I am incredibly thankful for all of my 15+ years here at SparkPeople! 809 I've grown. I've learned so much! I've made some awesome friends! 223 We... Read more

  • Thoughts

    6/9/2021 3:47:44 PM, by NGCHILD

    I know everyone is blogging about the site closure but I wanted to add my 2 cents. It's sad but I get it. It makes good business sense. Change is HARD for some. I signed up for Spark360 today. It feels like Sparkepeople but I know I will miss the interaction with friends and blogging. I decid... Read more

  • OK ~ SP ~ Flips & Hugs!!!

    6/7/2021 8:56:23 PM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5527 Monday, June 7, 2021 7:02PM Just checking on all of you ~ You all doing okay? 38 That was quite some news we got early Sunday!!! 198 In case you missed it 40 Here's a link to THE article/announcement (prematurely leaked): Read more

  • Is it so?

    6/6/2021 5:00:45 PM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5526 Sunday, June 6, 2021 3:33PM SAY IT AIN'T SO! P.L.E.A.S.E. SAY IT'S NOT TRUE! Sometimes you need to look at things From a different perspective. Sometimes THAT is very hard to do! As I began my day on SparkPeople I saw more and mo... Read more

  • I Believe in Me!

    6/4/2021 1:02:15 AM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5523 Thursday, June 3, 2021 11:07PM I BELIEVE IN ME I do want to believe in me! Sometimes that's easy; other times not so much. 24 Today is one of those other times. I'd say I failed to stay on plan with R3. But I know, Susan would tell me that I did... Read more

  • Wonderful Wednesday & White SUVs!!!

    6/3/2021 12:49:00 AM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5522 Wednesday, June 2, 2021 11:11PM SMILE! It's Wonderful Wednesday!!! That today is "Wonderful Wednesday" was something I needed to remind myself of all too often today! Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy! 246 M... Read more

  • June 2021

    6/2/2021 1:01:18 AM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5521 Tuesday, June 1, 2021 11:50PM Goodbye MAY, HELLO JUNE! And so another month begins! 2021 just keeps on flying by! BUT... If you're always racing to the next moment, What happens to the one you're in? 38 ENJOY THE RIDE! ... Read more

  • An Angel In Disguise?

    6/1/2021 12:38:58 PM, by ON_A_DIET

    The past few days have been tremendous... My laptop crashed. It was a holiday weekend and my roommate had important plans. I had no way of getting to the nearest city to buy a new laptop. I prayed and prayed for a miracle. Saturday night, my roommate calls me up and tells me t... Read more

  • R3 Prep

    5/30/2021 2:09:53 PM, by MAMADEE016

    MAMADEE's Blog ~ SP Day 5519 Sunday, May 30, 2021 12:20PM HAPPY SUNDAY! I hope it's a happy day for you, whatever day you are reading this! This weekend I'm doing my best to prepare for the beginning of my next R3 Challenge! The R3 program is pretty simple IMHO, but many ar... Read more