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10/20/19 6:12 P

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I have a hard time getting in enough fruits into my day. I started making a smoothie for breakfast. I throw a 1/2 each of blueberries, raspberries and 1 small banana along with 1 cup of 1% milk and a container of reduced calorie vanilla greek yogurt into my blender. Then I hit frappe and in a minute I have a fruit smoothie that is about 325 calories. I put it in a cup that has cover with a straw hole and I sip that on my way to work. (I have a 30 minute commute.) It's healthier than most things you grab and go.


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10/20/19 1:56 P

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Take a wrap. Spread on the nut butter of your choice and then slices of a hardier fruit like apples or bananas. Roll up the wrap like a burrito, then wrap in foil. I've actually had one of these last the weekend, but next day is perfectly fine.

Mason jar salads can be made up to a few days before. Just put carrots or nuts on the bottom and the greens on top. Then you can shake everything up right before you eat.

Quiche is a great make ahead option. It can be eaten cold or hot, with bread or a salad or soup (also a great option to prepare in bulk for easy meals. Freeze in one cup containers and you can make an even bigger pot). Egg cups (line muffin tin with sliced meat, add vegetables, then eggs, then bake) are another variation.

Make your own trail mix. They also make dehydrated vegetables that you can snack on like popcorn, Just Veggies is a pretty common brand.

Make up your own granola once every week or so and pair with fresh fruit and yogurt.

Pick a mix: hard boiled egg, cheese, hummus, fruit, vegetables, crackers, nuts or nut butter. This covers grapes with cheddar, hummus with celery and carrots, crackers with swiss cheese and berries, apples an egg and peanut butte, oranges with almonds, pears and blue cheese and loads of other combinations.

I like making up a combo of potato and egg salad. Hard boiled eggs with chopped up cauliflower, chopped up broccoli, cubes of potato, mayo and dijon mustard. I like mine a little crisper, so I don't mix the mayo and mustard in until right before I eat.

Cold grain salads are great to make up in advance and there are tons of recipes in just about every vegetarian cookbook. This also covers things along the lines of three bean salad.

Burritos, empanadas, individual pot pies, wontons, dumplings and other somesuch are all ways to portion out filling into bite sized bits. Lasagna rolls are easier for snack portions than a whole thing of lasagna. In general, the basic idea of sushi (make it into one roll, then cut into bite sized pieces) can work for a variety of fillings. You could also stuff a variety of things into mushroom caps, tomatoes, or peppers for easier containment.

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10/15/19 1:31 P

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Coffee stop me from binge eating and its only 2cal..Apples in the morning time is good aswell I also enjoy tea with/sandwich.@supper time emoticon

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11/23/18 9:50 A

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I have dried apples for snack, peanuts.

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8/22/18 10:05 P

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Lots of ideas in this article:

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8/22/18 4:23 P

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I work 12 your shifts and my downfall is quick snacks, any ideas of snacks to prepare the night before? And quick breakfasts?

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