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NIRERIN Posts: 14,704
9/8/19 7:53 A

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You would use the info exactly as it is on the package of frozen fries. In the US the nutrition has to be for the item in the as is state. It's why macaroni and cheese has columns for as packaged and as prepared (with a little asterisk indicating what it is prepared with) and popcorn shows unpopped. Measure the fries frozen and track that because the info on the package does not include the oil that you cook them in (unless there is a separate column, but fries usually have baking instructions as well).

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9/7/19 9:50 P

are air fryers any good?

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LOTUS737's Photo LOTUS737 Posts: 6,310
7/18/19 2:59 P

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agreed- go by the nutritional info on the package itself!

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7/18/19 5:59 A

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I should think that you'd go by the nutrition info on the package of fries. If the particular brand of frozen fries you used isn't in the database, you could compare the info to something like Ore-Ida, for a ballpark estimate instead of entering all the info yourself. The info on the package would be for the fries as they exist in the package, without adding anything (like cooking them in oil). In general, frozen fries often have a coating of sorts which includes some oil, so they can be baked instead of deep fried and come out crispy. So I wouldn't use just "potato" from the database, unless the ingredients list on the package just says "potatoes" and nothing else.

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7/16/19 10:36 A

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I don't have an air fryer, but maybe using "potato cooked" and go by weight of the fries.

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7/14/19 8:33 P

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Got one for Father's Day and love it. However I am trying to figure how to enter the food when we are not using oil. Bought some frozen french fries (came out great), but again, how do I enter the food? It's not cooked in oil. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

Edwin - Lakeland, FL

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