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1/13/20 1:04 P

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Are there any food delivery services in your area? Those can be a quick and easy way to stay on track with everything that's going on. Hope your wife recovers quickly.

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1/13/20 11:56 A

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Get together a list of good enough and quicker options. While I am sorry to hear about your wife's hospital stay it's the sort of unexpected life event that you have to learn to plan for. Which means knowing what grocery store and fast food options are grab and go and better choices. It's making sure you have ingredients in your freezer or pantry that you can toss into a good enough meal. It might not be as perfect as proper planning, but having staples like this in hand (or a list of in your wallet if you don't want to deal with remembering) makes a difference. Eggs and frozen broccoli and cheese are fast and easy. Toast, potatoes and meat are all easy adds if you have a little more time than you thought. Frozen vegetables take under 2 minutes per serving in my microwave, no weird steam bag needed, just add a little water. Making a quiche or a roast or grabbing a rotisserie chicken are all quick and easy options. Making sure to batch cook soups and freezing some individual portions makes for heat and eat options later. Having a base like this where you know that you have non-canteen options makes a big difference in the long run.

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1/13/20 9:20 A

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Looking for help in staying motivated guys.

I've been doing good up till last week. My wife ended up in the hospital and so I spent the week eating crap canteen food and since we got home at the weekend I've just not had the motivation to do any running/fitness or cooking other than quick crap ready meal food. I was feeling good but now I'm back to just feeling meh. How do I keep my head in the game to keep pushing through?

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