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2/10/19 9:54 A

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have you tried switching up your cardio to strength training? Our bodies are smart and it has most likely acclimated to the routine.

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2/10/19 9:02 A

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Being at a plateau for a week - or even a couple of weeks - is normal and doesn’t mean you’re doing anything “wrong.” Your body is still sorting everything out: Less calories, more exercise, water weight lost, muscle weight gained, fat lost, more muscle gained, calorie needs adjust downward with lower weight, body adapts to exercise routine and becomes more efficient therefore burning less calories, etc.

All of that adds up to a delicate balance which WILL work in your favor as long as you stay on track. Just make sure it’s the RIGHT track - make sure you are getting the proper nutrients even if that means slightly more calories (1000 calories is not sustainable long term so you might want to bump that up to a number that gives you enough nutrients and energy to power your activities yet still create a deficit.).

I’ve been through plateaus before, and I’m in one right now too! I’ve been on the 140/139/138/140/139/140 roller coaster for a couple of months now and can’t seem to say goodbye to 140lbs for good! But I can do it, and so can you. :)

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2/9/19 4:43 A

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"What is going on? (btw I eat 1,000 cal a day, do 16/8 fasting, and ride 21 miles on setting 4 at 13-14 mph every night)"

Given that you appear to have a reasonable amount of weight to lose, still, AND given the amount of exercise you are getting, 1000 calories is far to few, UNLESS you have a Registered Dietitian who is advising and closely monitoring you, along with your Dr.

The reason is that on 1000 calories it is extremely difficult to get all the nutrients that your body requires ... even if you were average weight and sedentary.

You must remember that the closer one gets to their body's goal weight, the weight-loss will slow down. It took me 16 months to lose the first 50lb. That is less than 3/4lb average per week. I lost a fair bit after that, too. But you know what??? I finally got to my goal and have been maintaining for a few years now. I managed that with very little exercise re skeletal issues and fatigue, the result of a head injury, AND eating 1400 calories per day. I had been overweight for about 30 years, and a lot of it was in the obese range.

Have you had your body fat checked? If not, I would suggest that you do so. Most gyms will do it for a small fee. Just make sure that they use skin-fold calipers AND that the person doing it is fully qualified to do so, so that the results are accurate. Then you will know whether you actually have much more to lose. It is quite likely that you have gained a fair bit of muscle in that time - muscle isn't weight-less.

You might also want to look at changing up your exercise regime. Add in some weights and brisk walks if you can get outside .... even a brisk walk around a shopping mall. You will find that you are using your muscles differently. Doing Mat Pilates is also a good form of exercise as an extra to riding your bike. There are heaps of exercise videos on SP you could check out for that variety.

Make sure that you have at least one rest day per week, too, to allow your body to recover. It really will thank you for it!

Good luck,

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2/7/19 10:40 A

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What has happened is completely normal. Keep to your suggested calorie range, exercise in moderation, increasing as you get more fit. Weight loss thakes time, persistence and a change of lifestyle forever! It's the long haul.

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2/7/19 9:10 A

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I agree with the previous advice, 1000 calories does not seem like a sustainable amount. Check with what advice SparkPeople suggests for your calorie range, and try to hit a variety of points within that range. Some days you will want to hit the top end (probably when you are doing more cardio/harder workouts) and some days you will want to stick to the lower end (rest days?). If you go below the range for too long your body/metabolism will get used to that and may not fire when you want it too.

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2/7/19 8:49 A

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Weight loss is not linear, and too little calories is as counterproductive as too many.

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2/5/19 3:55 P

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What you're experiencing is perfectly normal. Depending on how much you're trying to lose, you could see a bigger drop at the start as a result of losing water weight. most people don't realize how much water their body's hold onto because of all the sodium.

However, after a few weeks (and this can vary from person to person), their weight loss will slow down. losing a couple of pounds every few days is not typical. A safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week. So, you are inline with what would be considered a safe weight loss.

Also, depending on how much weight you are now and how much weight you're trying to lose 1,000 calories may not be enough to sustain your body. Do you plan on eating 1,000 calories (or intermittent fast) for the rest of your life ? that's the issue when many people decide they need to lose. They are in a panic and all they care about is what's the fastest way to take off the weight ?

Well, what happens once you've lost the weight ? Do you go back to your old eating habits ? When a person cuts their calories too low in hopes of losing weight fast, it can cause the person to give up when the weight does slow down. they wonder what they are doing wrong and in fact, nothing. they aren't doing anything wrong. Their body is telling them that a healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week or less.

the truth is this, if it took you years to pack on the weight, it's not coming off overnight. Losing weight is a slow steady process that takes time.

Here's what I learned from my own years of yo yo dieting,"the faster you take off the weight, the faster it packs back on".

What did the SP nutrition tracker suggest for a daily caloric intake ?

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2/5/19 2:59 P

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I started my new lifestyle on 11/27/2018. I am down 19 lbs! The only problem is I have been down 19 lbs for a week now. The pound before I was down for 2 weeks before I hit -19. I went from losing a pound every 2-3 days and now it's every 1-2 weeks. What is going on? (btw I eat 1,000 cal a day, do 16/8 fasting, and ride 21 miles on setting 4 at 13-14 mph every night)

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