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3/22/19 12:29 P

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First off... remember that this Journey is anything BUT "Linear"...!! You are simply not going to lose a set amount per week...learn to live with that!! What you will find is that as your habits change and you continue to focus on eating healthy that your body does eventually adjust and start to let the weight go....

I second the idea of asking for a referral to a One-on-One with a diabetes educator---they can hone in on your particular situation/ the meds effects/ stress effects/ AND where you are coming from.... That alone is an important piece of information. In that light, please take in a print out of your SPark Nutrition Tracker when you go see someone. It can save a lot of time!!

I also wondered about the fruit you are eating--- as it by nature is virtually all carbs. Perhaps focus on cutting back to 1 serving a meal, choosing berries ( 50% fiber) instead of bananas, oranges, pears, etc, and even avocado (fiber, healthy fats). Also, many times its not "what" you are eating, but "how much" and "when".

When I worked with a Registered Dietician to get my pre-diabetes in control, I had been eating too much--even if all of it was acceptable. For breakfast, I'd have a bowl of cereal with milk, a banana and maybe a glass of milk as I flew out the door.... . Total--about 75 carbs!! She counseled me to change that to a smaller bowl of cereal/milk, a half a banana and save my milk and other half banana for a snack 3 hrs later. So I went from 75 carbs for breakfast to about 40...and 30 carbs later. And--I didn't notice the difference-- THAT was a real eye opener!
You might have already made some major changes...but a professional can pick up even more for you. All the best,

"The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
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3/20/19 10:10 A

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If your sleep is broken, it is going to be even harder to lose weight. With your work hours, you must be exhausted.

It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right. You have lost an amazing amount of weight so far.

Nutrition tracking can be a very useful tool in making sure that calories and carbs aren't sneaking in from unexpected places. With your busy schedule, it probably seems daunting to track on a daily basis. Remember, that if you keep your calorie count in range, you will lose weight in the long term. It WILL happen. (It's the long term thing that presents the challenge.)

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3/20/19 9:13 A

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Just based on the information you posted, it could be that you're not giving your body enough time to adapt to the new changes.

When a person decides they need to lose weight, they are almost always in a panic. All they want to know is what is the fastest way to lose weight. Why, but cutting calories. eat less, move more. Well, it turns out, losing weight isn't that simple.

Keep in mind that if it took you years to pack on the weight, it's not coming off just because you're eating a little better and getting some exercise. Losing weight takes time and per your post, it's been a little over a month since you started your journey.

While a safe weekly weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. there will even be weeks you gain ! and that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. the weight doesn't magically drop off in the first few weeks. it really is going to take MONTHS to lose. And you know what ? That really is perfectly normal.

there is no right or wrong way to lose. What you need to do is find the right combination of foods, nutrients, macro nutrients, calories, exercise, etc... that brings your body into balance. that is something we all have to learn over time.

And that's what it sounds like to me. It sounds like you're not giving your body enough time to adapt to the new changes.

Be patient with yourself and your body. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither were you.

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3/20/19 8:42 A

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I'd blame chronic stress - ! You have already lost a lot of weight, so I would assume you know what you are doing. I would try using the food tracker for about a week to look for any trouble spots. Maybe enter your food plan in advance so that's one less thing to stress over. Try to take some time to relax. And, if you are also doing some strength training, your weight could stay the same but you could be losing inches. Don't give up and your weight loss will soon resume.

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3/20/19 8:33 A

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Can you have your doctor refer you to a diabetes educator and/or a registered dietician? He/she would be a wealth of information to you!

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3/19/19 11:31 P

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I'm a type-2 diabetic. I guess its not easy ... lets just say its different.

Your calories sound about right 1750 to 2000. You say you try and cut out carbs, which is indeed the right thing to do for a type-2 diabetic.

Do you count grams of carbs, or know what foods are higher in carbs? For example, did you know that about 7% of the weight of a carrot is carbs?

I don't eat carrots, except in small quantities in a salad. Potatoes, .. never.

Is it hard? Is it fair? Does it matter? You need to do what is best for yourself, period!

I understand the veggies, but why are you having 2-3 fruits?

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3/19/19 7:44 P

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Last month, I did great.. wasn't logging food either, this month it's going so slow, I have to be doing something wrong, Maybe I am not eating enough of something, We try and cut most carbs out, but i still have them going in being a diabetic is not easy by any means. I am currently on medications and side effects its an appetite suppressant which hey im okay with that, I should be taking in 1750-2000 a day, In my lifestyle impossible most days, I work 9-12 hours, I have broken sleep bringing a kid to work picking him up, I find myself eating breakfast and lunch close together cause of this.... what am i doing wrong 2 weeks and not a lb gone......I am making sure i have 3-5 veggies 2-3 fruits, and protein every meal... Maybe im not eating the right things Im just so unsure, I been doing a lot of salads for lunch, Im gonna have to figure this out

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