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6/23/19 9:43 P

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On thing which might relieve some of your added stress: take your wedding dress in to a good alterations person familiar with wedding dresses. Ask them when the deadline would be for you to get to them to have it changed in size if necessary. Also ask if the design of your dress is going to be easy to change, and what they would suggest. Sometimes there are side panels they could add... sometimes it might be more complex. totally will depend on the design! But once you actually know what it will take, you will lose a lot of the stress. Remember that you are looking forward to your marriage...not just wearing a specific dress for one day. (I know---its still really special!!)

Stress alone can interfere with weight loss.... If its interfering with your sleep, that is even "more so". Take care, make a plan, and I sincerely hope everything goes great! Keep us posted!!

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6/18/19 2:26 A

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5/20/19 3:00 P

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Weight gain is not a common side effect for Mirena.

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5/20/19 12:29 P

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I agree with ARCHIMEDESII.

If you are going to cut calories to loose weight, don't go below 1800. A body can do unusual things to save calories if they are pressed, do don't press too hard.

Eat real food, things someone from 1000 years ago wouldn't have to be convinced to eat. Like a piece of lemon cake, some sort of bubbly yellow foam, hard to convince them. But steak, or various veggies, they'd recognize it, or if not quite recognized because it didn't grow where they lived, they'd see it as something edible.

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5/19/19 5:14 P

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What changed during the time you were under massive amounts of stress
at work ? Did your eating and exercise habits change dramatically ? If so, then you need to find a way to get pack to those healthier habits.

The problem is that while it is easy to pack on the weight, it's HARD to get it off.

If you gained 30 pounds from January to March, it could take 6-12 months to get back to your pre-IUD weight. This is not the Biggest Loser where contestants lose tons of weight in a few weeks. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time.

The honest truth is unless you plan on starving yourself (which I do NOT recommend), it could take several more months of watching what you eat and regular exercise to take off that 30 pounds you gained because of the IUD.

Not knowing enough about the side effects of the IUD, I would suggest talking to your doctor. unless you were eating a slice of cheesecake every day, a lot of that 30 pound gain must be a result of water retention. If so, talk to your doctor to see what options there are.

If you keep watching what you eat and exercising, you will continue to lose. but no one here can tell you the best way to get back to a 27 inch waist.

What we'll recommend is taking the weight off slowly so that it stays off. If you do something dramatic, you might hit your goal by your wedding. But, as any of us will tell you, the weight will creep back on. And you don't want that to happen.

Does your wedding dress fit or is it tight ? If you don't get back to a 27 inch waist, there are foundation garments (think girdles, body shapers and corsets) which can
get it to fit.

What did your doctor say about the 30 pound weight gain ?

JLWARD197 Posts: 1
5/19/19 2:19 P

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1 year ago I had a 27 inch waist, was a size S or 4, and was 147 at 5’7” I looked great. Due massive amounts of overtime at work over the course of few months I stopped working out and gained 7 pounds. With my wedding a year away (9/21/19) I didn’t freak out because I knew I would be able to loss that pretty quickly. Then come November it was time for me to get my Mirena IUD replaced. The first time
I had no side effects and no periods the whole duration. By the time January hit I got my periods back and gained 30 pounds. I had it removed in March. I have been watching my food and engaging in weight lifting/stair master cardio 5x weekly. While I my waist has gone from 31 to a 29.5 I am struggling to get my weight back into the 160s again. My wedding is 4 months away and I am scared I won’t be able to get back down to my original weight and waist size. Please help.

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