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8/21/19 2:48 P

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To quit smoking is a HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations! Your body is thanking you from the bottom of it's heart!
It's a great result.

Don't let yourself get discouraged. The good results ARE that you have been sticking with the new habits. In the longer run, weight loss will very likely follow.
If not, try to eat more vegetables and beans, and less processed foods.

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8/14/19 4:59 P

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Quitting smoking is a HUGE health benefit ! Don't beat yourself up because the weight isn't coming off as fast as you'd like. Quitting smoking is going to add years to your life. that is no small accomplishment.

As far as losing weight, that's all about what you eat and how much. Are you eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies ? If I were to go back in time and give myself one piece of advice that would help me lose weight and be healthy, it would be to eat 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day.

Do you log your food ? How are you measuring portions ? Do you read food labels ?

Let me give you an example of when I was first starting out. There was a time when I wouldn't think twice about eating an Au Bon Pan crumb cake after a good boxing workout. thought I'd reward myself for the great workout. couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing weight. When I took a closer look at how many calories I was eating by logging my choices, I was shocked !

that crumb cake I ate had over 700 calories. At the time, I was probably burning around 600-700 in that class. Who knew one crumb cake could have 700+ calories. Muffins. I'd routinely eat a mid morning muffin. A medium pumpkin muffin has 600+ calories. If I wasn't eat one of those, I was eating a jumbo chocolate chip muffin that had 800+ calories.

I had no idea the amount of calories some of the foods I ate had. That's where logging your food can help you be more aware of how many calories you eat per day. It'll also help you see if maybe you're not eating enough fruit or veggies. Or maybe that you could be eating a few more treats than you think.

Mostly, you really can't beat yourself up because you're not losing that much weight. Instead focus on all the healthy thing you have been doing that will help you live a longer, healthier life.

8/14/19 4:03 P

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Have you noticed any changes in how you breathe, or what it takes to get you out of breath now vs. when you first started making these changes?

Can you work out for longer or with heavier weights or faster speeds or greater inclines than you could before?

Do you find it easier to get up in the morning or fall asleep at night?

Do you find it easier to deal with the minor frustrations of everyday life? (when I exercise regularly, my emotions are more even-keeled, hence this question!)

Do you feel more awake/alert during the day compared to when your diet was different in the past?

There are many other "wins" you can find when you are doing the things you need to do to take care of your health apart from the scale or the measuring tape! Personally, it takes my body weeks to show progress - I hang out at the same weight for a long time (sometimes months), then suddenly drop 5-10 pounds or a dress size or two in the space of a week or two. It's just how my body deals with weight - it's like it hangs on to it as long as possible, then suddenly realizes "oh, yeah, I guess we don't need this after all!"

After nearly 37 years of living in this body, I've learned some of its quirks, this is one of them, and I know I feel better if I eat properly and exercise regularly, so I don't stress about the shape/size of my body too much while traveling along this journey. Eventually I'll get there, if I stick with a path I can enjoy!

Edited to add: in terms of practical small changes, I signed up for a race (to help me focus my workouts), changed my super-detailed approach to nutrition (which I couldn't sustain) to just focusing on total calories and fiber, and have been looking for ways to avoid my car (walking or biking for errands when practical, grouping errands so I park in the lot of one store, then walk to the surrounding stores, etc.).

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Take life one day at a time - enjoy today before you worry about tomorrow.

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8/14/19 2:04 P

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Take a walk before work if you do not go in to early or take a walk during lunch, or if it is not dark take a walk after work. Also heavy cleaning around the house is helpful. Try to go up and down the stairs. Like if you go up come down and go back up or if you come down go back up and come down again. Don't get discourage. Also check in with a nutrition. They are really helpful. I hope this helps you. I used to know how it is.

8/14/19 1:10 P

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I have been making small changes for a while now. I quit smoking, started parking further away from my office, working out most mornings and focusing on my food choices. The weight isn't moving and clothes seem to be getting tighter. I am so proud of the changes I've made and that I've stuck with them but I need to see some results! I'm getting way discouraged. How do you all stick with it? What small changes did you make that lead you to results?

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