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10/29/19 10:17 P

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Congratulations on the weight you have lost.

I have a couple questions for you:

1) When you started this journey, did you make a lot of changes all at once? If you did, then it is likely the reason why you are feeling like you are at the moment.

2) Are you an 'all or nothing' type of person? If so, this will definitely set yourself up to fall off the wagon.

If either of these scenarios sound like you, I would be inclined to loosen up on your restrictions a wee bit. Boredom and the feeling of being deprived are two of the biggest reasons for falling off the wagon. By giving yourself a less restrictive mindset you will find that you will actually enjoy the journey and be far less likely to slip.

Where it comes to weightloss, remember, nutrition has the biggest effect. I am not minimizing the role exercise plays - it is the way to tone your muscles which in turn helps your body to more efficiently burn calories, but what and how much you eat has the bigger effect on the weight issue.

As an example, I have lost approx. 60lb and that is with very little exercise re skeletal issues, and in fact not making much of a change to my diet, given that I was already eating a very healthy diet and in a normally healthy calorie range. It was just a bit too much for me. So, on the Dietitian's advice I dropped approx. 250 calories daily (gradually because a sudden drop had a big effect on me re sleep, nausea, severe pain [as opposed to pang] light-headedness etc.) It took 16 months to lose the first 50lb and I happily sat there for about a year before deciding to move on down again. If you haven't got much weight to lose, you will find that you will lose more slowly than someone with a lot of weight to lose. Also, ensure that *your* goal is actually a healthy goal for your body! Too many people have a goal which is too low for good health.

Good luck,

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10/29/19 2:51 P

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Congrats on the 5 pound loss! That's great!

If you are feeling bored, I suggest changing some things up. Whatever cardio you have been doing, pick something different? Do you use a treadmill? How about an outdoors walk/run if possible? Try a new workout video--there are plenty here on SparkPeople to pick from or browse through options on YouTube.

Don't give up--just shake things up to keep your interest.



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10/29/19 2:04 P

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When I start feeling myself slipping, I do something fun that I enjoy doing which puts me in the mood to do what I'm supposed to be doing in the first place. Find your happy place and go there for a while and see what happens.

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10/29/19 12:18 P

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So I've been working out really hard and tracking every bite and have lost a total of 5lbs out of the 15lb goal. Which is really great! The thing is Im not feeling super energized just kind of dreading my cardio and my strength training is weak. And as a result I'm being tempted with being more lazy in food choices and losing focus.
I always do this (chronic yo-yo dieter) But I want to keep on but am feeling bored with the daily grind. Help! I dont want to gain back what I've lost and keep marching toward my goals.

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