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1/8/21 6:31 P

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I paid about $350 ( if I remember correctly) for a Joroto rower that I bought on line a couple of years ago. It's a magnetic rower and is quiet enough to watch tv while rowing. Not too difficult to move out of the way. It came with a chest strap heart rate monitor and and has a computer for counting strokes, speed, etc. That part has to be plugged into an outlet. That would have been better with just batteries.I'm not really techie enough to figure out how to set most of the stuff on it anyway. Someone younger would have no problems (I'm in my 60's and can't keep up with tech.) The rail may be a little short for a tall person. I don't have experience with other rowers. Was looking for some cardio that wouldn't aggravate my achilles and was quiet enough to watch tv to prevent the boredom of working hard and going nowhere. Works well for my purposes.

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1/7/21 2:08 P

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I spoke with a rowing friend.
Their advice:
Price is often not a measure of quality.
Don't buy a rowing machine without trying it out first.

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1/6/21 8:12 A

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I'm in the market for a rowing machine. I'm having a terrible time trying to decide which one. I would like to keep it under $400 but I don't want to sacrifice too much quality. I went to the local sporting store and they only had two models, one was a thousand dollars which I cannot do. The other was $500. There are a lot on Amazon. But it's hard to pick a machine without trying to first. Do any of you have rowing machines and could give me something to go on? I'm looking at several magnetic rowers and a couple more expensive water rowers. Please share your experience as I don't trust the reviews on Amazon much anymore because there's so many fakes.

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