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8/20/19 2:44 A

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Here are some ideas from the recipes section

And an article as well.


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8/19/19 6:15 A

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I see you have gotten a lot of great ideas. A lot of us are busy. I hope you use some of the ideas. It takes a bit of planning and thinking ahead it can be done. Pinterest is another place for make ahead ideas:

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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8/19/19 4:02 A

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I batch cook on my weekend and that includes packaging up some turkey and cheese packs (2 oz turkey, 1 cheese stick) for grab and go convenience. I also boil 4 eggs weekly. If you like eggs. A hard boiled egg on a slice of wheat toast with a slice of cheese toasted is a great breakfast. Also a scrambled egg on wheat toast is quick and good as well.Quick to prepare and you can make it on the go. I also cut up my fruit into serving sizes and have it ready as well. Nothing wrong with a protein shake. I drink one 3 times a week or so in place of lunch, I work nights so I tend to get up later in the morning. Since I am usually still full from my breakfast, sometimes a protein shake is just the ticket.

I also make a couple of smoothies as make ahead items. Air tight containers and it is shake and go meal.

I need breakfast just to start my day off right but I am not a “morning” person so premplanning makes my days go smoothly.

Being positive is a choice. My Mantra: “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day." Each morning seek the positive and you will have a good day. Always remember, “Your only competition is YOU.”

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8/18/19 8:03 A

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I second the make ahead hard boiled eggs. There are easy methods to peel them quickly online. A couple hard boiled eggs and a piece of fruit or some berries or some pre cut veggies will keep you full for a bit and it’s all real whole foods.

Unsweetened yogurt and some ground chia are a great quick addition to any meal.

Leftovers are a great breakfast. Just warm them up while doing other stuff to get ready.

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8/17/19 4:10 A

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I suggest simple options:
make a dozen hard boiled eggs on Sunday and grab 2 on your way out the door.
string cheese
greek yogurt cup
tuna or salmon packet
leftover chicken wings

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8/17/19 1:00 A

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Perhaps you could grab a banana, small pot of Greek yoghurt and some nuts, and eat them, or have a healthy nut bar to go with some fruit. You don't have to prep anything. You could also have some healthy granola or nuts/dried fruit, along with cut up pieces of fruit, in little portion size zip-lock bags, and grab one of each to take to work for a snack, or as part of a meal. Adding a pot of yoghurt, and some cheese also adds that extra protein.

This winter I haven't had much in the way of cooked oats, but most winters (and often summers) I would have Rolled Oats, Almond Meal and dried dates, portioned into little snap-lock bags, and just tip it into a bowl and add some water and zap it in the microwave for a couple minutes while I was doing something else. Then I would just thin and cool it down a bit by adding my Soy Milk, and it was ready to eat, along with my banana.

You could have a supply of shelled, hard-boiled eggs in your fridge. They are easily eaten as you go out the door.

Altho' I enjoy smoothies, I don't very often have them for a meal because I find that I am hungry a lot more quickly. Part of the digestion process has been sped up by pureeing it all.


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8/16/19 8:11 P

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Before you go to bed the night before, make sure that you have a grab and go, portable option to eat on your way to work in the morning. Because that is all a shake really is to you. Don't get up earlier and cook, because that isn't going to work for you. Spend a few minutes the evening before making what you need so that all you have to do in the morning in grab and consume.

Quiche is something that you can easily make for the week and have a slice of cold in the morning. Sushi, depending on your personal preferences, is tasty, though this is where decent grocery store type sushi is best rather than the really good stuff. Burritos, wraps, egg rolls, spring rolls, any sort of other stuff rolled up makes it easy to premake and eat on the go. Premade frozen burritos are a possibility, or you could make your own. If you want something less taxing, try taking a wrap, adding some peanut butter, then slices of apple or banana, roll up, and wrap again in a cloth or foil. You can do this the night before (I've actually made an apple one on Friday, accidentally left in in the work fridge over the weekend, and it was still in edible shape on Monday), so that your breakfast is grab and go. Meat and cheese roll ups should work the same way. Cubed cheese, small pieces of fruit or nuts are all easy things that you can do the night before and munch on like popcorn.

Consider your commute and think if a salad, soup, cottage cheese or yogurt with granola would be a possibility. These require a little more attention, so they would not work as well if you have a lot of roads to cross or other pedestrians to avoid. If you have to avoid them, most salad ingredients make tasty wrap fillings, which makes them less fussy to eat on the go. You could have a thermos of broth instead of soup. Granola could be mixed up with blended fruit (like dates) to be some sort of an energy ball (nutrient dense, exceptionally portable and something that you make a batch of every week).

-google first. ask questions later.

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8/16/19 5:12 P

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Have you heard of Overnight Oats? Do a search here or on Pinterest. You make them ahead of time, so you could do a whole week's worth; you eat them cold and they are portable and very good and filling.

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8/16/19 2:05 P

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There is nothing wrong with grabbing a protein shake while running out the door on busy mornings. Depending on the brand, they are often very nutritious and can be just enough to keep you from making bad food choices mid-morning because you're famished. That said, however....

If you really want to change a particular behavior, you need to do three things: 1) figure out what you're getting out of your current habit; 2) evaluate the potential benefit of an alternate behavior; and 3) weigh the pros and cons of each, then choose.

It can sometimes be very HARD to adopt new behaviors. Familiar ways of doing things, whether positive or negative, are comforting; trying something new means taking a leap into the unknown.

Many people thrive on "chaos," and it becomes a cornerstone of their identities: "I am Superwoman/ I am busy/I am active/I'm a multi-tasker/Other people count on me, and I am the only person who can handle everything...etc." It also provides a convenient hook for the excuse "I don't have TIME for _____ (fill in the blank.)

A person CAN manage to work, have a lengthy commute, and a side hustle -- and STILL make time for breakfast every morning -- but it has to be important enough to become a priority. I do it myself: I wake up at 5, eat breakfast, shower, change for work, and run out the door at 6. My "side hustle" is a barnful of horses I take care of for another hour on my way to work each day. I then have an hour's commute. There was also a time in my 20s when I too had a 45-minute walk to work each day (free exercise, as far as I was concerned), and I skipped breakfast in order to sleep an extra half-hour. Then, of course, I'd hit the donut shop mid-morning, and slowly but surely, unwanted pounds started creeping on.

YOU have to determine what is more important to you: an extra 30 minutes of sleep, or more time for breakfast/less chaotic mornings. And ONLY you can decide which option is best for you. I have a sense, though, that you're wanting to make some changes or you wouldn't be here. So if you do decide to carve out a bit of breakfast time for yourself, make sure you don't fill it with other activities, or you'll have the proverbial self-fulfilling prophesy. As others have already said, you can prepare meals and/or set out clothes the night before to save yourself some time. And if some of the chaos comes from other family members, demand that they begin to take more responsibility for themselves.

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8/16/19 11:50 A

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Thanks for all those tips, Engineer! I hadn't thought about making smoothies in advance, but why not?

I'm currently doing a time track audit just of my side hustle items to see what I can stop doing/hire out. Maybe next month I should do the rest of my schedule.

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8/16/19 11:14 A

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In the short term, just go back to the protein shakes. Clearly, that was working for you, and it's not the worst way to start your day!

In the long term:

1. Try making a batch of smoothies at the beginning of the week, and "packaging" them in jars you can grab on your way out the door, just like the protein shakes. That could allow you to change the nutrition content and get some fresher ingredients involved.

2. Prep your breakfast right after you get dressed, before you work on your side hustle. You could put together a breakfast sandwich (Aldi sandwich thins with a cooked egg, a slice of cheese, and a slice of canadian bacon plus a piece of eat-on-the-go fruit like an apple), make a smoothie, pack yogurt and fruit to eat work, etc., then do your side hustle work, and grab what you've prepared on your way out the door.

3. Do a time-audit. Grab a notebook, list times in 15-minute increments in the margin from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep (you can skip a bunch of hours in the middle of the day when you're at work for this exercise) and for a couple of days (ideally a week), write down literally everything you do. This exercise is a bit of a pain, but can really clarify whether you're actually using your time as efficiently as you think.

Take life one day at a time - enjoy today before you worry about tomorrow.

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8/16/19 10:11 A

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That's the exact thing that hasn't worked for me. I tried to make room for a real breakfast and some calm me-time, but instead my side hustle and errands have eaten up all the time I set aside. I've also tried getting up an hour and a half earlier to work out before I work on my side hustle in the morning, and the same thing happened to that time.

I'm squeezing everything I can out of my schedule. When I don't get enough sleep, I feel cranky and overwhelmed all day.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 31,164
8/16/19 9:55 A

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"Part of why I have such a time-crunch getting out of the house is that I walk 45 minutes to get to work"
Everyone has to get to work by some means, so that should not factor into your lack of breakfast.
Get up 30 minutes earlier. That would give you plenty of time to cook a meal and to sit and eat it. A slow non-chaotic morning to start the day.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
~ Randy Pausch

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."
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8/16/19 9:14 A

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My mornings are chaos, and I'd fallen into this habit where I'd grab a pre-packaged protein shake on the way out the door. I decided that I could do better and stopped buying them. I thought I would be able to make a smoothie for myself each morning or maybe some eggs or oatmeal, and I was able to do that for a few days in a row. Two months later, the habit didn't stick. Now I mostly end up grabbing kinda-whatever from a deli or remembering at 10:30 that I didn't get breakfast because I'm hangry. It's not great, and it's definitely not the new good habit I thought I was developing.

Should I go back to having a pre-packaged shake? It's not a bad choice, I just hoped I could do better, and it's definitely doing it's job of keeping me fed. Part of why I have such a time-crunch getting out of the house is that I walk 45 minutes to get to work, so maybe I should reframe this as the little hack that makes it easier for me to get in that exercise in the mornings.

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