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JAMILBENSON1979's Photo JAMILBENSON1979 Posts: 26
8/20/19 9:36 P

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Thanks to both of y'all for the great ideas. Since I'm eating in the car for snacky time the next month or so, I'll probably take some of the portable options. I forgot about good ol' ants on a log :-) You have now made me hungry for quiche though NIRERIN! I'm gonna have to make some afternoon snacky quiche when I'm at my desk in the hopefully near future.

As for you suggestion about the gym NIRERIN, Western Washington is a strange place. I'm only 32 miles from home at work. A good 15 of those are up through the beginnings of the foothills of the Cascades. I work in a small little mountain city with insanely good highway access lol. I go to LA Fitness (I LOVE to swim!!) and the closest one is 25 miles away. That would take me around 35 to get to with traffic. The one close to home is same distance, about 10 more with traffic. Plus the "closer" one is not for me. I also wear makeup and jewelry and hair stuff to work (I'm a girly girl) and I take off my makeup and wash my face before I go to the gym. Having to pack not only my gym outfits but my skin cleaning stuff, my hair stuff would be more trouble than it's worth. I don't really have a good place at work to change and I strongly dislike changing in public. I really like the folks at my gym as well and feeling comfortable, as a obese person, is really important to me WANTING to go somewhere. I don't appreciate be treated like crap cause I'm fat. I appreciate your thoughts though truly! All of Western Washington is basically a park lol. The giant hills and me aren't on speaking terms but maybe one day!

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8/20/19 8:10 P

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Snack ideas: eggs (hardboiled or quiche), soup, salad, fruit and cheese, ants on a log, meat and cheese roll ups, cheese and crackers, hummus with vegetables, sushi, stuffed peppers, chicken/egg/tuna salad paired with salad/crackers/stuffed in tomatoes/pita, sandwiches, stews, stuffed mushrooms, wraps, cold grain salad with vegetables, yogurt with fruit or granola, spring rolls, dumplings, samosa. I am also a fan of taking a wrap, spreading on the nut butter of your choice, laying on slices of a fruit like apple or bananas, then wrapping up like a burrito. Wrap it well in foil and you can make in the night before and eat it the next afternoon.
Do keep in mind what your stomach handles best before a workout and adjust your after work snacks accordingly.

I will also suggest trying to find a place to workout close to your work instead of doing so after your commute. Check traffic patterns in your area, but staying closer to work for thirty minutes or an hour might mean a faster commute home if you are catching the end of rush hour instead of being stuck in it. Could you change clothes at work and workout in a nearby park or is there a gym at or near your work you could join?

-google first. ask questions later.

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8/20/19 3:25 A

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Why not take some portable healthy snacks to eat on the way home. I often eat
cut up pieces of fruit (mainly pear and apple) and have a piece of cheese or a protein nut bar as my lunch when I am out, but given you aren't fond of nuts, there are other healthy and fillings bars you can buy .... OR make, such as shelled hard boiled eggs; grapes; carrot sticks; Beef Jerky. I eat while I am driving. You could make some healthy sandwiches, too. If storage is a problem in heat, then get a little cooler bag and put an ice block or frozen water bottle in there to keep the foods cool would work. The water can be drunk after.


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8/19/19 9:58 P

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Hi all! I'd be truly appreciative of any help I can get. Here is my situation.

I do amazing at bfast ( I do meal replacement shakes cause I struggle with physically eating in the morning). I do fantastic at lunch (when I can pack my own). The issue lies in the late afternoons. I'm in training for a new position and regretfully I don't get to have an afternoon snack. My schedule is nuts. I'm up at 4:30 AM. I drink morning shakey around 6:15 AM. I have a cup (sometimes 4 lol) of coffee at work. I have a morning snack around 10 if I'm hungry, some days I'm not and some water. I eat lunch around noon. I drink water in the afternoon. Regretfully most afternoons, I don't have a minute to myself to have a snack. It's super busy. I'm in training for another month and we don't do an afternoon break and when training is done, I go and do my actual work. Before I know, it's 5 PM and time to go home. Here's the nasty part. I have an hour (sometimes more) commute in stop and go traffic. I then don't get home til 6 and need an hour plus to either workout, do errands or make dinner. Most afternoons I'm super hungry and end up buying snacky food and ruining my entire day. Can anyone suggest some easy car snacks I could have so I'm not so exhausted when I get home and don't have snacky cravings?

As a note, I don't like nuts. I'm 40. I've tried every nut you can think of. I don't like em! I can do peanuts and peanut butter. One can only eat so many peanuts or cashews before they decide to hang up the nut towel!

I really do appreciate any help I can get. I'd go to a dietitian, but the new insurance doesn't cover that :-/ Thanks friends!

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing." - Muhammad Ali
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