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8/31/19 7:41 A

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Breakfast is also just what you break your fast with. I had a salmon pita yesterday and the day before I had split pea soup. You aren't limited to cereal, yogurt, eggs and fruit.

A Registered Dietitian is going to be your best option for helping you sort out your medical issues with the foods that you enjoy eating.

You mention a lot about constipation. One, it's completely normal to only go every 1-3 days. Some people are on the higher frequency end of things and others are on the lower frequency end of things. There are three fairly impactful factors that you want to pay attention to. You mention a small pancake and some melon being "enough" for you and, well, that's not a lot of food. To generate a certain volume of waste you have to ingest a certain volume of food. Some foods have more less digestible portions than others. So if you are eating smaller quantities of more digestible foods then you are probably going to be on the lower end of the bathroom frequency spectrum. Eat a lot of food and the kind of food that has lots of things that you can't digest and you'll have to go more frequently. The second factor is water. Your digestive tract is a long and twisty line and plenty of water helps keep things moving more easily through. Fat is the third factor and what helps move everything through your digestive tract expediently. Not enough water or not enough fat and things slow down and become more uncomfortable. I mention this because a lot of people brag about the daily, and, while that might work for them, it's certainly not the only correct option. I don't know if it is still out there on YouTube or anywhere, and I hate to say the name of Dr. Oz because he did some special things besides, but he had a really good episode of his show about poo. It was informative, as in this is what it should look like and if it looks like this other way this is why and this is what you can adjust to make it more like it is supposed to be.

-google first. ask questions later.

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8/31/19 1:23 A

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Some people have success with an elimination diet. You eat what you're told is allowed and then slowly add other foods back into your diet. That gives you a chance to see what foods you can tolerate and which ones you cannot. A dietician can help to ensure you get the nutrients you need.


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8/30/19 10:32 P

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Who told you none of that food?

The reason why I ask is because my late husband was a frequent kidney stone former. He had Gall Stones and Gall Bladder removal surgery; he had Crohns Disease; he had frequent heart attacks; he had Diverticular Disease.

When I was talking to my Registered Dietitian about his diet and I specifically asked about nuts, she said that they were fine, so long as they were either very well chewed, or in smooth nut butter. He also had to considerably reduce his sodium intake. The same applied to the veges when he was having a crohn's flareup, altho' to lean more toward a bland-type diet for a few days, meaning white bread, mashed potato (with out the skins) etc.

Kidney stones is very common, but a lot of people don't realize that they even have them because they either cause no problem, and/or they pass unnoticed.

One thing re the Kidney Stones is that hubby was a frequent kidney stone former. They were HUGE (2 or them getting on for an inch diameter) and he had 2 surgeries PLUS lithotripsy for them (now way is a guy able to pass THAT size emoticon emoticon ) It wasn't until after the lithotripsy, which was the last procedure, that they decided to do a particular urine test. It was a 24hr total collection, and was tested for citrates. It turns out that THAT was the problem. After that he had to have a little lemon juice ... not orange .... not grapefruit, but *lemon* juice. He also had to have a supplement every day. He never got another stone after.

The trick is to not overdo any one type of food. All in moderation.

Have you had a fasting Glucose Tolerance Test done to see if high blood sugars are a regular problem? If not, I would be asking for that to be done.

Please ask your Dr for a referral to a Registered Dietitian who will be able to help you. Perhaps wait until after the GGT results come back to know if Diabetes is in the frame or not.

Good luck,

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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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8/30/19 6:10 P

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I found this webpage for you.

I found this interesting - “when mine flares up I eat smooth foods like scrambled egg, liquid soups and broths, plain poached chicken”

And this on Web MD

“In the past, doctors had recommended that people with diverticular disease (diverticulosis or diverticulitis) avoid hard-to-digest foods such as nuts, corn, popcorn, and seeds, for fear that these foods would get stuck in the diverticula and lead to inflammation. However, recent research has noted that there is no real scientific evidence to back up this recommendation.

In fact, nuts and seeds are components of many high-fiber foods, which are recommended for people with diverticular disease.”

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8/30/19 8:22 A

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I would ask your doctor for a referral to see a registered dietitian. An RD can create a meal plan specific to your needs. Your doctor should be able to provide that for you.

Best of luck!

Coach Jen

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8/30/19 7:54 A

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So, Ive considered myself to be a healthy eater for the most part. I eat very little meat[ never pork]. I could live with out meat easily.. I cook my own food.I literally only drink water, hot tea and coffee [one cup of each in the morning] usually always decaf..... For the past year, Ive made an effort to eat more salads nuts and whole grains, beans, and recently finished reading a book called 'How not to die' Im 5ft 4 and 137 pounds, which to me is heavy, but because I have a bad foot walking is very limited. So after my many months of my 'healthy' eating, [and mind you I don't over do anything, I have a small appetite one 4 inch pancake and a slice of cantaloupe will be plenty for me ] I just went to the ER with a kidney stone, passed it apparently, thus my two hours of agony, but while they were looking at my cat scan, they saw that I also have a bad case of diverticulitis. The attending doctor also said that I had slightly elevated sugar! [despite my not having eaten since 815 am and it was mid afternoon] So, none of he foods that are suggested that I eat in a typical 'healthy' diet, are what I can eat. with diverticulitis, Im told, no nuts, no seeds, no dairy, tea coffee, no high fiber, no quinoa, or whole grain, no meats, bla bla, and Im supposed to not eat those or other foods to avoid stones, The foods they suggest to eat to avoid diverticulitis, is pure crap processed white foods, white bread white rice ect, which raises blood sugar! I already cannot eat any dried fruits, grapes watermelon, bananas plums, and several other fruits,or peanut butters, they constipate me terribly. I read on line two separate short articles about avoiding eating foods that contain something called fodmaps, so that eliminates my apples, pears beans brussels sprouts and cabbage [I love cabbage and my own cole slaw' seriously, what am I to eat??? Im clueless as to what to eat for breakfast. I cant eat eggs, oatmeal grosses me out, I hate hot cereals, don't eat cold cereals, milks of any kind [ cows,almond, coconut] give me gas, and fruit sends me to the bathroom. I was limited to eating my whole grain toast with peanut butter, but now that's out... [ also, just so all are aware, Im not on any prescription drugs, have never been, I don't smoke or drink, rarely am I sick, but I do have fibromyalgia pain and arthritis in my neck and feet that hurts when it is humid or hot or going to rain and am not one to pop many pain meds they don't work. with ibuprofen, a mere two will constipate me as does ANY supplements or herbal supplements] How am I to stay healthy when I m so limited to foods? anyone have any suggestions?

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