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10/13/19 8:44 P

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Evening snack is usually sliced apple with a little peanut butter or yogurt with fruit and honey.

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10/1/19 7:42 P

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protein and fiber bar - there are a lot of good tasting ones out there - I especially like the Atkins bars

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9/30/19 5:19 P

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I gave up on the "no eating after seven rule" years ago because I always failed at it. I crave peanut butter at night before bed (psychological or not). First thing I plan for everyday is an evening snack of fruit (apple, banana) with controlled amount of PB before bed. It's there if I need it ,and if I don't, calories are saved. It has removed the stress of fighting it off every night.

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9/16/19 6:55 A

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Have a good look at your Nutrition Tracker and pay attention to what you eat and the composition. Are you getting enough lean protein and healthy fats at each meal? Are you getting quality carbs with each meal? Are you eating enough? Some people look at the calorie range (generally about 1200-1550 for women) and decide they *have* to eat at the bottom of the range. Well, that is for a sedentary woman who doesn't exercise and is normal weight. Some people need to eat at the higher end of the range.

If the above don't apply then I would tweak a little bit and make sure you allow for healthy snacks after dinner. I am one of those who has to have one, but I often eat my dinner before 6p.m. and often don't go to bed before about 11p.m. to midnight. It is just on 11p.m. now. I have just had a substantial snack of 390 calories .... (actually, we shall call that a meal LOL!) There is the very odd occasion when I crave something out of the ordinary, and I will have it. Deprivation and cutting things out, point blank, can often lead to falling off the healthy lifestyle wagon.


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9/16/19 5:46 A

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I'm with you. we eat dinner early enough that I am usually hungry before bed. So I plan for a healthy snack within my calorie range and eat it without guilt.

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9/14/19 3:37 A

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9/8/19 5:53 P

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If I have enough protein at dinner, I am usually okay. Also, I floss right after dinner or brush my teeth. Seems to signal my brain that eating is over for the day.

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9/4/19 7:06 P

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I actually enjoy have a snack before bed in the evenings. I allow for it in my calorie range and try to make sure it's healthy (and that I have healthy stuff available and ready to go).

One of my favorite is Skinny Pop 100-calorie packs. I generally don't do a lot of 100-calorie packs, but Skinny Pop is my exception.

I also snack on fresh fruit or maybe a string cheese stick and a few healthier crackers.

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9/3/19 9:19 A

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I used to be a late night binger. After about a decade of trying to figure it out, I have a system. I save calories for about half a serving of dark chocolate at the end of the day after I have finished my work and tucked the kids into bed. I never go to bed feeling deprived BECAUSE I'd have a toddler-esque tantrum and run to the fridge for a binge. emoticon

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9/3/19 7:34 A

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There are a lot of factors here, which means that there are a lot of things which may help. Better spacing out your calories through the day could mean leaving a certain amount for eating at night. Eating a snack in the mid to late afternoon can prevent you from being too hungry in the first place, thus avoiding spending the evening imitating Cookie Monster. Then you also may need to find foods that satisfy your cravings. Some people can have a square of dark chocolate and be good. You could dip fruit like strawberries in chocolate, though something in the back of my stuffy head is saying that you have some other issue with fruit. Hot cocoa would be another option or a chocolate mug cake. If you like fettucine alfredo it would start with figuring out if it's the pasta you prefer or the sauce. If it is the pasta, have pasta, but with a lighter sauce like marinara. If it's the alfredo, have the alfredo over broccoli or cauliflower or zucchini. You may need a referral to a Registered Dietitian to help you out on this. Yes, you can do it on your own, but utilizing a ready to go resource is like hiring an electrician to fix the panel in your house. Yes, with time and energy you could learn to do it on your own, but using someone who already has that training makes the fix much quicker.

Doing something entirely different will also take you out of the habit that you built yourself if you built yourself a habit of snacking in the evenings. Make it so that you are doing something different than you used to as it's easier to build a new habit in a new situation than it is to build a new habit where you already have a habit you're used to. Book yourself out so that you don't find yourself in the situation.

Besides that, figure out some stress relief. No amount of food will ease the stress in your life, it just creates a secondary problem. So figure out what you can do to reduce, eliminate or otherwise manage stress in your life. If your stress is coming from your job, then brainstorm ways to get a new job. Polishing up your resume will help your stress long term and searching for another job in your field is also productive. You could also look up classes or certifications or skills that would make you a better candidate and achieve those. If it's your kid, hand your kid off for a bit. Not just to anyone, but a relative or sitter could get you a few minutes of peace of mind. If there was a root cause of the stressed kid, plan out how you can avoid that situation in the future. Even something like texting a mom friend could give you a little vent and release. Use your network of people.

Consider meditation, yoga, painting your nails, taking a bubble bath, reading a book, watching a movie, crafting, whatever it is that you enjoy doing, and do that for stress relief. Have a list of things that you find soothing so that you can pick from something in the moment. If you can carve some small space for you time, carve it out and make it your happy place. Yes, you have to plan all this stuff in advance so that it is there when you need it.

-google first. ask questions later.

MLAN613 Posts: 23,994
9/3/19 6:17 A

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One question I have is if you are eating enough through the day? Are you meeting your calorie and macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein)?

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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9/2/19 1:13 P

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Evening and night snacking has always been difficult for me. I try to to leave some calories allocated for that. I also need to have healthy snacks ready and available so that I can grab them instead of something with little nutritional value.

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9/2/19 8:29 A

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I leave space for "snacky" fruit like grapes, strawberries, cherries etc, small nibbly repetitive eating but healthy.

BMULLINS0 Posts: 162
9/2/19 7:32 A

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The evening is always what gets me. Most days I am okay and I can avoid it but sometimes I cave in and eat even though I know I shouldn't. Maybe it is the stress from the day.

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