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9/10/19 7:57 A

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Getting plenty of fiber has always helped me. Not just in grains, but beans, lentils, fruits and vegetables. Good luck to you.

People! read the INGREDIENTS

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URBANREDNEK Posts: 12,607
9/10/19 12:46 A

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First of all - congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Secondly - thanks for reminding me of the hustle and bustle and rush and excitement of getting ready for my first wedding a few decades ago, when I lived on cake and coffee and cocktails for about a month prior to the wedding (no time to cook meals, but lots of cake around from various celebrations). The only downside was that the total lack of any sleep, rest, or nutrition left me with a very unhappy cold for the wedding day (and meant a honeymoon spent with a couple of dozen boxes of tissues while my new husband went golfing with the boys).

Thirdly - kudos for fitting some exercise in to your daily routine during this crazy time, and for not just realizing that you need to deliberately carve out some "healthy you" time, but actually doing something about it. Well done!

So - the hunger pains... I've gotta wonder just how much of those are from lack of sleep and just plain not being able to eat on a regular schedule right now. I know that I end up painfully hungry when I haven't eaten on my "usual" timing - which can lead me to make quick and not-so-healthy or filling choices.

Getting some good rest, trying to eat more regularly, adding in more vegetables (fibre, volume, and nutrients are all filling), and getting in more protein and healthy fats should all help to get you past the hunger pains AND leave you feeling great for your wedding and beyond.

Pick a couple of baked breakfast recipes that you can make and that will do you for a week or so (freeze in individual portions - thaw in fridge overnight - nuke in morning), add in a couple of easy low carb snack options (such as some almond flour wraps that you can fill with peanut butter and fruit, along with some hard-boiled eggs or slices of turkey), and add in a few portions of steamed veggies (buy already sliced or frozen for quick and easy) with dinners.

An easy breakfast recipe might be something like this casserole:
. You might also find it useful to have a sweet, higher protein, higher fibre "cake" available for a quick bite --- something like this could easily be made gluten-free (swap out the wheat germ for some oats or buckwheat or quinoa):

Keep taking your time, focus on keeping yourself as healthy as possible while thoroughly enjoying everything about your wedding, and then you'll be set to start taking more healthy and happy steps once life settles back in to "normal" again.

All the best!

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9/9/19 9:49 P

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I had a peek at your Nutrition Tracker to see what was happening. Two things stood out:
1) You don't eat much fruit/veges. If you could increase them you would find that the fibre will help to keep you fuller for longer, as well as give your body some essential nutrients it will be otherwise missing out on.

2) Most days you have entered a sizeable amount of cake with frosting worth 3-400 calories per time. 3 - 4 oz leaves a lot of room to divide a piece into 2 or 3, and replace it with the extra fruit/veges.

Ensure that as much as possible you weigh your food for accuracy. 1/2 portion or even 'cup' measures can be a bit hit-or-miss where it comes to accuracy.

There are other tweaks that you can make, but baby steps will get you to where you need to be.

Given your statement that you have barely started to cut calories, what were you eating prior to starting this journey? Sometimes, especially if you weren't tracking before, a person will cut more calories than they think, and this can cause problems with hunger pain. I experienced it simply from dropping from an average of 1650-1850 per day, to 1400 calories. I had to go back up and drop in small increments of about 50, and stay at the level for a couple days and then drop again. I was already eating a very healthy diet with very little junk at all.


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NIRERIN Posts: 14,705
9/9/19 5:47 P

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Have you played around with a hunger satiety scale? Becoming more familiar with the steps between starving and stuffed can help. If you also track this after a meal you will likely find certain meals leave you hungrier sooner, so skipping those meals in favor of what actually keeps you full can be a big help.

Have you gotten a checkup recently, particularly one with bloodwork to check your blood sugar?

Beyond that, what keeps you full is a little different for everyone. Some people need more protein, others need more fat and still others need more carbs. Pay attention to what keeps you full, what doesn't, and try to adjust accordingly. Keep in mind that some people do better with six small meals and others with two larger meals. They are plenty of more extreme outliers on each side, but most people fall somewhere in between. It can take time to figure out what works best for you, because there is not a single answer. Some people find that just swapping regular for lite is a functional option, others head a little more towards volumetrics and have a few cups of steamed broccoli with a little cheese, a broth based vegetable soup or salad as the start to their meal. The option that works for you is the one that works for you.
Since you said that you have barely started to cut calories I would take a hard look at what you cut out, especially as it seems to be causing you some grief.

-google first. ask questions later.

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9/9/19 2:35 P

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Fat. The body has specific satiety signals for fat, so you'll feel fuller eating more fat (and protein) than carbs, which have no specific satiety signal.

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Keto Christina
9/9/19 1:27 P

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When I first started losing I had this issue too but it leveled out over time. Try drinking water when you feel hungry.

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9/9/19 1:10 P

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I would say between 2,000 and 2,400 on average.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 31,170
9/9/19 11:52 A

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How many calories are you eating daily?

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9/9/19 11:40 A

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I'd say my biggest difficulty so far is just experiencing hunger pangs. Any one have any tricks to feeling satiated? I've barely starting cutting my calorie and I'm already feeling hungry all the time.

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