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RUSTY_WOODS Posts: 1,014
10/20/19 8:43 A

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There are many healthy plans, so these foods obviously fit your plan.. what you fail to mention is servings. Too much could be a bad thing, and that would vary by plan, and by the individual.

I do not track daily, but I do track a few daily samples, and when I make changes, I track a day or two. Over the years, since I am on a restricted diet, which simulates you being a picky eater, you will find you eat the same foods a lot.. so you will know what a meal entails, once you track it. At that point, you will be able to pick 3 meals a day, and know you are in your ranges, but every so often, you want to make sure your serving size isn't creeping up, so you weigh the food. I tend to buy packages which fit my serving size, at my butcher, and have each meal, so it is already weighed out. Some foods can be divided easily, such as nuts or berries.. which you can split up when you get home from the grocer.. eggs are So track meals you regularly have, find out if you get the nutrition you need, from the meal size you eat. Get everything in range, and then keep eating the same meals, in the same size, shifted around for variation.

Then every so often weigh a meal, or track a day, so you don't veer too far off track. You don't want to eat too little, or too much.. so quality of food is good, but you need to get the right quantity too.

Learning which foods have which nutrients, is important. That way when you are tracking, and find you are short in one nutrient, you can make a small change, adding a certain food, fixing the problem. If you have no idea how to bump up Vitamin A, you can't fix the problem, until you research which foods have it.

If tracking, and setting a meal plan is something you find taxing, or even impossible, as you switch out a food, and another nutrient goes out of range.. you could always see a dietitian, who can help.

Get the diet right, and just repeat daily. Good Luck.

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10/13/19 4:45 A

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Your food choices are good, but a lot depends of how much of each that you eat. If you aren't already, I STRONGLY suggest that you weigh all of your food and enter it into the Nutrition Tracker. This way you will know exactly where you need to tweak IF you need to tweak. If you are averse to using the Nutrition Tracker, try it for at least a couple weeks, because without that knowledge, it is total guesswork.

Good luck,

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10/11/19 1:34 P

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Really hard to tell based on the information given!

Sure, the foods you listed could all be considered healthy foods for the general population, but we know nothing about your nutrient needs, eating patterns, etc. Like the previous reply said, if you use your nutrition tracker for a few days you'll start to see patterns and might be able to determine what your intake is low in!

I understand not everyone is into tracking. If that's you, I'd at least encourage you to switch up your fruits and veggies at least every week (ideally every day!) so you're getting a good variety of nutrients. If you can vary your protein sources and grains as well, even better.

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10/10/19 6:18 A

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The food you listed are good choices. To see if you are getting enough nutrients and the right balance of macronutrients (fat, carbohydrates, protein), I would encourage you to use the nutrition tracker.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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WENDMJ Posts: 1
10/10/19 2:50 A

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I'm new to this.
I'm trying to eat healthier and lose weight but I'm a picky eater.
If I eat the following in a day, am I getting all the right nutrients I need, or am I getting too much of anything?

Boiled or scrambled eggs

Celery with peanut butter

Grilled or baked chicken, turkey or fish
Boiled or mashed potatoes
Green beans or peas

Strawberries or banana or apple or orange


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