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12/3/19 6:09 P

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There are many health benefits to fasting, especially for people with insulin resistance.

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12/3/19 11:38 A

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I'm trying it now. My eating window is between 1pm-7pm every day. I just started yesterday. So far so good. I'll let you know how it goes :)

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 31,213
11/30/19 11:32 A

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"How do you ask if someone is vegan, keto or CrossFit?
You don’t. They will tell you."

Ain't that the truth!
And tell you over and over to boot.

"We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand."
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11/29/19 8:24 P

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How do you ask if someone is vegan, keto or CrossFit?
You don’t. They will tell you.


I fast by daily windows to help with insulin resistance. I can creep up if I’m not watching well, so not snacking and having my meals before 7 pm works for me.

I do occasionally neglect to eat. When I realize it, if I’m still within an hour of the window, I’ll have a small meal. 300 cal or so. If I happen to to forget for the day, I just have a longer window the next day.

Recently, I’ve been reading that women, especially menopausal women, do better with windows on alternate days, and I think I’ll experiment with that.

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SHOAPIE's Photo SHOAPIE Posts: 32,666
11/29/19 1:32 P

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All things in moderation so I don’t feel deprived.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,706
11/29/19 12:48 P

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If you are otherwise healthy and your doctor says you are fit to give it a go, give it a go. It's one of those really personal matches, where some people it just clicks for and it happens to be just the thing for them. Other people it just helps them to binge when it comes time to eat. There isn't one right answer for everyone. If you overeat it does not really matter if you overeat eating over 18 hours or 2. The average of your input and output over time is what matters most with regards to your weight.

-google first. ask questions later.

RUSTY_WOODS Posts: 1,011
11/29/19 10:21 A

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I think the thing with keto is that once you are in ketosis, you no longer feel cravings.. so you can go several days, before true hunger sets in. You most likely would eat out of boredom, when you remembered you didn't eat for 12-18 hours, if you missed a meal, because you forgot, and weren't hungry.

I have to force myself to eat at set time, get enough calories, and nutrition, which would be a problem if you do not eat enough calories. If you fasted, and then ate bad food you craved, to break the fast, you might lose weight from lack of calories, but your nutrition would be even worse, if that food you ate was not very nutritious.

I wouldn't recommend fasting, or using keto to skip meals either. If the goal is losing weight, and consuming less calories.. a high fat keto diet, will end your cravings, but you still have to eat. You will be trying to eat ENOUGH calories, instead of worrying about too many calories, but you still have to eat enough calories.

At 243, I aim for 2000 calories. I have 1717 set for today, and may add 2 ozs cream cheese for a snack, to get to 1917. close enough. If I ate 1200, because I simply skipped lunch, I would not get enough nutrition, which is already an issue on a restrictive diet, and it wouldn't be healthy. It would also stall my metabolism, which was the original goal.

For me, eating this way, allows me to eat a set amount of calories. I have control. I eat at 7 a.m, 1 p.m., and 7 p.m. That is my goal.. control. I binged, and that is what I needed to change. I couldn't control myself on a normal diet.

I don't want to eat a lot less, I want to eat properly, so I lose weight every week. Since I have no cravings, I can do that.

If you want to fast, starting keto, and getting into ketosis, before you start fasting, will make it easy, but you still have the issues of getting enough calories and nutrition no matter what diet you do, or whether you fast. If you get cravings, they aren't going to improve just by fasting.

The most likely thing is you lose weight while fasting, and make up for it when you aren't, and in the long term, don't accomplish much, and since you haven't found anything that actually works, eat poorly again, as soon as you can no longer stick to the fast. In other words, what do you eat, when the fast is over? Good food? If so, why not just eat good food all the time?.. probably because you can't stop yourself from craving bad food, which is tasty.

That problem will be waiting for you, when the fast ends. Success isn't weight loss.. it is maintaining a diet, which gets you to, and maintains a healthy weight. We all can lose weight, if we fast, or cut calories, but can we do it for years? If not, it won't be successful long term.

Good Luck, finding what works for you.

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JENJENN7's Photo JENJENN7 Posts: 408
11/8/19 2:24 A

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I have tried the 5-2 diet. This is where you choose 2 non-consecutive days in the week to eat low calorie. They suggest between 500 and 800 calories on those 2 days. Then the rest of the week you eat what you like.
I've had success with that in the past but when I stopped doing it I found it really hard to go back on it.

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ELENGIL's Photo ELENGIL Posts: 1,313
10/30/19 2:46 P

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I've been doing intermittent fasting for about 3 years or so now, with occasional longer fasts. I have found a lot of benefit - not just weight loss but also a drastic cut in cravings and no more 'shaky sick' feeling when hungry.

Jason Fung MD writes extensively on fasting -

He also has several books out, I would really recommend The Complete Guide to Fasting for a great deal of information and guidance.

I practice intermittent fasting and keto
Diet Doctor Dr. Jason Fung

Intensive Dietary Management
Guide to low carb eating

About The Obesity Code

Keto Christina
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10/30/19 2:15 P

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I watched a couple videos about the kept diet and I can see the resemblence. I think the reason I am drawn to fasting is because it is easier for me to tell myself that I can eat what I am craving after a certain point instead of telling myself that I cant have it at all. If that makes sense.

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10/30/19 2:13 P

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Hi! I've been doing research in keto diet recently and the fat burning method is almost the same as fasting, but more sustainable since you don't need to stop eating and it will actually keep you satisfied so cravings and you will be skipping meals or snacks without even thinking about it! Try to look into it, Im just starting learning before I can enter it fully, so let me know what you think about it

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10/30/19 5:31 A

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I am doing quite a bit of research on fasting. Does anyone have an opinion on it? Have you ever tried it? Does it work?

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