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1/16/20 3:20 P

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If you don't want to eat all 3 during all meals, a trainer I worked with suggested pairing protein EITHER with carbs or fat. So something like eggs + avocado in the am and an open faced sandwich at lunch. Some people also claim that eating carbs earlier in the day is better for you. See what works best for you!

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1/16/20 1:18 P

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To answer your, it wouldn't be detrimental to your health necessarily. Maybe your mental health trying to keep it all straight!

But honestly, that sounds like it would be way more trouble that it's worth. Very few foods have only one macronutrient. There's nothing wrong with eating multiple macronutrients at one time. Your body is very smart and can handle it.

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1/15/20 6:07 A

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I do encourage you to eat balanced meals and snacks. One big reason is that some vitamins are fat soluble and others are water soluble. So, eating a salad, for example, with not fat source like a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or some nuts could cause vitamins contained in the vegetables and fruit on the salad to not absorb properly.

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1/14/20 11:36 P

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In general they work best as a team. Carbs are good for short term energy, protein should be available after the carbs run out and fat lets you get the most of all the micronutrients in everything else. Plus fat, along with water, helps move fiber through the digestive tract. As long as you are getting enough overall I don't think the timing matters much with regards to the bottom line. Satisfaction and ease of eating throughout the day is where I would suppose you would find the difficulty.
If you really think that having an avocado for breakfast, a hunk of chicken after a workout and rice and vegetables for dinner will leave you satisfied throughout the day and balanced at the end of it, then go for it. It's probably no worse than small children going through phases of food.

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1/14/20 8:55 P

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My unqualified opinion is that you are best to stick with some of each with each meal. As an example, you could just as easily get around 20g of protein, 45g carbs and 15g fats in per meal.

You would likely find that with your plan, you are full enough on the fats and the protein, however where it comes to the carbs, you might find you get quite hungry more quickly, because depending on what you have, they are usually absorbed a lot more quickly. Also, some vitamins need fats to be absorbed properly.

As far as if it would be detrimental to your health - I have no idea.

As a College Student, you might find it more helpful to plan a week's worth of healthy, balanced lunches at a time, and ensure that they are portable. Do you have access to a Fridge or cooking where you live? Remember, too, that there are plenty of portable protein options available. Think tear-top cans or pouches. Think string cheese. Frozen Greek yoghurt to thaw during the day, etc. etc. And then nuts are a great snack and excellent source of healthy fats, as well as some protein and fibre. Fruit such as apples, pears, bananas etc. are easily portable too.

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1/14/20 8:30 P

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I have been thinking that as a college student, It may be easier for me to hit my macro goals if I were to eat all of a specific macronutrient at a specific time throughout the day. For example, I was thinking that I could maybe eat all my fats for the day in the morning, my protein around lunch/after a workout, and my carbs at dinner. (I could probably switch the carbs and fats too) I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge/experience if this approach to nutrition would be detrimental to my health in any way?

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