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1/22/20 12:38 P

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It's possible neither are right, or that both are right depending on how they structure their algorithms. Weight loss is not the straight-forward math problem people try to make it out to be, our bodies are complex. I'd be more shocked if you got exactly the same numbers from two different programs.

"do think you exert calories by doing everyday activities" - I mean, you literally use calories doing absolutely nothing, just to keep your body alive... I don't count 'exercise' when I'm lugging in 40lb sacks of cat litter into the house, but that doesn't make it fundamentally any different from using 40lb weights at a gym!

Your fitbit number isn't too far off your low spark number, you can find a mid-point between the two and see how that goes. In the end, I don't think it benefits to stress to that degree over the numbers. They're educated guesses based on broad data, but they probably aren't accurate for any given individual, they're just... generic ranges.

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1/22/20 12:00 P

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I don't enter anything in my Fitbit. I just sync SP to the Fitbit on the Exercise tracker. And I have read that you would be double counting if you manually enter Fitbit info on the tracker and also sync it.

The All-Day Fitbit Activity does not show minutes unless I'm actually walking steadily for a length of time at a good pace. I do think you exert calories by doing everyday activities which is what the Fitbit is recording "all day". The BMR calories are if you were in bed all day and doing absolutely nothing.

That's how I understand it and I feel it's pretty accurate.


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1/21/20 6:17 A

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I have a FitBit and it is connected to my SP. However, I always delete the FitBit activity because it is "activity" and activity and exercise aren't the same. Does the activity number count my Fitness? Yes but not all activity is cardio or strength or intentional exercise.

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1/21/20 4:06 A

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I don't really know much about the fit-bit and the linked to SP settings, however I gather that if it is linked it will automatically enter it and adjust the calories accordingly. IF it is linked and you are also entering it manually, then it would give a false amount of exercise which could explain why your calories from SP increases so much. SP already takes into account your normal activities of a day to give you your range, totally independently of the Fit-bit. .

Not much help but I hope it helps a bit.

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1/20/20 5:33 P

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Double check your settings because I think there is a way that you can manage to set up so that you are adding twice something in spark. I don't have a device linked and my ranges are set based on goal, not actual, so hopefully someone else can chime in. But if you add your steps as separate exercise, they have already been accounted for as part of your daily activities, so reentering them in effectively double counts them.

Also keep in mind that each company uses slightly different formulas and they all run on averages. Which means that if is says it 500, there will be some people who are at 250 and others at 750, though most people will probably be in the 400-600 range. You have to know which way you skew and see how the math balances out for you in the long run.

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1/20/20 3:02 P

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I input my meals/snacks into both my Fitbit and SparkPeople. I track my movement/steps/workouts on both, as well. The more I move, the more calories I see....but mostly on SparkPeople. It does give me more on my Fitbit, as well, but not nearly the amount SparkPeople does.

So...what I want to know is.....which one is correct?? Today, for instance, Fitbit is giving me like 850 left for the day while SparkPeople is giving me 1000-1300! And yes...this is after inputing the same information with the same goals.

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