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It’s been a while so I thought I would share an update. I finally hit my 250 goal. Now on to 240. ME4ME 29 _RAMONA
8/2/20 1:46 A
Hello August! New month! New beginning! New focus! New start! New day! New goals! New mindset! New i AMYBRO1 6 CATHYSFITLIFE
8/1/20 5:01 P
I am 5 pounds away from the weight I was when I quit smoking almost 13 years ago. I am down 50.5 po AMYBRO1 35 AMYBRO1
8/1/20 2:36 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Wednesday!! I’ve tried to write this post 20 times already and I TEXASHSMOMOF3 80 CGARR442
7/30/20 9:55 P
I am up a pound this week. Doing my best to stay positive and focus on how far I’ve come in the past RASMUSSEN5 10 GETITDONE79
7/29/20 6:05 P
Happy Pump/Hump day y’all! AMYBRO1 15 ROCKYCPA
7/29/20 10:01 P
Mini sweet peppers cooked in air fryer then stuffed with turkey taco and pepper jack cheese... yum! AMYBRO1 10 MASTERCARE
7/29/20 5:46 A
Never skip a Monday!!! Get it done. BodyCombat #79 DONE and now going to try a kettlebell workout. AMYBRO1 13 ROCKYCPA
7/27/20 11:17 P
Happy Saturday! Don’t wish! Work for it! AMYBRO1 15 ROCKYCPA
7/25/20 5:28 P
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 13 ROCKYCPA
7/23/20 10:33 P
Y’all, I bought these jeans because they was reduced. I wanted to try them on to get motivation to AMYBRO1 53 AMYBRO1
7/22/20 1:47 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 6 CHERIJ16
7/22/20 1:18 P
All you need is confidence and a pair of sneakers! #sneakers #running #runnersofinstagram #workoutmo RASMUSSEN5 12 GETITDONE79
7/20/20 9:55 P
7/16/20 11:10 P
Happy Pump/Hump and weigh in day! AMYBRO1 10 WOMANOFLOVE
7/15/20 9:46 A
Happy Saturday! Be the best you can be! AMYBRO1 21 CHERRYZMB60
7/11/20 11:17 P
Happy pump/weigh in/ hump day! AMYBRO1 5 ROCKYCPA
7/8/20 3:04 P
Happy Monday! AMYBRO1 21 ROCKYCPA
7/6/20 10:13 P
Happy Sunday! Make it a great day! AMYBRO1 20 GEORGE815
7/5/20 4:51 P
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 11 ROCKYCPA
7/5/20 2:37 P
Walk workout done. AMYBRO1 11 ROCKYCPA
7/5/20 2:39 P
Cauliflower riced, egg whites and low sodium turkey bacon is what’s for supper. AMYBRO1 9 ROCKYCPA
7/3/20 1:10 P
7/8/20 4:29 A
Happy TGIF eve but today is my FRIDAY! Hip! Hip! Hoorah! Have a great 4th if July weeeknd! AMYBRO1 26 JERSEYGIRL24
7/2/20 10:19 P
July..... new month to get back on track or tighten up what you started! AMYBRO1 13 ROCKYCPA
7/1/20 6:05 P
Happy 10th wedding anniversary! WILSOD1 55 GMACAMI
6/28/20 12:23 A
Oikos triple zero Vanilla Greek yogurt with cherries almost as good as the blueberries. AMYBRO1 17 ROCKYCPA
6/27/20 10:20 P
Happy TGIF! Whoop! Whoop! Cheers to the weekend! Have a great weeekend y’all! AMYBRO1 28 GEORGE815
6/26/20 5:51 P
☀️Happy TGIF eve! Good morning! Rain or shine, make it a good one! 💪😘 AMYBRO1 17 ROCKYCPA
6/25/20 10:59 P
Posted a photo KANSCHUTZ14 5 AMYBRO1
6/24/20 7:48 P
I haven't been active on here for quite a while. I am finally within 10 pounds of my goal weight. SCAREDOFSCALE 22 CHERRYZMB60
6/24/20 11:35 P
Just ordered my first 2 piece in years. Gonna love my body now and keep working for the one I want. BMEIER2543 41 ALOHAALO
6/25/20 3:08 A
Carrots..... my favorite veggie! AMYBRO1 7 ELSCO55
6/24/20 9:09 P
Happy Tuesday! AMYBRO1 14 ROCKYCPA
6/23/20 9:58 P
6/23/20 12:06 P
Happy Monday! It is pouring here and woke up with a migraine. I will have to hit the weights and do AMYBRO1 8 CATWMNCAT
6/22/20 10:34 A
My weight loss has stalled since last Fall, but I'm determined to work hard this summer! #BeforeAndA KNITTINGKITTY 70 ELORA101
6/23/20 2:51 P
Happy Father’s Day! Have a great day! AMYBRO1 6 ROCKYCPA
6/21/20 10:04 P
☀️Good morning! Happy Saturday! Today was my best walking time since I started walking in March. I AMYBRO1 11 ROCKYCPA
6/20/20 6:00 P
Happy Saturday! Today it’s going to be me and my son day! I am heading for a walk then step class a AMYBRO1 14 ROCKYCPA
6/20/20 6:02 P
Fun FRIDAY!! Ok, so maybe not EXACTLY Vogue material, but definitely how I felt after walking out of MIAMI_LILLY 36 FREDBEAR49
6/25/20 10:55 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Friday! I made it to Arkansas!! The scenic route was gorgeous, I TEXASHSMOMOF3 51 TOMSGAL85
6/21/20 6:11 A
Hip hip hooray it’s TGIF Y’all! Have a great weekend! Stay focus and discipline. AMYBRO1 14 ROCKYCPA
6/19/20 5:36 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!! Yesterday was a good day! I went and picked up my ren TEXASHSMOMOF3 89 TOMSGAL85
6/18/20 11:39 P
Happy TGIF eve! I did a thing yesterday. I got my hair did! Lol I didn’t have a haircut or color sin AMYBRO1 17 JERSEYGIRL24
6/18/20 11:18 P
Happy pump/weigh in day! I can’t wait Tonight I am getting my Hi lights and hair cut. It been since AMYBRO1 16 ROCKYCPA
6/17/20 9:39 P
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 17 ROCKYCPA
6/16/20 11:12 P
Beach life! AMYBRO1 31 _RAMONA
6/16/20 12:56 A
Happy Saturday y’all! When life get’s you down what do you do? Just keep swimming! Just keep swimmin AMYBRO1 8 ROCKYCPA
6/13/20 8:58 P
Happy TGIF! Whoop! Whoop! Make it a great weekend! AMYBRO1 36 ROCKYCPA
6/12/20 7:56 P
Happy TGIF eve! Today is a good day to be a good day! AMYBRO1 17 ROCKYCPA
6/11/20 10:05 P
Day 100 and down 40 pounds and I celebrated doing AMYBRO1 31 ROCKYCPA
6/10/20 9:37 P
6 years later and I'm back 😍 M8ICAN 30 ALLYLIZZY
6/11/20 12:23 P
Good morning! Rise and shine! Pump day! Whoop! Whoop! I went to the gym and did Body Pump at 5 am. J AMYBRO1 17 ROCKYCPA
6/10/20 9:37 P
Message Removed CD26037268 7 NASFKAB
6/8/20 8:55 P
Yummy 🥗 for dinner tonight! So filling and healthy. My daughter loved her salad too, just a lot of PRV1980 14 PRV1980
6/9/20 7:47 A
grilled chicken with broccoli and teriyaki sauce for dinner tonight. TRISSYINCHARGE 8 JWINKSLLC
6/8/20 9:02 P
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 7 ROCKYCPA
6/8/20 10:29 P
Happy Sunday y’all! TS Cristobal is now 60 miles south from Port Fourchon. I just hope we don’t lo AMYBRO1 10 ROCKYCPA
6/7/20 6:18 P
Happy TGIF! Have a great weekend! Don’t let the weekend take you over. Stay focused and determined. AMYBRO1 10 TRAVELGAL417
6/6/20 7:53 A
I am finally in the 180ville.... 189.2!!! Yah! Whoop! Whoop. Yesterday a co worker gave me this shir AMYBRO1 151 AMYBRO1
6/5/20 2:28 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Friday!!!🎉 Y’all yesterday was a completely uneventful day! Wooh TEXASHSMOMOF3 222 AQUAGIRL08
6/7/20 7:50 A
I’m still injured from my half marathon last month, but had to get a run in for Global Running Day!! LORI-K 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
6/3/20 9:38 P
Happy Wednesday! Happy weigh in day! Make it a good one! AMYBRO1 7 ROCKYCPA
6/3/20 9:39 P
3 Things to Be Happy About Today KALISWALKER 272 QUENNEVILLE
8/10/20 10:39 P
6/24/20 9:00 A
Happy Monday! Make it a good one! AMYBRO1 11 OPTICALXILLUSIO
6/14/20 2:33 A
5/29/20 10:10 P
Am I a weird eater? Eggs with low sodium turkey bacon, cauliflower riced and carrots all mixed toget AMYBRO1 15 HAPPYDAZ1
5/28/20 10:37 A
Dinner 😋 My homemade spaghetti sauce with veggies and pasta 🤤 It was SO good! I used basil and or GIRLGETTINGFIT 7 COOKWITHME65
5/29/20 6:02 A
The beautiful gift my hubby gave me this morning for our 40th anniversary! BEEJAY49 69 FLASUN
5/28/20 4:13 A
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 13 ROCKYCPA
5/27/20 9:37 P
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 17 ROCKYCPA
5/24/20 3:06 P
☀️Good morning! Happy Saturday! I sing Halleluja AMYBRO1 5 ROCKYCPA
5/23/20 9:05 P
Yesterday was my birthday, so I had some cake and a drink, plus snacks during a virtual group social REBECCAM18 9 FLASUN
5/22/20 3:47 A