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*Vent*- I applaud people who have lost a lot of weight because they reach a goal they set for themse DRAGONFLY2874 14 GEORGE815
6/28/19 9:36 P
Random Purchase. Huge difference! I bought this at one of those liquidation stores because it was ch CYNTNEAL 19 GEORGE815
6/28/19 9:36 P
We have limited sun in our yard so a scattered garden it is! Tomatoes, brussel sprouts, peppers, zuc BONZOBEAR720 22 GEORGE815
6/28/19 9:34 P
Yogurt and fruit parfaits that I made for my Dad and I. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 68 CHEIVOUS
6/29/19 2:03 P
Excuse the messy hair. Spent the morning swimming now on a walk. PUPPYTUMMY0 24 GEORGE815
6/28/19 9:32 P
Strawberry season is here! HIGHWAYGIRL2004 20 KAYDE53
6/28/19 3:45 P
6/29/19 12:13 A
Keto blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon!! AMINAHRAE 17 RREDFORD5
6/28/19 2:10 P
I can’t imagine ever going back. ALLYLIZZY 109 JRDUPREE
7/1/19 10:45 A
My spinach mushroom omelette was fantastic! BEBABY77 5 YMWONG22
6/29/19 6:52 A
One of my goals for this year is to do 15 good pushups. I started with wall pushups and am working m BEBABY77 5 SWEETGABROWN1
6/28/19 10:21 A
60 min walking meditation this morning, at just over 3 mi. Beautiful and sunny with a little bit of RECOVERYMAMA 8 MOOSIFER1
7/5/19 11:57 A
Happy Friday!! DRAGONFLY2874 17 PWILLOW1
6/28/19 1:21 P
I made stuffed zucchini boats for my co-workers. They turned out to be a big hit! #keepsparking N33D2LOSE50 11 4EVERDIETER
6/28/19 7:51 P
Grilled chicken salad with mixed greens, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds and a lo DRAGONFLY2874 16 KAYDE53
6/27/19 11:29 P
Got 4.5 mile walk in! #moveit LAKRUP 7 AUTISMMOMMA05
6/27/19 7:58 A
It’s only 3 pm! Tomorrow I’m raising my daily steps goal!! And my miles a day goal!! Plus I just had AMINAHRAE 28 KHALIA2
1/5/20 8:52 A
The definition of fitness in America: When one drives around the health club parking lot for five mi HIKEMOJAVE 5 CINDY247
7/10/19 12:21 P
Happy Wednesday!! Keep plugging, Spark friends!! DRAGONFLY2874 35 GRAMMYEAC
6/26/19 9:27 P
I lost 10pds this week. Even though it was.mostly water weight and giving up soda I'm still so excit SR264504 8 ALLYLIZZY
6/26/19 7:23 P
Look at my new weight!!! Yeah I LOST! I started my weight loss journey at 189.9. Then I platued at 1 FROGROBYN 64 GMACAMI
6/26/19 2:19 P
Forgive often and move on. SIMPLY_JAE 24 HAPPYDAZ1
6/27/19 8:26 A
I made it to Onderland. Finally!!!! TABATHA_CAIN 223 MIZKAREN
6/26/19 6:58 P
Yes, you will! NANHBH 38 ROCKYCPA
6/27/19 12:09 A
Have a super Wednesday, Sparklers ❣️ RAERAERAE62 40 MHUMBERS1950
6/26/19 2:32 P
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 8 HAPPYDAZ1
6/27/19 8:27 A
With company over and being out of the house a lot, my diet has gone south. But, I'm not going to al DRAGONFLY2874 5 CJSLOVE
6/26/19 2:08 P
Good day yesterday _WARRIOR4LIFE 7 PEGGY-BEE
6/27/19 1:08 P
I am so glad to be out of the 200s, my starting weight in June 2018 was 296. My weight goal is 150 o SWEETGABROWN1 235 SWEETGABROWN1
6/25/19 9:40 P
6/26/19 1:35 P
I pushed myself this morning!!!! I did a 35 minutes of HIIT by HasFit workout. I had to stop twice. FROGROBYN 17 PB1959
6/25/19 2:33 P
#BeforeAndAfter 10 lbs lost Chest 2.5 " Waist: 2.5" Hips: 2" Butt: 1.5" Thighs 1" Calves .74 of an HUFFELPOWELL16 28 GMACAMI
6/25/19 8:13 P
Check Out this Cute Couple!! 70 Years Ago Today---They Said "I DO!" Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary MOMMA48 27 DEE107
6/26/19 12:09 A
2 days in a row! I love using this to challenge myself! If I keep this up I may need to raise my ste AMINAHRAE 18 NIKO27
6/25/19 10:22 A
3 miles today #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 3 KAYAHSLOANE1
6/25/19 8:48 P
Back home for a few days,so I will make good choices. Then its off again where I have less control GOLDTAG1 5 JUNETTA2002
6/27/19 8:19 A
Fruit smoothie for breakfast #foodfeats CKEYES1 4 HEALTHYANDFIT27
6/26/19 7:11 A
Happy Tuesday!!!!😁 DRAGONFLY2874 32 BEHAPPY160
6/25/19 10:38 A
Veggie and dip for lunch #eattherainbow CKEYES1 3 ANHELIC
6/26/19 12:44 A
Up early getting it done!!!! #goals. Happy Monday everyone! Keep pushing! If you had a rough weekend LISAMARIE726 14 ALLYLIZZY
6/24/19 1:53 P
Posted a photo EMMATHECAT 19 DLDMIL
6/24/19 7:18 P
This is such a cool visual of the past few months! Love that downward arc!! AMINAHRAE 10 123THERESA123
6/27/19 8:49 A
Good morning SparkPeople Fam! I was doing so good VLRPRKS 41 DLDMIL
6/24/19 7:17 P
Look at Saturday’s exchange! Woot woot! RANDERS33 18 ALLYLIZZY
6/24/19 1:36 P
Good morning SPARKlers! Rainy Humming bird feast here. JUSTFURKIDS 44 HAPPYCPA1965
6/25/19 8:28 A
This is very powerful message, you have to be happy with you no matter what the outside looks like MISSYJ0507 99 CHERRYZMB60
6/24/19 5:15 P
I have finished my morning ablutions, read half a book, walked the Cooper-dog for over an hour, comp LESLIELENORE 11 CHERIRIDDELL
6/24/19 1:28 A
After having to bury my goat last night, I wake to the internet and cable turned off. My emotional e NEVAPATE3 8 CGARR442
6/23/19 4:59 P
Leslie Sansone said it was a mile, Fitbit said it was a quarter of a mile. Either way..15 minutes of AMINAHRAE 6 TOMATOCAFEGAL
6/23/19 7:30 P
Progress is progress.... I've changed the following things over the past two years: 1. I track all _WARRIOR4LIFE 10 MWARNER211
6/24/19 8:11 A
Yes very hot to workout here in Florida but I fought through it. Burnt 484 cals today in this heat a CLPAKELE12 5 STEEPERSLOUNGE
6/23/19 10:53 A
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 4 URBANREDNEK
6/23/19 11:29 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! Yesterday was a good day but honesty I did nothing. I TEXASHSMOMOF3 59 KHALIA2
6/25/19 8:59 A
This one made me laugh 😆 don’t we all wish !! KEEPINGITOFF3 32 DUCKTURNIP
6/24/19 5:58 P
Happy Sunday❣️ Did stuff. Drinking coffee now, then I'll do more stuff...getting ready to get my wo RAERAERAE62 20 PWILLOW1
6/23/19 2:21 P
Its time for 2nd cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 7 REGILIEH
6/23/19 4:31 P
A little strength training after my cardio. I want to get used to doing this daily so I can keep it AMINAHRAE 9 TCANNO
6/23/19 8:52 P
🐛 Have a Super Sparktacular Sunday! 🦋 CLO333 25 GEORGE815
6/23/19 5:23 P
#keto #lowcarb #sexinapan Recipe from #sogood GYPSYJACQUELINA 16 EVIE4NOW
6/23/19 11:11 A
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 38 UPTOIT59
6/26/19 7:51 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Bacon turkey burger bowl X-TINAKETOFIED 17 GEORGE815
6/23/19 5:19 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 STAR135000
6/23/19 9:38 P
#cupcakes #deathbychocolate I was able to resist these double chocolate chip cupcakes I made for a r GYPSYJACQUELINA 19 GEORGE815
6/23/19 5:18 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 25 STAR135000
6/23/19 9:36 P
This is my turn-around point. It is here that I s STRIVE4BALANCE1 62 DLDMIL
6/23/19 8:45 P
Down 3.2 lbs in 12 days with Spark People. My eating is still a work in progress but I have success DRAGONFLY2874 8 KAS10001
6/23/19 2:45 P
My boyfriend just shattered my heart. I really am doing so well, eating healthier and exercising por NOTTHATONE 20 NOTTHATONE
6/22/19 11:25 P
First day! Joined after gaining 20 stress related kgs in just over a year (that's 44 pounds for the LOLASLIBERATION 20 DRAGONFLY2874
6/22/19 5:32 P
Walk to the library and back for a new personal record. Felt awesome. JASON_WA_42 9 YMWONG22
6/23/19 5:24 A
Hubbs and I walked / jogged little over 3 miles down at our soccer park. Ended the week with 9 miles AKPIPER 6 DRAGONFLY2874
6/22/19 5:28 P
Any recommendations on video games that makes you exercise?? My son loves video games but I would li LIZZZIE88 9 KERRIBERRI86
6/22/19 7:20 P
I'm celebrating a 50 pound loss today! It's coming off slowly...the journey started last September, SNUZYQ2 11 SWEETGABROWN1
6/22/19 6:45 P
Posted a photo LIZZZIE88 11 GRAMMYEAC
6/22/19 10:26 P
She is very popular. Must be the pearls DIZEIMAGE 9 DIZEIMAGE
6/23/19 3:47 P
Chicopee Woods. It was only 0.75 of a mile long but it was (according to my Fitbit) equivalent to 8 AMINAHRAE 14 29WINEGAL
6/22/19 9:30 P