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3/1/21 10:49 P
Found these at our local Sprouts Market. Only 80 calories in 5 cookies. INSPIREDTRI 19 LAH1222
3/1/21 11:24 P
Posted a photo BECKYFLOYD3701 13 ELSCO55
3/1/21 8:34 P
Goodbye, February! Welcome, March! TREKPURRSON 17 HAPPYDAZ1
3/2/21 12:20 P
✍🏾 Listen, Learn, and Love Today's Healthy-Happy-H@ly Do List . . . 🌟Engaging fresh routines 🏃� JAMESEVER 10 EDWARDS1411
3/2/21 12:55 A
Happy Monday evening! NAVA2021 16 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/2/21 6:56 A
I know only a few care, but if you see this, my 6 year old son, Nathan is having Major Surgery Tomor AMYMBUNCH 103 CINDY247
3/2/21 6:30 A
Happy March. Snow and extremely high winds at 26 mph. Been waiting for March and was hoping for bett OPTICALXILLUSIO 15 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/2/21 6:56 A
Dinner - Turkey kielbasa with peppers, onions , baby bellas and sweet potato with cinnamon!:) 😋 Hap NAVYWIFESKI 19 ALLYLIZZY
3/2/21 1:16 P
Day 1 down. Met calorie goals and exercised after work. It's still winter but spring is on the way! MICOLINA26 10 TAMMYAND
3/1/21 9:56 P
Our new puppy is settling in very nicely. It’s goi CLEARLIGHTCLARE 19 _RAMONA
3/1/21 1:59 A
Have a beary nice day DONNA_VT 6 ELSCO55
2/28/21 4:45 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 13 ERIN_POSCH
3/1/21 11:21 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 9 NANASUEH
3/1/21 10:38 A
Working on getting my full eight or more glasses of water today. So far, 3 at breakfast, plus sippi GREYGIN 11 -POOKIE-
3/1/21 4:41 A
The snow and ice are melting... finally. This is the view of my brothers yurt when it’s not covered LESLIELENORE 21 HAPPYSOUL91
3/1/21 8:43 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 10 PATRICIA-CR
3/1/21 9:21 A
Since the beginning of December I have lost 10 pounds, 1 inch from my waist, and .75 inches from my LAKENDAL 9 CHANGING-TURTLE
2/28/21 7:08 P
3/1/21 1:36 A
Progress! #BeforeAndAfter FRITZYS_MAMA 193 CHERRYZMB60
3/1/21 9:17 P
A good read and lots of information BECCAWEBB123 9 ELSCO55
2/27/21 5:53 P
Sounds good to me 🤣🤣 TFOSTER1978 28 ERIN_POSCH
2/28/21 10:08 A
Went on a 4 mile walk with my husband and we came home to find this unopened beer in our yard! 😂 Ho PIXIEDUST04 11 ASHLEYRX12
2/27/21 8:42 P
FINALLY have gotten around to posting my favorite ham and lentil soup on Spark Recipes. I blogged ab BIRDLOVER-CJ 20 WHITECAT19
2/28/21 4:52 P
I saw this posted on Instagram and thought it was awesome! MBULLARD48 31 AMORGASON2010
3/1/21 12:30 P
Almost to five: so far today, mandarin orange, coconut, lettuce, red & yellow cherry tomatoes #eatt GREYGIN 11 LAH1222
2/27/21 11:13 P
Fads come and fads go, but even so they work for some. My mother ❤️ the Grapefruit Diet: 1/2 of 1 fo YOGA1973 18 RAZZOOZLE
2/27/21 8:24 P
Unfortunately I have a headache I haven’t been able to shake this afternoon, hopefully napping with COOLHEELS 18 ALLYLIZZY
2/28/21 1:39 A
Half way through my minimum amount of water for the day. Helps to have sipping water at hand. Make GREYGIN 9 PNUGENT2331
2/27/21 11:39 P
Wish I were traveling! DONNA_CPS2 15 TLV106
2/27/21 10:58 P
Finally got an outdoor walk today and I'm glad we went as we saw a huge patch of Winter Acconite (Er NITEMAN3D 39 NANCYANND55
2/28/21 3:12 P
Coffee today? CD494922 140700 ALFBUNDY
3/2/21 12:20 P
New pots and pans. A perk from work. LARETZLAFF 20 EDWARDS1411
2/27/21 12:25 A
Just some extra pics of my life EBREWSTER53 20 ANNIEMAROO
2/26/21 11:53 P
Hey Spark friends! Just wanted to let you all know, Hubby tested Positive for Covid 19 Wednesday & CINDY247 25 PEEDLE
2/27/21 1:03 P
Comfort food tonight, mini meat cakes, mashed potatoes and asparagus. MOOKBALL 19 ANNIEMAROO
2/26/21 11:52 P
Dinner: Strawberry chicken spinach salad with homemade strawberry vinaigrette BECCAWEBB123 23 DININA48MN
2/27/21 1:15 A
Simple Lent Dinner - Lemon pepper fish, broccoli, carrots and tzatziki sauce!:) 😋 Have a fun Friday NAVYWIFESKI 23 HAPPYCPA1965
2/27/21 12:42 P
Me in Quarantine... Lol! CINDY247 32 PATRICIA-CR
2/27/21 7:31 A
Good evening! Just got back from walking the dogs. The ice is mostly melted and the moon is full. LESLIELENORE 24 ROCKYCPA
2/27/21 6:51 P
Homemade Al Pastor tacos that I've been craving. So happy I got my 3.9 miles in. Now, I can truly en N33D2LOSE50 20 ANNIEMAROO
2/26/21 11:50 P
Tracked all my food 😊✅ TOMSGAL85 19 ELSCO55
2/26/21 12:37 A
2/26/21 3:33 P
2/26/21 12:48 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 3 ELSCO55
2/26/21 12:36 A
2/26/21 5:37 A
I feel very good today and I'm proud of me MIKESHAY2427 22 GERRYH2
2/26/21 6:20 A
Our sweet rescue Dog Nestle loves the snow. ALLENJOSEPH 35 PLCHAPPELL
2/26/21 6:49 A
Lost my first 5 pounds. Feeling inspired to keep going. JENALEMA 38 OOKLATHEMOK
2/26/21 4:27 P
Even though I didn't go to the gym this morning I did had a good workout today. Did 2 20 minutes on HAPPYMAMA2020 9 ELSCO55
2/24/21 7:53 P
This is my salad that I had for dinner MSAAMAANDAA 14 QUIETFLUTTERBY
2/24/21 8:13 P
Today's results . . . 🌟Welcoming new routines 🤗🗣 🌟Including perspectives of others 🫂👀 🌟Think JAMESEVER 8 GO_GAL_GROW
2/24/21 8:54 P
I think the walk I took with my dog this afternoon tired her out! It felt so good to get outside! MOMMYFROG2 7 ELSCO55
2/24/21 7:51 P
Prime Rib Pork Chop, White Sweet Potato, Roasted Asparagus and Fruit Juice😉 Happy Wine Wednesday🍷 CATWMNCAT 14 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/25/21 5:55 P
February 24, 2021: 5.5 miles cumulative, Kungsleden Trail, 81.10 of 308.31 miles. Virtual trail in S SPARROW125 9 FROLICINFLORIDA
2/25/21 1:58 A
Several times today, I glanced over at this quote for inspiration, motivation and just plain old enc GCWILLI1 7 _RAMONA
2/24/21 10:22 P
3/2/21 1:54 A
2/23/21 6:59 P
Spring will be here soon. I see some daffodils peeking up through the grass out under my trees. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 21 75HEALTHYME
2/24/21 5:15 A
My mom and I made a deal that if I get up early and make her fresh juice from our juicer (she's on a PLUSULTRAGOALS 16 WLHOPE
2/23/21 10:53 P
I still walk but my step count is not 10% of what it was a year ago. I just keep plugging along. Do LIVINGLOVINLIFE 32 JOYINKY
2/24/21 9:14 A
While looking for quinoa at the grocery store, I found a whole line of new products. This one looke CARRIEB51X 21 LOVIJO20
2/23/21 10:03 P
Posted a photo MARILYNSRETIRED 11 LAH1222
2/23/21 11:53 P
My baby turns 11 today. Happy Birthday to the greatest and best gift God has ever given me. Happy Bi AMORGASON2010 15 SPARKANITA
2/23/21 7:00 P
Met today's goal with celery, carrots, cabbage, white potato, mandarin orange #eattherainbow GREYGIN 9 RALPHDB
2/23/21 6:28 P
Never ever quit on yourself. JUSTJ2014 14 PICKIE98
2/24/21 1:44 P
Lunch: tuna sandwich and baby carrots BECCAWEBB123 10 LOVIJO20
2/23/21 10:02 P
I was so hungry not from the lack of eating but from making one of my favorite meals. Chicken (breas SBLACKWELL93 10 ALLYLIZZY
2/23/21 11:35 A
It has been a very busy day; I manage to get everything done. CHERYLSCOTT54 6 MJ7DM33
2/22/21 10:47 P
Mexi-seasoned chicken breast topped with a little cheese, avocado, tomato, and an egg 👌🏼 MBULLARD48 11 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/23/21 6:43 A
1/2 cup of my homemade lite tuna/egg salad on Romaine leaves, 1oz special reserve extra sharp chedda WYTCHHAZYL 13 PURPLEMOON1
2/22/21 10:48 P
Met and exceeded my personal goal. Split the exercise into 2 segments. Did second segment while ta GREYGIN 25 BILLTHOMSON
2/23/21 6:10 A
Some before and afters. MALINDAS78 98 MARCOSTYX
2/23/21 6:33 A
Dinner: Greek pita pizza, corn on cob and okra BECCAWEBB123 17 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
2/22/21 10:37 P
Went from 2,000 steps a day to 5,000 when I got my treadmill. Next week I'm kicking it to 6,000. M CARRIEB51X 10 ELSCO55
2/21/21 10:43 P