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Pink snow in APril. Rainy and dreary here. Putting on a smile and some happy tunes to bring sunshin RUTHIEBEAR 19 AQUAGIRL08
4/16/21 10:06 A
Good morning spark friends! The sun is trying to shine I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! CARLOSLAKELAND 24 AQUAGIRL08
4/16/21 10:05 A
It's Gooseday! LOL Riley Deppe Park JEWELRYLOVER 19 GMACAMI
4/15/21 7:04 P
Good Morning🌗 5:30am, Pacific Daylight Time, and it's my Birthday🎂 Weighing in at 171 lbs. Goal: 1 2PSICHI0 227 SWSHENANIGANS
4/15/21 11:29 P
I am down to my my pre Christmas weight! I continu CLEARLIGHTCLARE 31 CHERRYZMB60
4/14/21 8:12 P
I’m looking for the formula 3 eating plan from years ago, I need to loose weight to have a knee repl PKHARRUFF 3 GMACAMI
4/14/21 3:37 P
4/14/21 3:25 P
Happy Wednesday! Here's another picture I took during a hike in Garden of the gods in Colorado Spri REDEEMED_DANCER 23 SPARKLINGME176
4/14/21 4:33 P
Happy Wednesday Sparklers I forgot to record my Run today... Very unfortunate, but I got nice pictu VIVIAN39 30 GMACAMI
4/14/21 3:22 P
It is midweek. We tend to start fading. Like my cherry tree. I am determined to keep going strong RUTHIEBEAR 35 AQUAGIRL08
4/16/21 10:10 A
I'm just focusing on maintaining but my body decided to drop another pound. That's 114 pounds gone. JCARROLL712 155 QUARTERMASTER3
4/14/21 10:10 P
Is there anyone here that has lost a lot of weight and dealing with excess loose skin? I am down 14 DISCIPLINE1979 16 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/21 3:12 P
How do you eat healthy when you’re so angry with your spouse you could throw them off a cliff? **th LITTLEMISSMOUSE 21 PWILLOW1
4/14/21 9:11 P
Enjoying my Tuna salad lunch after 12km bikeride on this glorious day! April 14/21 RUN-GIRL71 16 QUARTERMASTER3
4/14/21 10:09 P
I went for a long walk today in town. I really liked the blossoms on this tree. It was lovely weathe LESLIELENORE 31 JER-BER
4/15/21 6:05 A
4/14/21 4:55 P
End of Monday 🥱🥱🥱😴😴😴 ENNAZUS176 12 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:58 P
4/13/21 9:58 P
Felt good to see this as my end of day step count. Sometimes it is hard to reach. KAITJONES2013 28 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:57 P
Awesome hike!! FUNSPIRIT11 39 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:56 P
This has been my walk everyday lately. With lupus i think I'm doing pretty well...🚶🏃🚶🙏 DIMPLES2UCOM 27 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:56 P
Each day sparks a “new beginning.” Stay positive and be kind to others. EXHALE2021 21 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:55 P
✍🏾 Complete the journey Today's Healthy-Happy-H@ly Do List . . . 🌟Managing 🎯💯🌍 🌟Loving 🫂🌍 JAMESEVER 3 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:54 P
Happy Tuesday!! It feels more like Spring now,,, Humid, cold, windy... Well get out is not winter VIVIAN39 12 GMACAMI
4/13/21 9:53 P
Have a beautiful day! Remember YOU CAN DO IT! RUTHIEBEAR 26 AQUAGIRL08
4/14/21 5:09 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! Just a quick check in - I’ve been busy on my days off. TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 TOMSGAL85
4/16/21 7:57 A
Played golf yesterday! The azaleas are glorious! FIT2BETHIN 18 GMACAMI
4/13/21 8:54 P
Lynx spotted in Finland KRISUA 15 KRISUA
4/15/21 1:15 A
The Shot Tower in Austinville VA! RANDERS33 11 GMACAMI
4/13/21 8:53 P
After a long period of 'stay home' legislation, we've been allowed back out in the UK - non-essentia SWEETENUFGILL 22 JOANNE-IE
4/14/21 9:18 A
For the first time in 6-7 months they opened the fairgrounds where we like to walk. 3.33 miles inste NEEDBU66 26 MJ7DM33
4/13/21 10:08 P
I took Sabrina for a walk KASANNMIL 16 MJ7DM33
4/13/21 9:58 P
Some of my best adventures are the ones when I grab my hiking pack and just see where I end up. Toda MSMITCHELL2696 15 LORIF18
4/14/21 12:45 P
4/16/21 8:10 A
Went on a walk and thought it was pretty. MORTICIARAVYNN 24 GMACAMI
4/11/21 6:10 P
Today’s priority was organizing but I still had to #moveit MSMOSTIMPROVED 24 GARDENSFORLIFE
4/11/21 6:44 P
Drove to Oklahoma to see my Mama. Arrived about 3:15am, crashed on the couch until about 6:30 when DARCY-B 28 GMACAMI
4/11/21 6:07 P
Needed the beach after a few hours of shopping!! Stopped for food and enjoyed the precious view. S DIANEDOESSMILES 29 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
4/12/21 12:06 A
Posted a photo EDBC397 22 GMACAMI
4/11/21 6:06 P
4/11/21 9:35 P
Happy Sunday everyone - hope everyone has a great day - kick back a bit maybe as we're always so bus PATTYSPENCER 15 GMACAMI
4/11/21 6:04 P
What are some of your best tips for meal planning? I've been working on this the past two weeks I gr HEATHER12O 10 GMACAMI
4/11/21 6:03 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sunday! Y’all it’s my Friday and I am so ready for the ‘weekend’! TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 MLR_00
4/12/21 7:57 A
4/11/21 5:48 P
After a day of cold wind, rain, snow, sprinkled with just a little sunshine, we have nice weather fo 7STIGGYMT 14 SPARKLINGME176
4/11/21 6:13 P
Early morning, 5,000 step walk with Uli Boy, he learned fast to enjoy trails, just like Mom! Lol! GO_GAL_GROW 46 WOMANOFLOVE
4/12/21 1:37 P
Getting my 10K in today in the remains of an ancient forest in the London suburb of Greenford. Seco LIVESTRONG888 44 2BDYNAMIC
4/11/21 6:40 P
It took 3 of us but we were able to get hubs in a sling and move him from recliner to bed. He is mor DARLENEK04 26 TOCONNER
4/12/21 6:34 A
Posted a photo LEAH_ASHLEY 14 GMACAMI
4/11/21 5:40 P
Honest opinions needed. I lost a total of about 25 pounds. I treated myself to this dress but now th JNCPRO3130 163 2JOY468
4/12/21 11:16 A
My brother,Jeremy, and I walked down the road and into town to meet our brother,Jonathan, for lunch. LESLIELENORE 41 GARDENCHRIS
4/12/21 12:34 P
A cool rainy day but we got a 2 mile walk in and for Addie it was the first swim of the year! CHERIRODRIGUEZ 10 PAULA3420
4/11/21 6:11 P
4/10/21 5:05 P
Happy Saturday! We did our walking yesterday at Hollywood Beach Boardwalk! Beautiful Sunny 81 degre FLASUN 31 JAMER123
4/10/21 10:32 P
I'm hiking Mt. Monadnock today! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 42 LIS193
4/11/21 4:17 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 29 GMACAMI
4/10/21 5:01 P
28 years ago today, it was also a Saturday and we said I do and we have and we will continue to do s DLBEASYRIDER 60 ALLYLIZZY
4/10/21 11:57 P
Beautiful 🤩 ENNAZUS176 11 GMACAMI
4/10/21 5:00 P
Good morning North Cackalacky! The view from my back porch. Gonna be a glorious day! FIT2BETHIN 11 GMACAMI
4/10/21 5:00 P
Beautiful morning here in WNY! The hubby and I went out for an early morning walk and saw our friend BOOKISHBABE76 10 GMACAMI
4/10/21 4:59 P
Beautiful ENNAZUS176 19 GMACAMI
4/10/21 4:58 P
4/10/21 4:57 P
Fish and shrimp tacos tonight with fresh white fish from the pacific so excited GNABAFITMOMAT30 11 KAYDE53
4/10/21 7:54 P
I walked beside this little creek for the first two miles of my second workout of the day LESLIELENORE 17 GARDENCHRIS
4/11/21 2:15 P
Loving spring bulbs blooming! MONAMAC1 16 KAYDE53
4/10/21 7:52 P
Hey Spark Family! Happy Saturday - I think. Things are crazy at work and I’m just now getting to p TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 MISSIC20231
4/13/21 11:10 A
My favorite moment of Spring. Hopefully camping this year will be more normal. LJBOWSER1 11 GMACAMI
4/10/21 4:43 P
4/10/21 4:40 P
#BeforeAndAfter So after taking the photo yesterday I was thinking I remembered taking a photo befor HEATHER12O 156 ELORA101
4/15/21 2:51 P
Happy Saturday! CARLOSLAKELAND 19 PCK12J
4/11/21 6:55 P
Posted a photo CARLOSLAKELAND 31 PCK12J
4/11/21 6:56 P
Boy my water sure tastes good almost all my 9 cups in for today...course now I need to eat so DARLENEK04 14 DEE107
4/10/21 9:03 P
I feel good at 60, working daily to improve my health with my eating habits. One meal at a time. GAMMATAMMI 145 1HAPPYSPIRIT
4/10/21 9:25 P
Happy Friday! TKLBRIDGET1 22 LWLAR7
4/10/21 4:24 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 4 GMACAMI
4/7/21 12:59 P