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2019: Question of the Week JUDY1676 694 ANGLING4MORE
1/12/20 9:48 A
I weighed in this morning - another 3 pounds down!! Makes 14 pounds since Dec 16th. CHERISHRS 65 CSROBERTSON621
1/28/19 10:56 P
Today is my birthday and two years ago I was 243. PHOXYM 268 DEE3500
1/28/19 10:08 P
Hey family 🤪 passed out at the gym.... didn't hurt myself but had a 911 ride to the hospital. Still TMP0418 172 VEGANNATURELOVE
2/4/19 11:39 P
For me to remember: Every day. Think first. Then choose wisely. BERRY4 23 TERMITEMOM
1/28/19 9:14 P
Have a great Monday! HEALTHYME98 20 DEE107
1/29/19 12:11 A
In the middle of pushing off "negative support" .. Negative support is toxic .. be careful how you s PRINCESSPP 4 INACAR
1/28/19 4:15 P
Day 28 of my trip and I don't feel so good... home Saturday. Last night was pizza with young people MARIAN326 9 FRANCESLUCAS
1/29/19 7:36 A
Still not feeling great unfortunately started the day off puking. Settled down and trying to eat my NATASHA_D1 17 ZINGIE825
1/29/19 6:14 A
Hoping you have a great Monday. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 STAR135000
1/28/19 11:11 P
Yes, I did go to yoga class. The rain eased off a lot - although it hailed whilst we were in class. SWEETENUFGILL 5 MIRAGE727
1/28/19 10:48 P
♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* Getting what you want starts w/being grateful for wha 1CRAZYDOG 7 WALLAHALLA
1/28/19 10:35 P
1/19/20 6:35 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 101455 BUTEAFULL
1/19/20 1:04 P
Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 56966 PCSPEER
1/19/20 1:03 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 55651 PMORENA
1/19/20 1:53 P
Two words change one. CALIGIRL1075 23049 SHOAPIE
1/19/20 6:50 P
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 136675 BANKER-CHUCK
1/19/20 9:22 A
A to Z Ending with "ED" RMUL2013 3765 BUTEAFULL
1/19/20 1:16 P
BIG HUGS coming your way... HOMEBODY4EVER 456 GEORGE815
1/19/20 2:51 P
Hi, haven't posted in a while. Thought I would chime in for a change. Been watching my favorite Ger DIALYSISCHIC1 18 DIALYSISCHIC1
1/29/19 9:37 A
It’s a good day. PT and Doctor’s visit both went well. Pain level down to a solid 3 so that’s prog PAMBROWN62 20 INACAR
1/26/19 5:46 P
Keep the grapes on the first page MINDYJ1 13680 MINDYJ1
1/19/20 6:25 P
REPLACE A LETTER (but do not rearrange letters) CRUISIN2LOSIN 119155 PATRICIAAK
1/19/20 5:23 P
Keep the Ladybug on the first page!!! BONNIEBEE 14291 BUTEAFULL
1/19/20 1:12 P
A - W Ending With "ION" (XYZ words are scarce) RMUL2013 635 RMUL2013
1/13/20 9:34 P
You Can Eat Large Portions and Still Lose Weight HOMEBODY4EVER 8 INACAR
1/25/19 2:54 P
T Bone cooked in Ghee with the new Umami seasoning from Trader Joe's. I know some folks think it's BLESSOME 8 STAR135000
1/25/19 9:16 P
It's been a very long time since logging in. In the before pic, I had ballooned to well over 350 lbs STARRYKAT87 92 TMP0418
1/25/19 7:36 P
My TV buddy today. She said a pug life is a hard one! MISSYJ0507 14 TMP0418
1/25/19 7:42 P
Been having some serious financial issues lately so it’s been pretty hard staying healthy.. had to p KILEYMTAYLOR712 20 TMP0418
1/25/19 7:41 P
Good morning spark family happy Friday to ya 😁 D TMP0418 195 TMP0418
1/26/19 6:20 P
1/25/19 1:17 P
Life is short and is meant to be lived. NATASHA_D1 11 JAMER123
1/26/19 12:43 A
Brazilian BBQ...sorry, not sorry. MARIAN326 6 INACAR
1/25/19 1:16 P
Have a Great Friday! Do something fun that you enjoy, even if it is only for 5 minutes. HEALTHYME98 22 HARROWJET
1/25/19 8:56 P
1/25/19 8:35 P
Good morning sparkers Just around the corner of 400 days sugar and gluten-free. My workouts have be STEEPERSLOUNGE 23 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/25/19 7:13 P
My last week in Brazil and today I'm flying to Salvador. Trying to get my steps in and watch my port MARIAN326 12 INACAR
1/25/19 1:13 P
Adversity provides the opportunity for the best part of us to shine. Gail Lynne Goodwin #foodfeats 1CRAZYDOG 5 WALLAHALLA
1/26/19 8:41 P
Change one of five letters or rearrange. BOPPY_ 2481 PATRICIAAK
1/17/20 4:03 P
Change 1 Letter To Make A New Word JTREMBATH 21856 PATRICIAAK
1/19/20 5:07 P
Stop, take a moment, look around you and appreciate the beauty in your life. Gail Lynne Goodwin #f 1CRAZYDOG 14 INACAR
1/24/19 12:22 P
HI #foodfeats ANHELIC 7 BONNIE1552
1/26/19 7:07 A
Worst case of RLS....EVER!!!! MARIAN326 3 MARIAN326
1/24/19 12:23 P
Mistakes are great teachers, if we let ourselves have that opportunity. It does us no harm to be re 1CRAZYDOG 15 DRINKALOTH2O
1/24/19 1:01 P
😆😆😆. This was so me today. I ended up snacking on an ounce of cheese and a slice of wheat bread. PAMBROWN62 26 JESSALELO
1/24/19 5:23 P
Restless legs all night. 1 hour 4 minutes of sleep. Going to be a long day. Here's to more coffee! MARIAN326 10 INACAR
1/24/19 12:18 P
Have a thankful and wonderful Thursday! HEALTHYME98 23 PATRICIA-CR
1/24/19 6:47 P
TBT #BeforeAndAfter MARIAN326 33 LILIANN400
1/24/19 5:45 P
Change one of four letters and/or rearrange RMUL2013 4955 PATRICIAAK
1/19/20 5:21 P
Question with a Question CATHY1970 135176 SHANTI-1
12/16/19 10:39 P
Make a sentence using Last WORD as First... OREGONHOPE 24424 BARBIEIAMNOT
1/19/20 10:30 A
Post something red MINDYJ1 18053 NASFKAB
1/19/20 6:34 A
1/19/20 6:49 P
Thank God it’s Wednesday. XTRALARGEMEDIUM 106 GEORGE815
1/23/19 2:59 P
Not feeling good, this cold is kicking by butt literally. I wish hubby was home to take care of me a NATASHA_D1 5 INACAR
1/23/19 10:53 A
We don’t live life in hours and minutes. We measure life in memories and moments! Liz Strauss #fo 1CRAZYDOG 11 INACAR
1/23/19 10:53 A
I used to do this a lot, now I find I am more satisfied with several small meals throughout the day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 PAULA3420
1/23/19 6:28 P
Consistency is my problem. One I am working on. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 11 PAULA3420
1/23/19 6:28 P
HI #goalfeats ANHELIC 12 75HEALTHYME
1/23/19 11:26 P
I hope your week is going well and you are accomplishing all the goals you set. Have a wonderful We PAMBROWN62 25 ROSALIE28
1/23/19 1:48 P
Have a successful Wednesday! HEALTHYME98 9 PATRICIA-CR
1/23/19 8:17 P
Great nights sleep. Good coffee. Good food. Good friend and 10,000 steps before 11 a.m.! MARIAN326 14 LILIANN400
1/23/19 5:04 P
1/20/19 3:50 P
1/20/19 3:50 P
HI #foodfeats ANHELIC 8 BONNIE1552
1/21/19 5:01 A
Wishing you all that you need to make this day perfect for YOU. Have a blessed day. PAMBROWN62 18 INACAR
1/20/19 3:49 P
Having a sluggish start to Sunday. The laundry is done.......... but now lacing up my trainers and t SWEETENUFGILL 17 MIRAGE727
1/21/19 10:03 P
Often, the best things in life are found below the surface. Gail Lynne Goodwin #goalfeats 1CRAZYDOG 11 BETRHO48
1/21/19 7:55 P
1/14/20 6:04 P
which emoticon represents your weather conditions? LINDABENEDICT 1203 _CYNDY55_
9/4/19 1:43 P
1/8/20 9:46 A
two words change one JUDYGENTRY 26387 HLTHAPPINESS4C
1/19/20 6:49 P
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 35209 NASFKAB
1/19/20 9:35 A