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Keep Mr. Turtle on the first page SMITTY934 24981 LEARN211
9/29/20 8:56 P
Keep the Ladybug on the first page!!! BONNIEBEE 15222 LEARN211
9/29/20 8:55 P
Halloween Icons CD15998960 200 MLJCARMAN
9/29/20 9:20 P
Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 58084 LEARN211
9/29/20 8:53 P
Last vegetable eaten? KWOOD1955 137 MLJCARMAN
9/29/20 9:21 P
Keep duckie on page one!! SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 17958 LEARN211
9/29/20 8:52 P
Keep the Roses Going PURPLEROSE414 13259 LEARN211
9/29/20 8:51 P
Pretty powerful message KATYPATTY 21 METAFUKARI
9/29/20 8:51 P
Nice cool evening, took my Molly for a walk. We haven't gone a lot, she definitely needs practice o JANETEMILY 22 WIN2LIVE
9/29/20 10:12 P
9/29/20 10:11 P
Scallops, light brown rice with cilantro sauce and a super salad to #eattherainbow #foodfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 20 SWIMSTERLING94
9/29/20 9:49 P
Posted a photo THOROBREDJOHN 10 EEJAA70
9/29/20 10:43 P
Just journaled to finish up a great day! Keep Shining Sparkers✨✨✨ #goalfeats STILLSPARKLEIGH 35 LLOURAY
9/29/20 10:46 P
Little Hazel Grace is my little cheerleader! 3lbs 14.4oz. She is my Amazing Grace! 🥰. SWALLIS7 51 CEEDEEJEY
9/29/20 10:59 P
1.3 miles on my virtual walk. Scottish Highlands Way 117.05 of 201.50 miles. Some of these views are SPARROW125 7 JANS-JOURNEY
9/29/20 12:28 A
I saw a creative bird house on my walk yesterday. Recycle those boots, but put them higher in the tr PRIMEOFMYLIFE 16 GMACAMI
9/29/20 6:27 P
My reasons for getting healthy. To be the best mom for my boys. KAY_MCDANNELL16 34 EDWARDS1411
9/29/20 12:49 A
So nice to be able to exercise again. Not much but CARLOSLAKELAND 27 GMACAMI
9/29/20 6:26 P
My cardio workout today #fitnessfeats BIGRENTMAN 15 PHATPAT18
9/29/20 7:28 A
On my power walk today I ran across this critter and couldn't quite figure out what it was. Alas it KEEPITUP4LIFE 19 EDWARDS1411
9/29/20 12:48 A
Time for dinner!! Salmon, baked potato, 1T butter, asparagus grilled with garlic and 1t olive oil JULIEA7201 18 GINNABOOTS
9/29/20 8:21 A
Coffee today? CD494922 138826 SANDEJ6
9/29/20 10:54 P
Keep the grapes on the first page MINDYJ1 14751 MINDYJ1
9/29/20 10:43 P
Posted a photo HAWTGRANNY2014 16 _RAMONA
9/29/20 1:16 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 17 DEBBRALE
9/27/20 1:12 P
Keep the doggie walking ! KAYWEB555 8986 WALKZWDOGZ
9/29/20 9:51 P
Keep the pumpkin on the first page! MINDYJ1 10474 MINDYJ1
9/29/20 10:45 P
post something green RANDYNWV 240 NASFKAB
9/28/20 9:31 A
Emoticon- Rotate devil and happy face BIKERDIANE 23964 SMALLERMELORIE
9/29/20 9:03 A
Post Something Orange! MUGSYMOM 7486 NASFKAB
9/28/20 9:53 A
Today I decided to make a Pina Colada Smoothie and it was a hit with my husband and children as well SIMPLYKEN32 20 WHITEANGEL4
9/26/20 10:17 P
Down 70lbs!!! Oct 2019- Sept 2020 SPARTAN2PANTHER 117 SILOBEND1
9/27/20 2:22 P
I’ll take one of each, thank you! NANHBH 25 _RAMONA
9/26/20 11:28 P
Morning, my Sparkling Friends! Happy Saturday! A beautiful fall day is on the agenda today, and I in SOUTHERNJAVA 40 JANS-JOURNEY
9/27/20 12:27 A
Happy Saturday, got up early and met 2 of my goals already and it is only 9AM. #goalfeats #goalfea JAMESCL2 7 DEBBRALE
9/26/20 12:26 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Saturday! I declared yesterday a rest day and didn’t move at all l TEXASHSMOMOF3 50 MIAMI_LILLY
9/29/20 9:52 A
Happy Saturday Spark Friends!👩🏼‍🤝‍👩🏻 �👩🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻 There's so much to love 💖about this day!🌞 BARBIEE52 29 JAMER123
9/27/20 10:54 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 23 DEBBRALE
9/26/20 12:13 P
I got to facetime with my son and granddaughter yesterday...she is still in NICU, up to 3lbs 8oz. S SWALLIS7 161 PWILLOW1
9/26/20 9:12 P
9/29/20 10:32 A
keep the dog on the 1st page EVELYNIA 3105 WALKZWDOGZ
9/29/20 9:52 P
When autumn kisses the trees and reflects off the water. #autumn #minnesota #lakelife #lilylake #you J2002HEIDS 31 CHEIVOUS
9/26/20 5:01 P
Posted a photo LORIANNA62 10 JANS-JOURNEY
9/27/20 12:42 A
Last harvest of the season. I think I'll eat these as slow as I can. SISUGAL906 20 -POOKIE-
9/26/20 4:14 A
I lost my day today. I have no words. My dad was this guy that you couldn’t help but like. He recei MIAMI_LILLY 224 BERRY4
9/28/20 2:27 A
What kind of fruit did you last eat? HEYLADY51 37464 KWOOD1955
9/29/20 11:35 A
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 74539 SANDEJ6
9/29/20 10:55 P
Squeezed my booty into a a pair of 18 jeans. I am more likely a 20/22 but I was wearing a 24 so NSV SWEETNECESSITY 32 ALLYLIZZY
9/25/20 1:16 P
Curry turkey wing with a quinoa blend and roasted sweet potato and broccoli #foodasmedicine #eatthe COCOLEAN 17 MIHAELAA
9/24/20 10:59 P
Posted a photo MSROZZIE 15 MSROZZIE
9/25/20 2:19 P
Big red tail hawk sitting on hay wagon looking for dinner. He's there almost every evening. JEWELRYLOVER 14 SHOAPIE
9/25/20 2:13 P
I’m the my pillow guy for the lump JIMIPAGE29 24 ALLYLIZZY
9/25/20 1:09 P
Focus on your next steps! GARDENSFORLIFE 25 CHERRYZMB60
9/25/20 11:12 A
9/29/20 9:44 A
Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 30717 SANDEJ6
9/29/20 10:52 P
Post Something Pink DMEYER4 112 NASFKAB
9/29/20 4:24 A
Post a food icon BEVERLYJEANNE 36653 -KARMA-
9/29/20 6:45 P
Keep the Dog on the first page ANHELIC 35 KITKABOO
9/28/20 7:14 A
No walk today, not going to make 10,000. Had an allergic reaction to something at work today. Stil ANNKRAN 9 HAZEL2278
9/24/20 1:26 A
After years of not trying it, found out I love sushi. So when Publix has $5 Sushi Wednesday, I buy t JANETEMILY 20 -POOKIE-
9/24/20 5:06 A
Pop stopped at Seafood City and picked up some Teriyaki Chicken Skewers. 1 is perfect for dinner wit HWNHMMBRD 20 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/23/20 11:49 P
Just got my fitbit from the Carefirst wellness program.... Now what do I do with it? MWHIGGINS 12 CINDYTW963
9/24/20 12:55 A
Fun in the smokeys CARLOSLAKELAND 33 BARBIEE52
9/24/20 8:12 P
Outside my window today THOROBREDJOHN 19 GMACAMI
9/24/20 11:15 A
9/23/20 11:41 P
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 79131 VHAYES04
9/29/20 8:54 A
What are you reading? APRILNYC 2997 GINTEX
9/28/20 3:51 P
what was the last vegetable you ate? SIMMPLYPERI 18420 RAPUNZEL53
9/29/20 6:17 P
Posted a photo CAROLINAGIRL69 11 MJ7DM33
9/22/20 11:59 P
‘Tis the season for Cotton Candy Grapes!! 🍇 #SnackHappy SIMPLYKEN32 18 CINDYTW963
9/24/20 12:13 A
A favorite of mine . We all can use peaceful nights rest, and be read for a new day on SPARKFRAN514 15 ILOVEROSES
9/23/20 11:01 A
Got to play tennis again today, pushed my left leg more today and so far haven’t felt any tweaks. A JCURL1978 12 HAZEL2278
9/23/20 2:01 A
Here's Momma Bear! Lucky I was way above her!! CINDY247 49 CHEIVOUS
9/23/20 1:41 P
Hope this day has been just awesome for you! Accentuate the positive - eliminate the negative. Be BANEWLAND 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/23/20 7:52 A
Hi, I'm new here! Saw the cardiologist today and he suggested I lose weight with a dietician, so I r LADANCING 86 CD26404757
9/23/20 7:51 A