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Got over 12k steps today and on one of my short outdoor walks I saw this guy going about business as NITEMAN3D 30 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/4/20 10:17 A
May we have smooth sailing in our life. Sending hugs. Be safe. HOLLYM48 35 SPEDED2
4/4/20 11:53 A
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 71819 SUNSHINE99999
4/4/20 1:26 A
Grocery Store Item A-Z 2BDYNAMIC 696 RUTHIEBEAR
4/4/20 11:18 A
4/3/20 8:48 P
Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. — Robert H. Schuller MUSTLOVEROCK 5 TCANNO
4/4/20 2:49 A
I see I am not the only one starting over ESWIZH80 4 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/3/20 8:27 P
Day 14 of my isolation. Thank goodness for the outdoor walks or I might be certifiable by now. How PAMBROWN62 20 CANDLES9103
4/3/20 4:09 P
To strengthen my immune system - eating raw garlic with pineapple, egg...I never thought I'd do this BELLEDVILLA 11 1BLAZER282005
4/4/20 6:42 A
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 14910 KRAFTYKRAFT
4/4/20 8:06 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 29 JAMER123
4/3/20 11:28 P
Back again KRISTIN112575 6 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/2/20 8:42 P
What is a breakfast you never get tired of eating? Mine is Oatmeal and banana with honey peanut but REVENGETIME40 20 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/1/20 8:40 P
How much have you lost since you started your weight loss journey? #weightlosswednesday #checkin #we REVENGETIME40 23 JRDUPREE
4/1/20 11:37 P
4/4/20 2:47 A
Despite all that is happening right now we just need to remember to remain positive and find the joy PAMBROWN62 23 7STIGGYMT
4/1/20 5:04 P
I was dreaming this morning that someone had left me a big Santa Claus filled with M & Ms and I coul WNCGIRL 13 JAMER123
4/1/20 11:40 P
Good Morning, I'm new MIA_JOURNEY 5 NITEMAN3D
4/4/20 2:42 A
Hello Tuesday. Last day of a very difficult month. Even so, we made it through. Stay strong, stay PAMBROWN62 28 7STIGGYMT
3/31/20 3:13 P
Starting over AGAIN! JLYNN075 5 NITEMAN3D
4/4/20 2:49 A
I did it. 10000 steps WNCGIRL 37 PICKIE98
4/1/20 1:06 P
Didn't leave the house yesterday due to the rain, but still got my 10k steps on the Gazelle and runn NITEMAN3D 20 CGARR442
3/29/20 9:54 P
Status report: I have not gone completely off the rails but I have to say the train is slipping on t PAMBROWN62 23 LIZZYMITCH
3/29/20 4:04 P
…:::Maintaining my usual sunny disposition-lol 2BDYNAMIC 21 ILOVEROSES
3/30/20 9:02 A
Just stopped by to say Hi and enjoy your weekend. PAMBROWN62 14 7STIGGYMT
3/29/20 12:39 P
3/29/20 10:41 P
Making a vegetable soup! #foodfeats JSTETSER 34 JAMER123
3/29/20 9:59 P
Social Distancing Playlist Songs ~INDYGIRL 25 CHARNA18
3/28/20 9:03 P
Happy Friday friends! LIve life the best you can. Be safe, be well! HOLLYM48 24 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/27/20 6:26 P
3/27/20 6:25 P
🙏🏾 That everyone is safe and well. LOS101 6 KENNYBARBIE12
3/28/20 8:59 A
Have a wonderful weekend Sparkies!! JWINKSLLC 3 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/27/20 6:23 P
…:::For the last time! I am not letting any quarantine get me down! 2BDYNAMIC 37 GABY1948
3/29/20 5:37 P
Have a ways to go to get back up to speed but I took an outdoor 2 mile walk today. It was pretty sl PAMBROWN62 19 RAERAERAE62
3/26/20 12:05 P
Smaller portions of healthy food! #foodfeats JSTETSER 27 JAMER123
3/28/20 12:01 A
I am out of the hospital and back in the peace and quiet of home. Thank you for all the good though PAMBROWN62 18 DRINKALOTH2O
3/26/20 9:14 P
3/28/20 4:34 P
Things to do in quarantine a-z ~INDYGIRL 48 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/4/20 12:24 P
3/24/20 9:17 P
does anyone do keto on spark people 516CAROLS1 5 NITEMAN3D
3/25/20 4:20 A
Good morning! Longing for Spring and for normal times where we can be out and about again. Be safe HOLLYM48 15 SPEDED2
3/23/20 10:34 P
Best laid plans and all that. I set a 30 day exercise challenge for myself that started on 3/21. Un PAMBROWN62 21 DRINKALOTH2O
3/26/20 9:13 P
Hope everyone out there in Sparkland is happy, safe, and surrounded by love. JWINKSLLC 9 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/23/20 10:01 P
Introducing myself LESETTE671 8 JANROLG
3/28/20 4:35 P
My daughter and I are making more cupcakes. She’s wanting to go extreme today - Strawberry shortcake DAD_AINT_HIP 29 _RAMONA
3/23/20 3:20 P
Good Sunday night to all! Spark up your life! JWINKSLLC 4 EVIE4NOW
3/22/20 10:51 P
Today was day 2 working out at home (been running/walk intervals) and my left hip is aching. What do REVENGETIME40 7 JRDUPREE
3/22/20 6:53 P
A new day begins, a new gift is given. Make the most of your time, and be safe at home. HOLLYM48 20 REGILIEH
3/22/20 1:05 P
Goals ALWOOD2305 7 BENDER7
3/24/20 3:50 P
Patience is something I will have to cultivate for the next few weeks as I wait out the job closure. PAMBROWN62 27 _RAMONA
3/22/20 2:50 A
Happy Saturday dear friends. As a health care worker, I am pleading with all of you to please stay h HOLLYM48 24 REGILIEH
3/21/20 9:51 P
I had a health wake up call today and I'm scared CHICHO77 5 BOBBIESOCKS-46
3/22/20 10:23 P
I have been self-isolating since I had some coughing and wheezing and congestion with a very slight PAMBROWN62 37 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/19/20 9:20 P
Hello from Florida THRRUBNER1 7 JANROLG
3/28/20 4:35 P
And I, for one, am intrigued. #TrueColors DAD_AINT_HIP 28 MJ7DM33
3/18/20 11:08 P
Change for good CHANGENOW78 5 NITEMAN3D
3/21/20 11:04 P
A little humor while I am social distancing myself. WINTERRAIN 24 CANICE
4/1/20 7:40 P
Piglets & A Baby Goat! TXSASSY76 12 WHITEANGEL4
3/20/20 12:34 P
My first walk today since brain surgery 3 weeks ago! Half an hour outside! I feel great! JWINKSLLC 14 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/17/20 4:40 A
Las Vegas has taken some extraordinary steps to try to help with Covid19. Stay safe out there, Spar PAMBROWN62 23 7STIGGYMT
3/17/20 1:28 P
Just thought this is worth sharing. MUSTLOVEROCK 18 GEORGE815
3/16/20 8:53 P
Taking this time for me LADYSLIPPER11 8 IOWAGIRLRUNS1
3/19/20 7:30 P
3/22/20 10:19 P
A Monday funny. Y’all I swear this is EXACTLY how I look at those folks sneezing and coughing when PAMBROWN62 29 SKCASON
3/17/20 1:12 A
3/22/20 10:12 P
…::Like father-like son? 2BDYNAMIC 40 GABY1948
3/18/20 8:06 P
I think we could use some laughs lately! 2BDYNAMIC 42 GABY1948
3/18/20 2:25 P
Omgosh you guys...I am crying! My highest weight was 321...and today I weighed 227.6lbs 😭 so thankf REVENGETIME40 50 GOODGETNBETR
3/16/20 12:44 A
Well, we're listening to the doctors and avoiding public places as much as possible and additionally NITEMAN3D 38 MOMOF4JDRS
3/16/20 4:10 P
I have to work today but I wish you all a relaxing and peaceful Sunday. Spark on! PAMBROWN62 22 2BDYNAMIC
3/15/20 4:17 P
Ate less yesterday. Tracking my meals is paying off. Ate blanched moringa and spinach today!! Nothin BELLEDVILLA 7 GEORGE815
3/15/20 5:47 P
Enjoy a beautiful Day! Hugs HOLLYM48 30 EVIE4NOW
3/16/20 1:38 A
Hello - New to the Team! TXSASSY76 7 TXSASSY76
3/20/20 9:05 A
back again CAROL0512 4 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/14/20 8:34 P
I'm back in ONE-derland! Woohoo!!!#mylossismygain FITFABJENN 27 TRIMNUP
3/14/20 11:03 P