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Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 I_WALK_WITH_JOY
10/23/20 9:39 A
24 days ago I started up with a weight loss goal o MARJEN 20 1BLAZER282005
10/16/20 8:55 P
I don't know why I found this do funny today but hopefully it gives you a laugh as well! CUPKAKE137 30 ERIN_POSCH
9/30/20 11:07 A
The autmn colors around the edges of the swamp are really starting to show the beauty of fall. A juv MSMITCHELL2696 20 -POOKIE-
9/30/20 1:50 A
Whew! Another busy day, but I got the workout in! BEBABY77 14 CD26458987
9/29/20 10:38 P
Good evening Sparks Family. I want to say thank you for always being encouraging and uplifting on my LOTTALOX 7 HAZEL2278
9/19/20 1:46 A
28 pounds gone....32 more to go before I hit my first big goal and 146 more to go until I hit my ult PHATGIRL2017 10 PURPLEMOON1
9/19/20 1:05 A
Baby zand! He's 61 lbs of pure love!!!! OPTICALXILLUSIO 22 ALLYLIZZY
9/19/20 12:04 P
stayed on course and prepared what was planned ... just replaced the rice with stuffed clams. #drSeu COCOLEAN 18 MSMOSTIMPROVED
9/19/20 11:29 A
#Insanity and #LIIFT4 I'm so exhausted! LOTTALOX 11 1BLAZER282005
9/19/20 7:08 A
Spring mix, beets leaves and stems, shredded beets and carrots, black and green olives, cucumber, ce LOTTALOX 10 1BLAZER282005
9/19/20 7:06 A
Gave myself a talk before my walk. Im seriously working on getting more walking in. Health isdues ma RAMONA1954 11 JAMER123
9/20/20 9:24 P
Yummy Cheese Shell Beef Tacos! 🌮 NVRGIVINGUP 18 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/19/20 8:21 P
Warm sesame ginger, crab, spinach tomato pasta salad with mixed veggies and watermelon for dessert # COCOLEAN 22 JANS-JOURNEY
9/17/20 11:20 P
Kickboxing is tiring 😅 but worth the results! ANGELDELINKWENT 3 GEORGE815
9/17/20 7:24 P
I’m out of the 300’s finally! Down 58 lb since mid-March. Slowly but surely. 🤞😁 KSMOMMY79 22 JOYCEHARRIS3
9/17/20 7:12 A
Posted a photo LLOPEZ88 18 _RAMONA
9/18/20 11:26 A
9/17/20 12:32 P
I made it well over 13k steps today thanks to a nice outdoor walk. Got lots of good pics with plent NITEMAN3D 45 _RAMONA
9/18/20 11:25 A
a small afternoon snack EOWYN2424 17 RACHAEL2020
9/17/20 7:56 A
9/17/20 9:13 P
My welcome home surprise! Poison coral snake in my backyard Gotta love the wild things LOL!! # lo CARLOSLAKELAND 43 PCK12J
9/16/20 1:43 P
Spaghetti Squash w/ Baby Spinach, Baby Bellas, Cottage Cheese, Spaghetti Sauce and Roasted Garlic C CATWMNCAT 40 PCK12J
9/16/20 1:46 P
3 months ago I didn't think I would survive. Faith in something better and all the obstacles from th FRANKMESA27 29 STLMTL
9/16/20 6:07 P
So a couple days ago I was feeling sorry for mysel MONI30LBS 10 HAZEL2278
9/16/20 1:28 A
Didn’t get a soda pop. Didn’t have a 3 pm snack. Still went over. Not by much. But over. Tomorrow’s NEEDBU66 17 MEMA328
9/15/20 10:26 P
Today marks twenty (yes 20!) pounds lost since starting back in July. Granted, I have 80 more to go, HMKITTEN 15 SLIMMERKIWI
9/16/20 12:00 A
9/16/20 12:01 A
Posted a goal CAMY2457 27 HAZEL2278
9/16/20 1:18 A
I forgot to show you all the low carb enchilada pie I made Sunday. I am still eating on it. It is so LOTTALOX 30 1BLAZER282005
9/16/20 9:34 A
I reached level 18 today with 60,000 spark points! KAWLIGANZ 8 CATWMNCAT
9/10/20 11:27 P
I didn’t use my watch today. I just used my lunch hour to do my workouts. Week 3/Day 4 #Insanity Wee LOTTALOX 20 EDWARDS1411
9/11/20 12:26 A
Dinner was a tuna spring salad with homemade Greek yogurt salad dressing. Really proud of my dressin LOTTALOX 15 SWIMSTERLING94
9/10/20 11:49 P
Message Removed CD13294444 26 GMACAMI
9/9/20 10:24 P
Today's results . . . JAMESEVER 9 GMACAMI
9/9/20 10:22 P
Dinner salmon & veggies ENNAZUS176 9 LIZZYMITCH
9/9/20 9:15 P
Gosh, the scale is keeping climbing higher this week. :( Hoping it will sttart going down soon! STARGLOW77 3 MSMOSTIMPROVED
9/10/20 6:30 A
I'm not much for food pics but I've recently really started to get into cooking and couldn't resist PHATGIRL2017 36 SUZIEEQ91
9/9/20 11:01 P
Helena started 1st grade yesterday. Where did the time go? PATTYMCGRAW 21 GEORGE815
8/18/20 7:08 P
Yessssss!!!!! Thank you Jesus INGRAINEDMT 63 ERIN_POSCH
8/19/20 11:22 A
One of the many perks of working from home is having a little time to make a fresh lunch. I made Pe GIRLGETTINGFIT 17 GETITDONE79
8/18/20 9:41 P
It's my birthday today, so I am offering myself grace to enjoy it. Keep working toward goals, but en KAYJ76 199 MDOWER1
8/18/20 8:17 P
Looked at my photos on Sisters Trip and I didn't recognize myself. My face is so round and I have g DEE845 14 RETAT60
8/11/20 3:48 P
We've always been an active family, but it is so awesome that 3 of my kids have started jogging with SEPOSTE 12 ALOHAALO
8/11/20 5:37 P
Lunch: 2 cup kale salad mix with 1/4 tomato, dash of Italian salad dressing, 10 red grapes, orange a QSIESUE1960 6 KATHYJO56
8/11/20 3:35 P
Twelve pounds down in twenty-three days logging exercise, food, and water. I went with my wife to th BRUCELANGLEY 38 SHAPEUPCHELLE
7/29/20 5:52 P
I DID IT !!! Thru all my hard work today at weighed in I have Offically lost #150lbs just 25 more to GRNEYEDSPANIARD 229 LSALITE
7/28/20 7:39 A
Today was the first day in probably three months that I got on the scale to weigh myself. My sweatpa JEANNELYNN2 6 LIZZYMITCH
7/27/20 3:56 P
I have weighed less than 130# for the past two days. I bought a Concept2 rowing machine due to Covi MOINSDEMOI 6 LIZZYMITCH
7/27/20 3:53 P
I don't understand this chart. Can anyone explain it to me? All I have ate is greek yogurt with Quak NJHALL52 12 NJHALL52
7/27/20 9:39 P
Message Removed CD24291603 29 MADEINBRITAIN
7/28/20 4:23 A
Day 60/100 of Morning Meltdown 100 and down 20 lbs. I think this is the longest workout streak I hav JACKMALDON 3 JANS-JOURNEY
7/27/20 5:26 P
Take it from a long-time maintainer: going on and off strict low-calorie diets makes it harder and h OOLALA53 8 GABY1948
7/30/20 1:09 P
I’m coming back I tried a program that works with psychology. A good program if you are young. I wil LOSEWEIGHT220 7 LOSEWEIGHT220
7/28/20 3:05 A
Remembering the good times and trusting future good times will come again. In the meantime, I am sta SHEELAGH62 6 GRANDMABABA
7/27/20 4:53 P
Hello! I'm Kelly, 46, Mom of 3 kids, living in Kentucky. I'm 5'3" and weigh 228 pounds. Right now, KELLYBMOMOF3 6 KGON612
8/5/20 11:24 P
Having a BAD morning LADY_KATHY 6 BAILE1MA
7/27/20 9:31 P
Down 13.6lbs as of today. Yesterday started week 5. I can get off the couch without using my hands t MISTYMORROW75 5 SHAPEUPCHELLE
7/27/20 3:11 P
LOL, 😅😆🤣😂 after eyeballing me for quite sometime now, this morn my husband said that after seein GRNEYEDSPANIARD 7 MUMDEEDUM
7/26/20 2:49 P
We just got back from a visit to the White Mountain area in northern Arizona. The picture is a trai KPINAZ 9 GOGETTUM
7/18/20 11:52 A
Made this for dinner tonight, Chicken Fajita Pasta with wheat pasta and low fat cheese. My family an TFOSTER1978 6 LIZZYMITCH
7/16/20 9:16 P
Tracking does help because sometime I feel like I am eatting too much and the tracker is telling me ANGEL5060 3 LIZZYMITCH
7/16/20 9:14 P
Posted a photo DROLON8713 19 STIFFVA
7/16/20 9:19 P
Better late than never... Chicken Tikka Masala (recipe courtesy of @NAVYWIFESKI ), Jasmine Rice and CATWMNCAT 20 1BLAZER282005
7/17/20 9:01 A
Salad with homemade vinaigrette! CCLINDSAY 12 REDROBIN47
7/16/20 9:17 P
I'm back for a refresher course after being gone for awhile. I first discovered Spark People in 201 SHERRIWEBS 27 RO2BENT
7/13/20 6:29 P
Covid has been hard in so many ways...not least of LEAHARTMAN 9 LEAHARTMAN
7/13/20 8:49 P
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 19 KAYDE53
7/13/20 11:00 P
Maybe the questions I should be asking is how is everyone coping with the stress? XUCAEN 8 LIVINHEALTHY9
7/13/20 8:16 P
I broke my toe yesterday so chair yoga it is! #moveit BEATACROCHETS 5 GEORGE815
7/13/20 3:05 P
#BeforeAndAfter. The date on the before picture is ROCKYCATSMAMMA 36 SIMPSONANGIE66
7/18/20 7:07 P
As I bring myself back from a recent slip I’m reminded small goals keep the positivity up while work MELISSALYNN0323 3 GEORGE815
7/13/20 3:02 P
Barbeque pork tenderloin, apple and sweet potato f NEWRUNNERCLARE 12 1BLAZER282005
7/14/20 8:21 A
Been tracking each day since April 21....then this weekend missed calculating and tracking a few mea HISTORYBUFFLS 6 LANLEIMEE
7/13/20 5:31 P
Good Morning Happy Monday! 💕 We’re having cooler weather in California today and possibly the res ALLYLIZZY 26 MJ7DM33
7/13/20 8:53 P