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-3lbs this morning LOLABRUG3 5 SNOWYOGA
1/21/21 5:46 P
Cheesecake for breakfast? Kinda....made with almos MIAMI_LILLY 21 CHEIVOUS
1/21/21 5:37 P
Last nights dinner: gf fish, fries w/! ketchup. CLIMBOVERARIES 3 LOLABRUG3
1/21/21 3:47 P
Stepping into Age 29 in Style ๐Ÿ’œ ALLYLIZZY 34 CHEIVOUS
1/21/21 5:37 P
Lunch and a lesson learned: don't leave food cooking on the stove while talking on the phone! ๐Ÿ˜† Tod KARABELLA03 8 JUNETTA2002
1/21/21 4:03 P
Does anyone know how to remove something from your Favorites in the Food Tracker? Accidentally clic SAMITHESWEET1 5 SADIEMYERS
1/21/21 4:27 P
Today is one of those days.... with Covid restrictions, the hug won't happen....but I'd settle for t SOUTHERNJAVA 18 ERIN_POSCH
1/21/21 5:45 P
Yep, finished another hat. This one is for me and Iโ€™m loving it! KIMMYP420 27 SNOWYOGA
1/21/21 5:47 P
What is Your weather today? CODOXIES 1063 LOLABRUG3
1/21/21 3:26 P
What's for breakfast/lu unch/dinner? MAGNOLIA416 267 LOLABRUG3
1/21/21 3:25 P
Vegan A to Z! just for fun MAGNOLIA416 272 LOLABRUG3
1/21/21 3:14 P
Virtual Coffee Break LIV2RIDE 3355 LOLABRUG3
1/21/21 3:13 P
What did you have for breakfast today? EOWYN2424 577 SBURDEN
1/21/21 3:46 P
Best Grand-baby Ever!! Emilia 17NANA 7 GMACAMI
1/19/21 8:26 P
My lunch looks so unhealthy but itโ€™s not! Baked Yukon gold potatoes with cauliflower cheesey sauce a COOLHEELS 14 LOLABRUG3
1/19/21 7:08 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 15 SPEDED2
1/19/21 8:14 P
Earlier today, the FedEx truck showed up while I was in a meeting. A short time later, I went out to J2002HEIDS 29 79PODGIRL
1/20/21 2:33 P
This journey is all about perseverance! Donโ€™t let a bad day throw you off track. We all fall down. S MIAMI_LILLY 120 ERIN_POSCH
1/20/21 12:16 P
New to the team? MAGNOLIA416 241 HOLLYSTORMCLOUD
1/21/21 12:45 P
Group Chat - What's On Your Mind? AKA_TROUBLE 210 MOLLIEMAC
1/19/21 5:55 A
1/18/21 2:07 P
1/21/21 1:05 P
1/17/21 11:43 P
speckled hat knit free for today 1/15 USMAWIFE 2 LOLABRUG3
1/15/21 11:08 A
ziggy beanie knit free for 24 hours USMAWIFE 2 LOLABRUG3
1/15/21 11:07 A
best dud beanie knit USMAWIFE 2 LOLABRUG3
1/15/21 11:06 A
huxley knit free for ltd time USMAWIFE 2 LOLABRUG3
1/15/21 11:06 A
Doxie Dreamers LOLABRUG3 7 LOLABRUG3
1/15/21 10:21 A
Doxie Doings- Post Pics of their special "talents" LOLABRUG3 8 MONAKIN314
1/15/21 4:09 P
Got'er done to take a walk. Got to work off that chicken sandwich I see in my fut DARLENEK04 32 ILOVEROSES
1/15/21 9:27 A
I just ran a SP report for tracking my BP. On Jan 3, 2021 it was 130/95. Each reading since decrea LOLABRUG3 1 LOLABRUG3
1/13/21 10:12 A
Question: if I choose the meal plan option, is there a way to get a shopping list? JOLIETJESS 2 LOLABRUG3
1/12/21 12:27 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!!! Well yโ€™all - welcome to what I lovingly call โ€˜The Comp TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 WALKRUNFUN
1/20/21 2:50 P
-70 lbs since June 1st 2020. Next Goal -100. TOMG155 3 LOLABRUG3
1/12/21 12:21 P
Need easy breakfast ideas KRISYKG 6 VCGRANDMA
1/12/21 2:00 P
Any help with sharing my account on 2 different devices? Both show tracking if tracked on one? JENDER671 4 LUANN_IN_PA
1/12/21 1:45 P
For the first time since getting back on track I ate at 3 in the morning. I am slightly stressed ab YISKAMIRYAM 4 JUNETTA2002
1/12/21 12:23 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 22 PATRICIA-CR
1/13/21 1:31 P
Itโ€™s my 29th Birthday today!!! ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒŸ ALLYLIZZY 198 RUSTY720108
1/14/21 3:01 P
Come and show off your Doxies talent at the Doxie Lovers Team. For all fans of Doxies. LOLABRUG3 10 OCIKAT
1/11/21 6:20 P
stick together cowl knit free to 1/13/21 USMAWIFE 3 LOLABRUG3
1/11/21 4:21 P
If you only had a limited # of words to share w/others, what would you say? If you are only going to 1CRAZYDOG 11 WALLAHALLA
1/12/21 9:02 A
Another reason for me to smile VHAYES04 20 STRUBELISA
1/11/21 9:42 P
Minus 100 pounds, and maintaining! Thank you Spark! ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿคฉ -KARMA- 160 79PODGIRL
1/12/21 1:31 P
Today I have been with my Spark family for 14 years. i lost over 120 pounds and I am living a happy 2BFREE2LIVE 26 ALLYLIZZY
1/12/21 2:08 P
Had our wedding ceremony yesterday and just made it home. Wonderful night last night. Walked on the BRAZENRAINBOW 153 ALLYLIZZY
1/12/21 2:27 P
What do you currently have on your needles??? GEAUXSAT 10600 AFERRARI
1/21/21 1:05 P
Buzz Around the Airport - Coffee Chat KALISWALKER 349 CHANGING-TURTLE
1/21/21 11:14 A
Ok, here is to another day. Because yesterday I faltered. Not only did I succumb to going out to eat UASK4ITDAVE 13 LOLABRUG3
1/7/21 7:08 P
I am so bad at getting in the f&$;ing scales! I honestly need to have someone take them away and o PRINCESAVACADO_ 5 PDAWN12
1/7/21 8:06 P
Hey Everyone, just wanted to share a 5 year comparison photo. Left was me at 34, drinking soda at ev CHAANNE81 205 CHAANNE81
1/8/21 1:10 P
1/6/21 2:11 P
Do you have a cute Holiday Pic of your Pets LOLABRUG3 5 LOLABRUG3
1/5/21 9:48 P
2021 Fiber Goals USMAWIFE 4 GETULLY
1/8/21 10:02 P
1/3/21 8:06 P
3 Things to Be Happy About Today KALISWALKER 192 ANYVAR54
1/20/21 10:37 A
12/30/20 12:47 P
Due to the holiday Iโ€™m very bloated and sad because I feel like Iโ€™ve gained weight and that time of MSBATTLE30 7 LOLABRUG3
12/26/20 8:27 P
Shoveled off the deck and the stairs. Havenโ€™t dug out the car yet. Good thing we donโ€™t have to go an LESLIELENORE 40 ROCKYCPA
12/27/20 8:26 P
Weighed 157 after losing 58 lbs in a year, going into the holidays with a goal of 155 by December. N KAMIEK 11 EVIE4NOW
12/26/20 11:12 P
Got some more stress relief for Christmas ๐Ÿ˜Œ ST3PH 23 EEJAA70
12/27/20 1:07 A
Whole foods/plant based dinner. No meat/dairy. Very good, Veggie soup with guacamole quesodillas LOLABRUG3 20 SHIFRAPEARL
12/26/20 10:37 P
Many today will be planning how we want 2021 to go to be healthy. We can do this. Join us on the DIANEDOESSMILES 21 PATRICIA-CR
12/27/20 4:04 P
1/19/21 8:50 P
Message Removed CD26578995 6 SPARKLE1908
12/24/20 10:23 P
Happy Holiday! We invite you to check out the Doxie Lovers Team and post some holiday pic's! LOLABRUG3 10 BOB5148
12/24/20 3:59 P
So close to 20 lbs lost! I'm so proud of myself for getting even THIS far. I can do this! HALFWAYJOURNEY 43 ALLYLIZZY
12/23/20 1:53 P
Santa's Lilltle Yelper invites you to check out the Doxie Lovers Team LOLABRUG3 14 NOCALORIES
12/22/20 11:41 P
Hey--who ordered this box of cat?! BIRDLOVER-CJ 31 WHITECAT19
12/23/20 12:42 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 20 TERRY12311
12/23/20 3:19 P
What's everyone's dogs' names? CODOXIES 124 LOLABRUG3
12/21/20 6:11 P
12/21/20 6:10 P
Happy Holidays! Coco would like to invite everyone to check out the Doxie Lovers Team. We would love LOLABRUG3 8 TLV106
12/21/20 10:28 P
Take time to share the love today! I took time to read this morning for myself, started writing a st BOMBCHELL23 12 75HEALTHYME
12/21/20 6:43 P
Happy Holidays! Coco would like to invite everyone to check out the Doxie Lovers Team. We would lo LOLABRUG3 4 GEORGE815
12/21/20 2:27 P