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September Chat Room CATLOVER110 19 1BLUEMAC
9/30/19 4:11 P
One day at a time equals 94.5lbs gone in a year!! Total of 114 since Sept 2017. I'm celebrating my 1 DOUBLELSMOM 59 JRDUPREE
4/13/19 9:39 P
I bought this outfit after I had already lost about 20 pounds. Flowy tunics (usually with paisley pa WINDMILLS18 152 GENEVATURTLE1
4/16/19 7:24 P I did something I never thought I would be able to do. All my life I have been overweight LINZY7 303 HEALIN1
4/13/19 8:22 P
Okay, this is kind of a silly victory, but this morning I weighed myself, and for the first time in EASTERDWAN 8 ALLYLIZZY
4/4/19 12:42 P
"I will embrace each simple, ordinary day as a treasure to be opened with gusto and wholeheartedly e BABYBEE8 2 MAIZIEPAIGE
4/4/19 11:15 A
happy healthy Thursday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 7 DIGIT00
4/4/19 1:00 P
Good morning friends! I took this pic for you just when the sun was starting to make an appearance t GHELBY 36 DLDMIL
4/4/19 7:45 P
Happy Birthday to me! I turn 33 today and this is the best birthday I have ever had simply because t KERRIBERRI86 192 DLDMIL
4/4/19 7:32 P
Here’s a picture of me and my diploma. I cannot believe it is officially official!! I waited all day DEEKELLYE 123 DEEKELLYE
4/3/19 8:31 A
Yesterdays steps... JACQUELYN-L-FIT 21 ALLYLIZZY
4/2/19 12:17 P
Hanging out with dad. Hopefully soon he'll be moved to a long term care facility for 100 days of phy LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 21 LAPPEROO
4/2/19 2:15 P
I could go through this Community Goal Feed every day and like everyone's comments. Instead, here y GMGITFIT 6 HELLOHOLLY76
3/30/19 4:20 P
So I went to our new gym's fitness consultation today. I told the consultant what my soft goals and HEAT730 4 JASMINEFAT2FIT
3/30/19 3:22 P
Over 200 pounds lost! APIQUE 126 GWAKEFIELD
3/30/19 10:27 P
Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. MOM0F2_DANNIE 237 SUNSHINE150
3/30/19 9:35 P
First time under 200 lbs in 5 years KARRIE_B46 68 KRISTYGAL
3/26/19 8:26 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Yesterday was an ok day, but as always I’m gonna look for the good thin TEXASHSMOMOF3 38 THINCPL2004
3/23/19 6:16 A
I feel so good exercising most days. My body feels wonderful scale has not moved but I will not sto ORTATK 8 CLO333
3/21/19 11:09 P
Lost my first 10 pounds! Took me since January, but I think I’ve sort of figured it out. 😸 IMGOOSE68 11 IMGOOSE68
3/22/19 2:38 P
Fighting off a gross case of the boogers/terriblec cough/gotta sleep with your mouth open so you don HPOFBC 4 HPOFBC
3/21/19 10:06 A
Good morning! Happy Thursday! I'm feeling a bit better today - not so tired. I decided to try this s LIVINGHEALTHY16 35 ALLYLIZZY
3/21/19 12:10 P
Sitting in Charlotte airport getting ready to board the next plane on my way to Omaha. CGARR442 10 YELLOW09RED
3/22/19 7:38 A
3/22/19 10:08 A
-9 this month. Getting my measurements updated today - will post later. SIEGESA 112 FRUITYFUL
3/21/19 4:06 P
Finally made to my first major goal. From 297 to 199 and into Onederland in 9.5 months! 2 more poun BEAGLEGIRL79 303 CONNIET88
3/21/19 10:03 P
Tonight was BRUTAL! I almost skipped tonight's workout because I was just so tired, but I told mysel AMARIE5782 11 BILLTHOMSON
3/21/19 5:41 A
Under 200! Did y’all hear me shout because I’m pretty sure I did! IM_NONI 104 WNCGIRL
4/7/19 5:47 P
Today is my birthday, as well as my goal day!! My goal was to lose 32 lbs by 32 years and I did it! BEACHYBLONDE 143 COROCKYMTNS
3/14/19 5:40 P
I had a BIG 1st today since my surgery and I am soo excited!!! When I started this journey on 9/12/1 MRSJENNI 174 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:55 P
Me at my biggest 360lbs versus now me at 297lbs #BeforeAndAfter JWYNGARDE 125 RICHELLEMASON
3/12/19 12:55 A
Almost there... just a few more pounds!! DOLPHINLADY05 13 DLDMIL
3/5/19 9:19 P
Thank you for all the love!! I really wish I could DOUBLELSMOM 147 ALUNA1975SS
3/7/19 9:08 A
Reminder - 30 down and more to go. Less weight means more energy and Lord knows I need all I can get KITTY5060 12 FROSTY99
3/5/19 9:09 P
Wow, lost 40 pounds since June 1st 2018! 10 more to go for my long, long, long term goal of 175. Ne BOWK5150 28 SWSHENANIGANS
3/5/19 11:19 P
So today is day number one for me. Seems like a long way to go, but we all have a day number one. Wi GENNBERKHOUT 9 GENNBERKHOUT
3/6/19 11:31 A
Too many things to do today to be sick. I either a MISSYJ0507 11 ROSALIE28
3/5/19 8:28 P
Posted a photo IMMARRA 12 LIZZIE138
3/5/19 12:00 P
Sweat is sweet when the goal is the grind LUCKY1964 3 MAIZIEPAIGE
3/5/19 10:43 A
#BeforeAndAfter it's been a long road! I have made some changes in life that have been SO DIFFICULT, INKODINKO 91 ELLEYANNA
3/7/19 5:15 A
I went out for a 30 min walk and got back an hour later. I also sat on a bench and admired the view SWEETENUFGILL 116 SPARKLINGME176
3/6/19 2:35 P
My new coffee - the sunrise. I am just mesmerised by it. It has me scrambling out of bed to catch TIGERSEYEHEART 175 TESSWILDFLOWER
3/5/19 3:27 P
Don’t feel well, but am trying to stay on track. I really want...cookies and ice cream, but I also r AP17182 10 ALLYLIZZY
3/3/19 2:03 P
Long albeit cold walk today! MSKIZ69 7 ZRIE014
3/3/19 12:32 A
I’ve lost 25 pounds since December 2018. The big weight loss came on the heels of my getting cured o RIVERBENEDICTA 24 RIVERBENEDICTA
3/2/19 10:32 P
Birthday dinner...I didn’t cook. #foodfeats TOMATOCAFEGAL 5 BONNIE1552
3/3/19 7:57 A
It's my birthday today (March 1st). My Father always told me I was born on March 1st because "March FOXBAY99 26 MINILOVER1
3/4/19 3:35 A
April 16 I started a new job, I had gained a lot of weight didn't feel good about myself for a while J38850 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/28/19 11:56 A
#BeforeAndAfter Ok, taking the plunge and getting over my fear of posting my fat self. But the trut KAS10001 9 RREDFORD5
2/28/19 12:00 P
ULTIMATE PERSPECTIVE CHANGER 😊 Table for One: Reading a message hand tailored for me today before e SPARKLEIGH61 41 TROUTPOUT
3/1/19 10:18 A
Trail walk in -26. That was refreshing RUN-GIRL71 20 ALLYLIZZY
2/28/19 11:36 A
17 pounds down since 1/11/19. Finally under “obese” status MISSYJ0507 147 KAYDE53
2/28/19 7:16 P
Morning greetings from the old girls. Me with elephant at sanctuary. Very emotional experience. BCHARIE 13 GGRSPARK
4/20/19 10:53 A
110 lbs GONE!! 44.5 to go!! If I can do it, so can you! LINZHORN 243 KAS10001
2/28/19 9:25 A
Dinner tonight: Spring mix with baked chicken, strawberries, blue cheese, lite balsamic dressing. QQUILL 26 MAXESWIFEY
2/26/19 6:15 P
This weekend was hard. We lost an 18 year old kid from our youth group at church. He was such a go POOBUS 15 LISA2326
2/25/19 11:57 P
Got a great workout in today! (Not shoveling lol😆). Hope everyone had a fabulous day!!😻😻! KENNYBARBIE12 29 ZRIE014
2/26/19 12:33 A
This has been 3 of the past 4 days. DIXIBLONDGMOM 10 DIXIBLONDGMOM
2/28/19 10:35 A
Fresh flowers to keep my mind off of the blizzard going on outside! B04581 32 ZRIE014
2/26/19 12:33 A
My momma dog had puppies. This one may be Jack’s new buddy!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #puppylove I hope you guys TEXASHSMOMOF3 85 THINCPL2004
2/27/19 8:27 A
I started my journey at 303 lbs ,would like to be MSLEEN58 198 DIXMUDE1
2/26/19 10:16 A
I just posted on FB about hitting the 50lb weight loss mark. And of COURSE my well-meaning sister i ABELAWSKI 16 YOYONOMA
2/25/19 9:38 A
Me: Who's is that? Daughter: It's you mom! Me: I wish I'd look like that again. Daughter : Yo DIALYSISCHIC1 17 LINZHORN
2/26/19 1:24 P
2/24/19 7:24 P
February Chat Room CATLOVER110 32 CHARBOURESSA
3/1/19 7:47 A
Today's my birthday and I'm tempted to eat fried rice ! It's been almost 6 months since I had white KARREN415 31 KARREN415
2/22/19 11:34 A
2/26/19 12:41 P
Christmas 2018. Me and granddaughter Norah CINDYM19 4 GEORGE815
2/20/19 5:20 P
I had been gone from this site for a while because I had gained all my weight back, but I jumped bac LEOWITARIES 34 MYTIMEOK
2/20/19 9:20 P
Super busy and super anxious this week..but so far still managing to stay on that is a win GHELBY 18 GHELBY
2/20/19 6:21 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 21 MAIZIEPAIGE
2/19/19 7:25 P goes NOTHING, gang! Made myself a promise to just go in and do a light cardio session to g SPARKLEIGH61 35 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/19/19 8:00 P
157 to 149 since January, slow & steady wins the race right NEWANDIMPROVED 4 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/18/19 10:26 P
Well, first day back. Didn't get my workout in and went WAY over my calorie budget. However, I track MARIE2540 7 RAERAERAE62
2/23/19 12:31 P
Super Snow Moon over the Palouse Valley in Washing JACQUELYN-L-FIT 10 DUCKTURNIP
2/19/19 1:50 A