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Suggestions for cutting back on Diet Coke SLOWNPROUD 15 MARTHA324
3/2/21 7:46 P
Got to my goal weight in 2018! I’ve gained 4 lbs while we’ve been quarantined with our medically fr MOMS3KIDS 47 QUARTERMASTER3
3/2/21 11:24 P
Making progress: first time under 200 in two year DAVIS414 78 STARS2000
3/2/21 4:01 P
Small achievements are good, like no longer needin JKRONEN84 122 FRABBIT
3/2/21 4:58 P
On CHOOSEday (and every day) I choose to be myself! Embrace your quirkiness and your unique YOU stu STILLSPARKLEIGH 89 GRAMMYEAC
3/2/21 11:16 P
Good morning friends! Sharing a little inspiration, laughter, play in the snow ⛄️ and of course, a l JER-BER 27 HICKOK-HALEY
3/2/21 11:11 P
I can't believe I did it. I got up at 4:50am to ride my bike (indoor) and did the 30 minute spin wit AMYJACQUES61989 44 SUSANLEUEN
3/2/21 10:56 A
This is so much more important than a pretty face, being beautiful on the inside it radiates to the BOMBCHELL23 10 ANGELWENDYMAMA
3/2/21 7:33 P
They're not suppose to answer? YIKES! EVIE4NOW 15 KAYDE53
3/1/21 6:29 P
Starting this journey to be healthier at 350 pounds and at age 47. I have never been at a healthy we WHOVIANDEB 149 LADY_KATHY
3/1/21 8:12 P
Merry MOnday! I hope this brings a smile - my two month old grand daughter. Let's have a happy and RUTHIEBEAR 136 WALLAHALLA
3/2/21 2:45 P
Progress! #BeforeAndAfter FRITZYS_MAMA 193 CHERRYZMB60
3/1/21 9:17 P
happy healthy Sunday everyone stay safe -- masks on ATRAILHIKERJO54 18 75HEALTHYME
2/28/21 1:30 P
Pre and post house renovations! Love the new look, it was worth the pain and sweat we put in! IBHOOKD 45 KAYDE53
2/28/21 12:50 P
Happy Saturday friends. Find something that makes you happy today! HOLLYM48 42 CHERRYZMB60
2/27/21 11:40 P
3/1/21 2:12 A
Well, folks, I did it. I got my bootie up at the butt crack of dawn and did my workout. And I ain’t MITCHETR192 34 MJ7DM33
2/26/21 11:13 P
My Most Recent Status Update: As my body transitions thru menopause I am struggling with my weight g DECORAP 23 V72392
2/26/21 9:29 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 TOMKAIT
2/26/21 12:41 A
2/25/21 11:59 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone again we got snow last night.. I am so ready for spring and green g ATRAILHIKERJO54 24 GEORGE815
2/25/21 5:36 P
#selflove #bodyacceptance AMORGASON2010 27 AMORGASON2010
2/25/21 9:07 P
This took about 18 months to finish. At least better than a bag of chips to keep my fingers busy NEEDBU66 80 TRIMNUP
2/24/21 8:54 A
I tried a scoop of the new Oreo Cold Brew ice cream flavor from Baskin Robbins 💓 and OMG it’s good. ALLYLIZZY 20 NAVYWIFESKI
2/24/21 7:58 A
So I've lost 14lbs which is 5% of my previous body weight - but more importantly I have now dropped LIVESTRONG2088 191 BARBIEE52
2/22/21 6:25 P
I feel like I'm finally learning the value of moderation :) AMELIASURVIVING 34 CHERRYZMB60
2/21/21 9:49 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 84 GEORGE815
2/21/21 6:00 P
“Sunday. A day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings. Take a deep breath and relax MARTHA324 6 SPEDED2
2/21/21 10:57 A
Since I've been staying home more than normal due CINDY247 63 PATRICIA-CR
2/17/21 5:18 P
It’s official...more motivated to loose those pounds to rock that dress! MITCHETR192 69 MIRANDAM1986
2/17/21 12:25 A
My view of a winter river. I hope you have a happy and healthy Tuesday! RUTHIEBEAR 167 KITT52
2/17/21 7:40 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 NURSEHELEN2017
2/15/21 8:59 P
Today is my new start day. My process started 6 years ago around this time in 2015. I have learned AMORGASON2010 31 MDOWER1
2/15/21 9:43 A
Kidding or am I?!?! 🙃🥰☕️ Toggling the Hawt Stuff 🔥 with the Good Stuff 💦 and will definitely mak STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 AQUAGIRL08
2/17/21 5:55 A
did crunches early this morning and going for an evening walk later. I do not care how cold it is, i BECCA199207 22 GEORGE815
2/13/21 11:20 A
All or None thinking... How to make it STOP HOBBESIS49 15 GARDENSFORLIFE
2/11/21 10:15 P
Just joined. Very excited to be on this new journey and hopeful of completing goals. ASHLEYMORRIS2 11 WYTCHHAZYL
2/11/21 7:59 P
This crane (?) (great blue heron?) was up on the wall. I think it’s looking for gophers & other lit CABOSSEA 9 JIACOLO
2/11/21 7:29 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 WILSOD1
2/11/21 6:02 P
Very hard MZULIC 2 MARTHA324
2/11/21 5:53 P
Post Christmas I decided I need twinkle lights year round. I love them❤️ I need one more set to fil BCHARIE 23 JUDYD207
2/12/21 10:05 P
Just in case this speaks to you......hang in there! SISSYFEB48 15 EEJAA70
2/11/21 7:44 P
Low calorie Bread, bread, pasta, snacks, etc. SINDEE1966 11 SHOAPIE
2/18/21 5:45 P
Shout out to my mom for finally getting to ring the bell! #nomorecancer JANETWOOLEY 75 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 3:56 P
My heart is broken today. Our 11 year-old dog Henry crossed the rainbow bridge. This photo is from w JLPEASE 196 ALLYLIZZY
2/11/21 4:08 P
#BeforeAndAfter little changes can make a lot of difference. One of the changes i made was to give u CHANGING-TURTLE 297 WIDARLING
2/13/21 6:53 A
My first week weigh in after tracking everything to a T and eight straight days of working out not t HOOAH19761 131 ALLYLIZZY
2/9/21 12:28 A
Photo from my solo hike yesterday. Winter hiking i CLEARLIGHTCLARE 39 GMACAMI
2/7/21 12:22 P
“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really MARTHA324 4 SPEDED2
2/7/21 7:07 P
I hope you fly! Happy Saturday! LAURIEANN0906 11 GEORGE815
2/6/21 2:08 P
So, I hit my weight goal and for once I'm not dreading stepping on the scale at the doctor's office LAURIENNES 12 GEORGE815
2/6/21 2:08 P
2/6/21 6:12 P
I'm feeling a little sad that I blew my day by 313 calories, but I'm proud that I still logged every GABESHAPPYMOM 7 NOCALORIES
2/6/21 12:53 A
Not my photo, but a beautiful picture of the river in Naperville. NANHBH 23 CINDY247
2/6/21 5:29 A
Been a long day. Nurse came by, to draw blood, stuck me 3 times no success so Monday another nurse w LIVINGLOVINLIFE 23 KITT52
2/6/21 12:07 P
My morning greeting after taking my daughter to school. You can’t see the other 4 that are behind he RJMALY42 66 MDOWER1
2/4/21 4:26 P
My pups staring me down until they get their morning treat😂. Happy Wednesday! WBASSETT2003 19 ALLYLIZZY
2/3/21 12:41 P
Posted a photo BECKYLIVES 56 GEORGE815
2/3/21 3:51 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 34 KATHYJO56
2/2/21 4:59 P
“Fill your mind with good thoughts and see your life will start to change. Good Morning” MARTHA324 5 KATHYJO56
2/2/21 5:00 P
#BeforeAndAfter Still losing but very happy with my results so far. CHANGE2020 192 FSTEWARTLA
2/27/21 6:04 A
Before and after TEAMAEGIS 106 SANDYKK53
2/1/21 4:42 A
A little #BeforeAndAfter action. 9.8 lbs away from my first mini goal of 200lbs! LWALKERC1 160 MYRANDA30
2/1/21 5:34 A
When humanity truly understands how spiritually powerful we are as individuals, we will join as one 1CRAZYDOG 6 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/29/21 5:38 P
Bonus about working from home, I can actually cook up a quick lunch! Ham, cheese, veggie, egg white JANIMOEN 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/29/21 7:33 P
Beautiful Cardinal pair that lives in our backyard were out enjoying the snow yesterday! CINDY247 47 NANCYANND55
1/29/21 9:42 P
270 calories and I am so full. 1/2 package frozen cauliflower "rice" 1/2 cup mixed frozen vegetables MIRDREAMS 20 CLAIREMC65
1/28/21 9:00 P
Some humor for today! RGOCEAN 34 LYN135
1/30/21 9:30 P
Should have posted this one on Tuesday. SPEDED2 45 LIS193
1/29/21 5:06 A
I’m only 4’11 in tall and starting weight was 189 lbs. I am shooting for 133lbs. Think I’ll make i LAINEEK3 261 MJ7DM33
1/28/21 10:34 P
1/29/21 10:14 A
Sign of the Times #138 SPEDED2 43 LIS193
1/28/21 3:59 A
Trying to stock to my goals LEANJEAN6 27 MLR_00
1/28/21 7:54 A
It’s cold outside with rain on the way so I’ll be exercising inside today. 🌧🌧 I asked Anna if it ALLYLIZZY 21 AMYINTHEWILD
1/27/21 8:36 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 29 LIS193
1/27/21 3:27 A