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#keto #lowcarb Are you measuring total carbs OR net carbs daily? How many total carbs or net carbs a MIMIOFBOYS 7 KHALIA2
2/19/20 8:40 A
#keto Went to Aldi to find L'oven Fresh Zero carb MIMIOFBOYS 8 KHALIA2
2/19/20 8:19 A
I do not eat a lot of red meat, but every now and again I whip up something like this pan seared bur FASHIONROADKILL 22 BLESSOME
2/6/20 12:27 P
So this happened today😁. I finally decided to start walking again!! What better way to start off at MZ_SASSYPANTS 13 MZ_SASSYPANTS
2/2/20 8:31 A
(no cruel comments please, I’m not overly sensitiv LINISC 18 CANDLES9103
2/1/20 8:58 P
Carbs? SPARKED2018 15 GEORGE815
2/2/20 10:50 A
Post 2020 blood sugar readings GEORGE815 7 GEORGE815
2/2/20 10:49 A
12/25/19 9:47 A
Surely have missed you Spark Peeps. We moved 10 days ago. Still living in a maze of boxes. Taking it MIMIOFBOYS 2 ALLYLIZZY
10/29/19 1:37 P
10/18/19 3:28 A
Almost 8 months in between pics. And down to the last 8 pounds to lose. MISSYJ0507 206 CAROLINAGIRL69
10/7/19 11:41 A
I gained about 15 pounds after my fiance and I started dating, and want to get back to my date weigh BLUEKITTEN 6 I_GET_BY
10/14/19 2:10 P
Reasons to eat Keto -JAMES- 2 MIMIOFBOYS
9/29/19 6:14 P
A little humor! Three cups is my limit though if I want to stay safe....I would be bouncing off the GINNABOOTS 35 GMACAMI
9/25/19 6:34 P
Our little Sparky. Referenced in my previous post. Locked us out of the car last night!! Lol Stinker MIMIOFBOYS 10 LINOVER
9/24/19 3:14 P
Having a great day. Yesterday was amusingly insane MIMIOFBOYS 4 BLESSOME
9/24/19 6:18 P
Posted a photo SANDYOMGLOL2007 3 RDCAGAIN10
9/24/19 1:34 P
Want to cry today. Went dress shopping yesterday for an upcoming event. I don’t like the way nothing MISSYJ0507 15 CASHEERSMITH11
9/21/19 8:49 A
9/20/19 6:51 P
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 13 MJ7DM33
9/20/19 12:23 P
#keto #lowcarb my lab work was perfect yesterday, after being on keto 3 months. 20lb lost. Lab resul MIMIOFBOYS 6 TOMSGAL85
9/23/19 12:09 A
SparkPeople article: The Truth about Carbs -JAMES- 20 NIGHTSKYSTAR
9/29/19 12:32 P
First time back in a while! DRTTRACKMAMA15 15 GEORGE815
9/17/19 3:59 P
Day one. Again. 226.7 pounds and 48% of it is fat. Gross. ALIP5775 24 49LINDA77
9/17/19 7:12 P
This is my problem🤣 PIXIEDUST04 15 GEORGE815
9/17/19 3:57 P
Yesterday was a bad day. Mental health day. I sle MIMIOFBOYS 3 MIMIOFBOYS
9/11/19 1:00 P
An old priest got sick of everyone in his parish confessing adultery. During one Sunday’s sermon he NANASUEH 6 RREDFORD5
9/11/19 1:28 P
#keto #lowcarb Just received and unpacked my mini waffle maker. Hope it's easy to clean. You guys in MIMIOFBOYS 8 I_GET_BY
9/12/19 10:38 A
Keto Ground Beef casserole I found on Pinterest is delicious!!! Made it for supper tonight. Has gree MIMIOFBOYS 6 AOKDIET21
9/6/19 8:01 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Chaffle 1/2 cup "mexican" blend cheese 1 egg Salt and a dash of chicke X-TINAKETOFIED 19 X-TINAKETOFIED
9/4/19 5:25 P
Happy Doggy Day from Sparky!! He loves to go bye bye. Sitting in grandsons booster MIMIOFBOYS 22 PRAIRIECROCUS
8/27/19 4:22 A
#keto #lowcarb Thanks for all the encouraging posts #keto pals. You're awesome. So appreciate your MIMIOFBOYS 3 COOKWITHME65
8/26/19 10:52 A
#keto #lowcarb Fixed net keto casserole I found on pinterest. Nacho Chicken Casserole. It was good MIMIOFBOYS 7 1965KAREN
8/26/19 2:25 P
Struggling recently. My husband chose to stop #keto #lowcarb couple weeks ago. He lasted 6 weeks. MIMIOFBOYS 12 AJDEB0075
9/7/19 5:10 P
As proud as I am about all I’ve accomplished, I still have a tendency to try and look for flaws in p ALLYLIZZY 28 KERRIBERRI86
8/22/19 2:37 P
Don't give up. Remember every day is a chance for a new start and new (better) you. Keep sparking. EVENICMAT 28 RACBAT
8/20/19 9:07 P
Took a long great ride today! Blood sugars cooperated really well thank God. He always has me in the KIMMYG420 16 _RAMONA
8/18/19 8:21 P
Just home from soccer field. 7 y/o & 10 y/o grandsons had games back to back. Scorching heat here MIMIOFBOYS 3 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/10/19 2:04 P
8/8/19 8:31 P
What do you consume to up your dietary fat? -JAMES- 28 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/31/19 12:18 P
#keto #lowcarb Made new recipe after church today. New side item. #KetoGreenTomatoCasserole. Yum. I MIMIOFBOYS 3 FLUTTERFLI
8/4/19 4:05 P
8/2/19 2:25 P
Yesterday was my daughter's 18th birthday celebration. It was a great day but temptation was just to CD24881563 13 ALLYLIZZY
8/2/19 1:29 P
Happy Friday, Sparklers! RAERAERAE62 28 EEJAA70
8/2/19 8:31 P
Today is a new day! I struggled last night and did some old, trusty habits that no longer help me - FEARTOLOVE77 13 SHANDOO
8/2/19 3:17 P
Yup then i'd be high school skinny lol TWINZ_LOCZ 20 EEJAA70
8/2/19 8:30 P
I’ve not been on SP for almost a year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last April and since then KPINAZ 23 BILLIELDANN1
7/31/19 8:03 A
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Yesterday I had steak, zucchini and mushrooms with spinach. Today cab X-TINAKETOFIED 12 CD24782080
7/29/19 6:36 P
Good morning from KY y'all!! It's going to be a be MIMIOFBOYS 7 _RAMONA
7/27/19 1:59 P
Still on #keto #lowcarb. Down again to 206. Fluctuate from 206 to 209 due to my salt intake.... Need MIMIOFBOYS 13 COOKWITHME65
7/26/19 8:22 P
Thinking of starting the #keto diet. Or even just a #lowcarb diet. Does anyone have any sites they' MSAMUELSEN 10 COOKWITHME65
7/26/19 8:27 P
It’s only 11 AM and it’s already 71 degrees in California right now. It’s been hot, but not as hot a ALLYLIZZY 39 KAYDE53
7/24/19 11:14 P
Our new addition to the family! LYONSRT 66 LILIANN400
7/24/19 8:20 P
Happy to be back in wonderland #BeforeAndAfter CHAISMOOTHIE 35 TREKPURRSON
7/25/19 2:21 P
Green beans w bacon, cheesy cauli mash and steak💜 #ketofied #keto #lowcarb X-TINAKETOFIED 12 MIMIOFBOYS
7/22/19 9:22 P
Last night we did another bike scavenger hunt. Aquatic was our theme and we managed to get 14.5 mil SEAOFCARNAGE 25 _RAMONA
7/17/19 7:40 P
Alright its official. Doc says I need to give up c HIKEMOJAVE 20 SHINEFROMWITHIN
7/15/19 9:42 P
Made it to the Beach! My current view!! 😎 CINDY247 38 FLASUN
7/16/19 4:34 A
#keto #lowcarb 18lb down 60 days into keto. Fell off wagon couple of times. Gained 10lb once about MIMIOFBOYS 2 GEORGE815
7/13/19 2:33 P
#keto #lowcarb 2 new squash for supper. Farmers market had a round zucchini, like a softball, light MIMIOFBOYS 8 MNABOY
7/12/19 10:16 P
Even if my weight and measurements haven't changed in a month, I'm going to keep my head held high a MUSICIANISTA 25 GOODGOLLYMOLLY1
7/12/19 10:30 A
My way to celebrate is usually diving into ice cream, changing it up and went blonde instead of eati CLARE_B08816 17 KOALA_BEAR
7/12/19 3:41 A
He's giving me attitude because I didn't take him on my evening jaunt! #diesellayne #rottweiler #rot J2002HEIDS 12 KOALA_BEAR
7/12/19 3:25 A
#keto #lowcarb I have soooo enjoyed our local MIMIOFBOYS 4 COOKWITHME65
7/11/19 7:54 P
I have been doing this off and on for a LONG time. I'm at a point where I HAVE to change. Blood work JELLYBEANSTAR 11 BEASGIRL
7/10/19 4:36 P
The struggle is real folks, it never ends, does it???? 😁😀😉😂😃😆. #funkykoala FOREVER_AGAPE 16 RREDFORD5
7/10/19 9:53 P
7/10/19 4:40 P
I am still in disbelief. 121 pounds gone in 13.5 months. I have had my good days. I have had my BEAGLEGIRL79 306 TREKPURRSON
7/19/19 8:27 A
Craving Potato Salad? I made mock potato salad substituting cauliflower for the potato. My version. I_GET_BY 11 NONYAGUPPY
7/9/19 5:34 P
7-3-19 we’ll call this one reality check CD24768194 33 QUARTERMASTER3
7/6/19 6:11 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Cant wait for this later. I went to my butcher and got my chicken split X-TINAKETOFIED 16 EVANS1848
7/6/19 7:38 P
7/5/19 3:58 P
#keto #lowcarb Gained 4lb this week. Ate carbs at a BBQ yesterday. Not a lot, but carbs, none the le MIMIOFBOYS 5 BEKKIRODGERS1
7/18/19 9:49 P
Wanting to fix this, while not judging myself too harshly. L-RIOT 21 GEORGE815
7/5/19 8:30 P
R.i. p. Tazzie 2005 - 2019. By far the hardest th CARLOSLAKELAND 162 RIPDJEANSNROSES
7/6/19 8:39 P