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Weekly Landing Bonus Information!!! HICIM705 118 SHAWFAN
5/15/21 12:39 A
I am very blessed to find this birthday with a min N4TALI 47 CHERRYZMB60
5/11/21 10:14 P
Well not sure this a good or not but pushing myself so I bought my portion plate hope n pray all wor AGONZALES2 15 GEORGE815
5/7/21 3:47 P
this is my 2 nieces and nephew my neice on the far left passed away yesterday day in a car accident DIANER62 60 TARATARA47
5/9/21 1:17 P
Happy Monday to all my Spark Friends!!! I did something on the weekend that I haven't done in about MISS_STELLA1 9 MISS_STELLA1
5/4/21 12:44 A
Happiness starts with a wet nose, sloppy kisses and a short, stubby tail on a heart-shaped butt. #ja J2002HEIDS 13 KAYDE53
4/30/21 10:34 P
Love this little lady to the moon and back. No matter my failures, she sees my every move as a victo JAMIE23531 19 ZTGF04
5/1/21 12:45 A
Getting lovings from our blue eyed princess, Elsa. PAYNENA 15 MIKKYB1984
4/30/21 8:17 A
Mr. Jake getting his daily water in, too!! KATARINA-IN-TX 23 ALLYLIZZY
4/30/21 2:28 P
The pups wanted to say hi!! I got a good workout i OPTICALXILLUSIO 17 ALLYLIZZY
4/27/21 1:19 P
Normal reaction when we start talking about how our lifestyle has changed in order to get healthy an NEEDBU66 10 GRAPLEIRIS
4/25/21 8:47 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 35 ERIN_POSCH
4/25/21 10:47 A
"When I am gone…do not cry for me. When you need me, just put your arms around someone else and giv NANASUEH 13 CHERRYZMB60
4/24/21 11:44 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 14 CHERRYZMB60
4/24/21 11:45 P
Shopping day πŸ› GEEGRAZ 10 PWILLOW1
4/24/21 1:57 P
My favourite task is on today’s to do list. Decluttering and putting the kitchen in order is going MISS_STELLA1 7 KNEESOCKS1945
4/24/21 1:50 P
Tulip kitty is learning to climb up high in our avocado tree, and just about gave me a heart attack COOLHEELS 18 MOMMACAT57
4/24/21 8:32 A
It’s hard to overeat with somebody watching your every bite. πŸ˜ƒ JGRUN158 30 GEORGE815
4/22/21 5:48 P
4/20/21 10:02 P
Good Tuesday to you all today!! I always post everyday, love to stay connected with you all. Hope DM2020 25 GEORGE815
4/20/21 3:35 P
Biscuit says happy tongue out Tuesday! #tongueouttuesday RANDERS33 26 GEORGE815
4/20/21 3:34 P
Today is my Birthday age 61 and celebrating one week past my 2nd vaccine. Great Day Spark Friends!!! AURA18 109 DSJB9999
4/21/21 9:28 A
Please read before commenting: I'm not doing a typical "diet." My focus right now is on eating whole MBULLARD48 6 GEORGE815
4/18/21 5:36 P
My daughter said she couldn't see much of a difference even though I've lost 50 pounds so far. So I AGGIELIZ 232 DESERTDREAMERS
4/17/21 12:57 A
4/14/21 10:34 P
I joined Spark People on 01/07/2007 I forgot to log on yesterday so I get to start this streak all o 2BFREE2LIVE 14 ARNETTELEE
4/14/21 7:41 A
Before, during & after.πŸ˜‰ Do you recognize the Cabbage Soup from that fad diet? Has been as staple i LOVIJO20 25 LMORSE51
4/15/21 12:09 A
Look who is sitting up on her own... Momma Destiny! The vet said she is NOT out of the woods yet, bu MIMAWELIZABETH 13 PATRICIA-CR
4/14/21 1:57 P
I am stunned, heartbroken, and bereft... KC, my best friend of 22 years, died last night. She had wh MIMAWELIZABETH 304 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:39 P
Happy Very Early Birthday to !! To improve my walking, balance, build more strength. Yep add HAPPY-CATHE 34 PATRICIA-CR
4/13/21 5:46 P
If you would of told me 2 months ago when I was 343lbs I would take 11115 steps in a day I would of SIAMILLS 102 CHERRYZMB60
4/12/21 8:49 P
Redownloading and re dedicating tonight. My last post on here was close 2 years ago and I was battli KY_KAYLA 39 SHRINKINGABUELA
4/9/21 8:10 A
My Son and his GF at Church service this morning. πŸ’œ He spent the whole day with her and her Mom 😊 DISCIPLINE1979 23 1CRAZYDOG
4/5/21 5:51 P
Happy Easter to all! DBEAU57 33 TOMKAIT
4/5/21 10:24 A
It was a nice, sunny day so I took my walking partner on an hour long walk. This is Sophie. MOMMYFROG2 18 COUNTRYGALINNY
4/3/21 6:02 P
Happy Friday Eve everyone, Friday is my mama's 83rd Bday I will be spending the day with her taking GRNEYEDSPANIARD 37 GETITDONE79
4/2/21 10:00 P
Lol my cat Izzy refused to give this thought. Lol ohhh kitties!! But if I bring out my yoga mat Iz DIANEDOESSMILES 27 PATRICIA-CR
4/1/21 10:47 A
Lost my "quarantine fifteen" so now I can start losing the weight I had to lose before covid. Lol CYNFIT4LIFE 9 DEBBRALE
3/31/21 12:43 P
Who knew?😲No more cleaning by hand πŸ˜πŸš½πŸ˜‚ Have a Wonderful and Happy Wednesday! BARBIEE52 52 JAMER123
4/2/21 10:34 P
My Furbabygirl and I wish all my Sparkly Friends a PURRFECT week! TREKPURRSON 40 TREKPURRSON
4/1/21 1:11 P
3/31/21 9:31 A
Took the girls to the local botanical gardens today. These are all sculptures made entirely from LEG MIAMI_LILLY 39 EVILCECIL
3/31/21 6:14 A
Happy Birthday to me! 13 lbs from goal, celebrating 71 years and counting on more. Life is good. BTINCHER2001 219 PLCHAPPELL
3/30/21 5:17 A
So today's theme began with "Come Monday" a song by Jimmy Buffet. Got to thinking back, way back! I DLBEASYRIDER 8 GEORGE815
3/29/21 3:08 P
This is in our control, and it's okay also. As I lost weight I went from not wanting to live (was s DIANEDOESSMILES 30 RO2BENT
3/29/21 9:07 A
Today was meal prep and active recovery day. It to MSMOSTIMPROVED 27 BILLTHOMSON
3/30/21 6:23 A
Week one of being back, feeling great. I can’t exercise much as I have some kind of injury, maybe a AMYERS407 16 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
3/29/21 8:43 A
Back to the bob! I usually do like to keep my hair long, but after almost two years without even a ROCKYCATSMAMMA 18 NICOLERZ
4/27/21 5:17 P
I'm still NOWHERE near my goal weight of 160 🀣. I'm pretty sure I'm still up around 210 🀣. However KOBRIEN13 105 JEN-JENG
3/26/21 9:01 P
I'm coming back. I am so miserable right now. I got down to 290 which was my lowest weight in many MADDIEBSMAMA 17 1HAPPYSPIRIT
3/26/21 6:33 A
Posted a photo NAVA2021 234 TKLBRIDGET1
3/25/21 11:36 P
Weighed the boy today! Can you believe that this little guy is 65 lbs! And my scale is accurate πŸ’― I OPTICALXILLUSIO 8 OPTICALXILLUSIO
3/24/21 8:44 P
3/24/21 8:35 P
Having trouble getting my fitbit to connect MANDIETERRIER1 5 PRAIRIECROCUS
3/23/21 12:23 A
Hello I’m Katharine. I’m new here. Hope everyone has an amazing Friday ! πŸ˜ŠπŸš—πŸŒˆπŸšŒπŸ€πŸ’œπŸŒΉπŸ¦‹ KATHARINESIMPSO 105 CMALTZAN
3/19/21 6:37 P
Going tomorrow to get my Moderna Covid vaccine I qualify now since I have a heart condition so im of GRNEYEDSPANIARD 26 GMACAMI
3/19/21 2:50 P
Let's SHOW Our 2021 Spring 5% Challenge Badge DIANEDOESSMILES 42 HARRIETT14
3/31/21 2:05 P
We had to say goodbye to Fergie yesterday. She was a rescue so we only had her a little over 4 years HAPPYCPA1965 33 GEORGE815
3/18/21 4:44 P
It’s been a rough few more days. I hate stress. My dad is in the hospital and they are not 100% sure PIXIEDUST04 14 MARGARETYAKODA
3/17/21 7:04 P
A little Good Night Humor. Nighty Nite Sparkers, Don't let the bed bugs bite. lol ....Sweet Dreams 8 HAPPY-CATHE 45 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
3/16/21 5:15 P
Tulip and Pixie got a tuna treat for their birthday! You can see how little they were when they came COOLHEELS 37 YOGA1973
3/16/21 1:27 P
Today is Tulip and Pixie’s first birthday! Welcome to onederland little ladies! You are officially c COOLHEELS 25 ALLYLIZZY
3/16/21 3:03 P
Thanks for prayers and keep them coming. Got my cat Carissma to eat more tuna and get water. AOKDIET21 15 ALLYLIZZY
3/9/21 2:22 P
3/8/21 10:34 P
A new week, spring is around the corner, so much to be grateful for! Hope everyone is well and wish DM2020 29 AFWWTX
3/9/21 12:33 A
Celebrating with JOY my 9 months alcohol free (AF) milestone (soon to pass my longest stretch of 277 HEALTHY4LIFE360 195 GRANDMABEAST63
3/9/21 4:27 A
Asking prayers for my cat Carissma. She seems sick and listless. AOKDIET21 30 SERENASEA
3/8/21 12:46 P
It's my birthday today! And I lost 2 pounds this week!! (Down 15# over the last 9 weeks.) So I'm to HEALTHY-SPARK 85 KATHYSCOTT6764
3/14/21 9:22 P
Found my newest best Sunday morning breakfast. Stoked Oats with walnuts, coffee and dark chocolate. MISS_STELLA1 10 DBEAU57
3/7/21 5:56 P
Hi everyone. I'm new here. The pic is my dog Johnny on our walk this morning. SYHANO 35 SYHANO
3/7/21 11:48 P
3/24/21 8:15 A
In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday a few days ago and a show of support. NANASUEH 32 CHERRYZMB60
3/5/21 11:35 P
Happy Thursday Sparklers!! My cat this morning thought the minute my feet hit the floor that it was DM2020 17 75HEALTHYME
3/4/21 10:26 P
A week ago I was told to make changes for my heart and I DID!! I cut my sodium way down, am on a med DIANEDOESSMILES 43 PATRICIA-CR
3/4/21 10:36 A
I know only a few care, but if you see this, my 6 year old son, Nathan is having Major Surgery Tomor AMYMBUNCH 103 CINDY247
3/2/21 6:30 A