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Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:15 P
This is for everyone who had a challenging week li LUCKEE50 32 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:14 P
Today no gym. Think I am coming down with a bladder infection. I do have a therapy appointment today HAPPYMAMA2020 9 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:12 P
All this for under 350cals... no need to be hungry when losing or maintaining weight! Have a Fabulou CATWMNCAT 33 SPEDED2
1/22/21 10:32 P
Breakfast this morning: spinach and "egg" (Nasoya® Organic Super Firm Tofu) with nutritional yeast. KARABELLA03 20 CHERRYZMB60
1/22/21 11:47 P
Breakfast 🍳😋 MZADAMS 18 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:04 P
I'm back after a hiatus involving pneumonia, cancer, a shoulder injury, food sensivities and deaths. SADIEMYERS 63 DGRIFFITH51
1/22/21 8:51 P
The happy dance continues! The scale showed a loss of 3 lbs this week. Since January 1, I have lost MSMITCHELL2696 39 CHERRYZMB60
1/22/21 11:51 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 6 WANT2BTRIM
1/21/21 7:07 P
It’s National Hug Day 🤗! It’s a simple, natural and effective way to give encouragement…Even virtua GCWILLI1 17 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
1/21/21 9:04 P
Rode my bike 14 miles today took 55 minutes I was really going fast on the trail LALIPOP108 6 WANT2BTRIM
1/21/21 7:05 P
I absolutely love this and just wanted to share it with ya'll TFOSTER1978 24 PURPLEMOON1
1/21/21 9:55 P
Walk ✅ I had a 3-hr window where the Sun, Wind, & Temps aligned for me. Feeling Boss! GO_GAL_GROW 36 DAWNWATERWOMAN
1/22/21 3:06 P
Day one follow through squeezing in walking my over weight lab/border collie daily has begun. I have BRAZENRAINBOW 20 TOMKAIT
1/22/21 12:12 A
Got up early and went to the gym. Feeling better today. Later gonna do walk away the pounds and do a HAPPYMAMA2020 8 GEORGE815
1/20/21 2:46 P
FINALLY! Been stuck losing and gaining the same 5-7lbs for months now but finally broke through to t SW1992 42 GEORGE815
1/20/21 2:43 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 19 GEORGE815
1/20/21 2:42 P
Happy Wednesday! Feeling super motivated today. I'm finally under the 280 mark! Found that weighing LADY_RIANY 59 USMAWIFE
1/20/21 8:26 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 12 PATRICIA-CR
1/21/21 2:49 P
At least it's going down, albeit slowly but still. EVIE4NOW 27 CHERRYZMB60
1/20/21 10:28 P
Our elephant garlic 3 months after planting. This is now fourth generation elephant garlic grown her SNYDERDEANJ 20 SNYDERDEANJ
1/21/21 8:19 A
My breakfast this morning same as usual but its my favorite lol and its healthy DRAKE16 24 _RAMONA
1/21/21 1:51 A
Its been a while since I've posted but I'm still here maintaining. It took about two years to lose 1 JCARROLL712 243 USMAWIFE
1/20/21 8:24 P
Good morning! Have a beautiful day!!! NAVA2021 59 HEALIN1
1/20/21 3:17 P
1/22/21 11:26 A
"That moment you lower the music when looking for the street address so you can see better." NANASUEH 30 ERIN_POSCH
1/20/21 12:18 P
Posted a photo PIXIEDUST04 31 ERIN_POSCH
1/20/21 12:17 P
Decided my body wanted something other than oatmeal this morning. I really need to get more protein CRYSTALC5124 31 SWALLIS7
1/19/21 4:24 P
Good morning! Morning stretching routine done ✔️... I cut it a little short because the Cooper-dog c LESLIELENORE 37 HAPPYSOUL91
1/20/21 9:00 A
This journey is all about perseverance! Don’t let a bad day throw you off track. We all fall down. S MIAMI_LILLY 120 ERIN_POSCH
1/20/21 12:16 P
1/19/21 10:15 P
For Sure!!! Hard Swipe 😉 until they are all GONE!! Monday’s are for POSITIVE THOUGHTS ✨ chased with STILLSPARKLEIGH 66 PCK12J
1/19/21 1:57 P
Saw this on another group but so true and applicable to this page!! I am in control!! JANIMOEN 17 ALLYLIZZY
1/18/21 9:50 P
Yesterday was my birthday. Here's to 34 and fabulous! FITMOMMA_OF6 46 LIS193
1/19/21 4:01 A
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 49 _RAMONA
1/19/21 2:00 A
Good morning! Enjoy your day! NAVA2021 46 CHERRYZMB60
1/18/21 9:45 P
Posted a photo LLOURAY 12 PEGJW111
1/18/21 5:39 P
#BeforeAndAfter started at 255lbs in May 2020 was BARROW6 147 KAYDE53
1/18/21 8:44 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 EDLEAR
1/17/21 4:51 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 SPEDED2
1/17/21 8:23 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 PWILLOW1
1/17/21 10:37 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 20 EDLEAR
1/17/21 4:50 A
Two hour walk today. The weather was cold and grey and dreary as usual, but no snow so I'm semi happ OPTICALXILLUSIO 30 AMYINTHEWILD
1/17/21 9:52 A
Just a couple of my meals today 😁 loving the vegan life. PLUSULTRAGOALS 19 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/17/21 8:23 A
Day 6 no soda! I landed an interview for a job I really want!!!!💚💛 FROGLOVER917 61 SHILOHSE
1/18/21 3:09 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 34 PATRICIA-CR
1/18/21 11:03 A
The clouds turned hot pink after sunset last night. 💖 Enjoy your weekend! :) ALLYLIZZY 12 JOYCEHARRIS3
1/17/21 6:57 A
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 11 CONNIET88
1/17/21 6:40 A
I let go of 3 pounds this past week. Yippee WYNAGAIN 5 WLHOPE
1/16/21 7:05 P
I feel ALIVE again and my favorite part is literally how I feel now. How I can RUN so far and do pus BRAZENRAINBOW 49 ALOHAALO
1/16/21 9:09 P
I promise not to bore you with my bird feeder upda MSMOSTIMPROVED 129 LIS193
1/17/21 3:57 A
Oh, man! Today was going to be a rest day! 😅❄️ AMYINTHEWILD 21 LT3AG4S
1/17/21 10:50 A
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 37 SWEETENUFGILL
1/16/21 6:58 A
1/15/21 7:07 P
1/15/21 11:17 P
And I'm going to be grateful for what today will bring me! 🤗✨💜 Be grateful for today! BARBIEE52 30 JAMER123
1/16/21 10:22 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 35 SDJESS77
1/16/21 1:07 A
We are in the middle of a blizzard warning and the snow is coming down sideways. The wind is so str EVIE4NOW 152 FUNNYFACE101002
1/15/21 8:24 P
Posted a photo NAVA2021 109 SDJESS77
1/16/21 1:04 A
If I could go anywhere today I would go.... CD12353635 109 LEGENDIS
1/16/21 6:44 P
1/22/21 10:28 A
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 70515 HANOVERLADY
1/22/21 8:41 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 79872 BUTEAFULL
1/23/21 2:27 A
what was the last vegetable you ate? SIMMPLYPERI 18628 LAFEMMEDELALUNE
1/22/21 5:13 P
TEA today? KAEDE... 31874 BIKE4HEALTH
1/23/21 12:02 A
Coffee today? CD494922 140218 -KARMA-
1/22/21 8:25 P
All water, all day FATTOFITFIFTIES 23 GEORGE815
1/14/21 3:24 P
It's interesting how much more healthy food you can actually have for the same value and actually fe KARRENLYNN 27 JER-BER
1/15/21 6:09 A
Skipped the cereal and oatmeal to scramble some eggs. Used a SparkRecipe that adds ricotta cheese th MSMOSTIMPROVED 41 LIS193
1/15/21 4:09 A
I really enjoy Kashi's Go Lean cereals FATTOFITFIFTIES 44 NIGHTGLOW
1/15/21 1:28 P
Stay positive everyone! We can do this! I hope everyone has an amazing day! KARABELLA03 22 MJ7DM33
1/14/21 6:23 P
Yes!! A day that starts with gratitude usually turns into a night that ends with satisfaction ✨ Coun STILLSPARKLEIGH 123 MIMIOH
1/15/21 7:22 A
And this is why I go to the gym every day CHRISTINEM80 10 DORINAKT
1/13/21 10:31 A
Focusing on being healthy. 😊 XTRALARGEMEDIUM 9 SLASALLE
1/13/21 11:13 A
Greetings to everyone this Wednesday, hope you all are feeling chipper!! Got to do some grocery sho DM2020 15 KAYDE53
1/13/21 8:24 P