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Eggs with some blue cheese, bacon, and fried avocado. Yummy #keto #lowcarb PIPPAMOUSE 17 LEARN211
2/17/20 9:07 P
Izzy's Journal "Winning My Life Back" IZZY216 25 PIPPAMOUSE
2/17/20 10:14 A
Yesterday I resisted eating cupcakes and fruity pebbles. Today I resisted eating fruity pebbles, pa ST3PH 27 PIPPAMOUSE
2/17/20 1:55 A
Day 16 of exercising every day for the month of February 🚶‍♀️🙂 ST3PH 18 QUARTERMASTER3
2/17/20 10:10 A
Eggs, steak, cheese & jalapeño. 🔥🤤❤️ #carnivore #keto GANBA20 19 PIPPAMOUSE
2/17/20 1:53 A
Food, food, food! Make good choices and our bodies won't fight, they'll work properly and give us th LRJUSTUS1 14 BLESSOME
2/17/20 5:28 P
#keto Went to Aldi to find L'oven Fresh Zero carb MIMIOFBOYS 7 BLESSOME
2/17/20 5:27 P
Had Chompie’s 100% #Keto “Cinn-Sational” Cinnamon Bread with Raisins it was a great new addition to NVRGIVINGUP 24 LEARN211
2/17/20 9:08 P
Valentines dinner: I made steak and lobster with some asparagus and mushrooms on the side. The kids PIPPAMOUSE 5 BLESSOME
2/17/20 5:29 P
Supper...pork belly, brussell sprouts and Parmesan cheese...nicely roasted and then broiled #keto #l GYPSYJACQUELINA 17 ASLWORDS6
2/17/20 7:06 P
woohoo! received a 2,000 Lifetime Miles award today! KAWLIGANZ 8 1BLAZER282005
2/15/20 2:36 P
Finished cleaning the junk out of the dining room, then swept floors and moved furniture! Yay! Ex L3DESIGNS 20 NAVYWIFESKI
2/15/20 8:20 A
Another Ah HA moment, realized in order to meet my 3 challenges daily I have to complete them before DARIARN 6 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:07 A
"Mommy are you exercising so you can carry me around again!?!" Ugh! Maybe if you stopped growing?!?! KOBRIEN13 18 _RAMONA
2/15/20 2:55 A
Trying my best not go back to the dude on the left!!! 284 lbs left - 192 lbs right MANONAMISSION73 47 JOCELYNH711
2/15/20 6:46 A
#HappyValenti inesDay Loving myself by taking better care of myself than I have in a long time; doing SPARKNB 18 RYCGIRL
2/15/20 9:54 A
#BeforeAndAfter heading off to a valentines day party with my PreK child KOBRIEN13 40 _RAMONA
2/14/20 1:18 A
Good morning! It's a beautiful Thursday, or Friday-Eve. Enjoy and make the most of it! BANEWLAND 31 GEORGE815
2/13/20 6:38 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 24 _RAMONA
2/14/20 1:19 A
Daily Chat February 2020 NIGHTSKYSTAR 394 NIGHTSKYSTAR
2/18/20 12:23 A
Thank you all for your kind words following my last post. I will take them all to heart. Its a combi CALAFIA 16 SNUZYQ2
2/12/20 2:50 A
I’ve hit the 100 pounds gone mark today at 101.4 woohoo! I also officially got all my bloodwork to n GINGERMONKEY21 168 DRAGONFLY631
2/12/20 1:55 P
Woop woop 52kg lighter. BURNS_664 26 LIZZIE138
2/12/20 11:46 A
Another day done. I am so grateful just to have a set of legs to walk with! Mom is having knee repla DLBEASYRIDER 15 ALLYLIZZY
2/12/20 12:44 P
2/12/20 12:48 A
Hadn't gotten it done yesterday, so had melted a little, plus more fell today, but then was warm, so SPARKNB 16 PIPPAMOUSE
2/12/20 12:34 A
I'm a quite person. At one time not. But traumatic COOKWITHME65 18 PIPPAMOUSE
2/12/20 12:33 A
Heading back home after an outstanding long weekend with friends and family. Physical health is impo LRJUSTUS1 20 _RAMONA
2/12/20 10:24 A
Keto Fathead Creamy Bacon Spinach Pops... #keto #lowcarb #yum GYPSYJACQUELINA 20 COOKWITHME65
2/15/20 5:44 P
Consistency, consistency, consistency. For all those times we tell ourselves "I can't do this".. Wha LRJUSTUS1 81 PIPPAMOUSE
2/10/20 9:24 P
Sometimes I have unusual combos, haha. Here we have eggs, canned salmon (with Primal Kitchen’s avoc GANBA20 10 HISJOY823
2/11/20 8:50 A
#BeforeAndAfter 13 more lbs to go. JCMATT58 59 LISAMARIE2015
2/15/20 9:01 P
Had a good day. Feel good. Stayed in my carb/ calorie range and made my step goal. Feeling better t LIVINGLOVINLIFE 28 KITT52
2/10/20 7:02 P
T-bone steaks were super cheap on sale today, yay! I could eat this every day!! 😋😋😋❤️❤️❤️ I sti GANBA20 17 TOMSGAL85
2/10/20 5:55 A
Down to just my one original chin now, even in a straight on, no angle, smiling photo. Haha, it seem FASHIONROADKILL 24 HISJOY823
2/11/20 8:51 A
Keto and Ketones KDGIRL 5 RUSTY_WOODS
2/10/20 6:40 A
Dinner tonight: Greek salad with homemade dressing and crustless pizza. I make the pizza by broiling PIPPAMOUSE 27 COOKWITHME65
2/9/20 8:21 P
#keto lunch: stirfry with shrimp and low carb veggies, with extra sesame oil. I also add a bit of ho PIPPAMOUSE 12 BLESSOME
2/9/20 3:12 P
Jalepeño bacon cheeseburger in a bowl, to go for my dinner at work tonight. Still on my jalepeño k GANBA20 8 GEORGE815
2/7/20 10:22 P
Almost forgot to post my breakfast today, the eggs came out so nice! I put salt, white pepper, and GANBA20 20 TOMSGAL85
2/8/20 5:59 A
Posted a photo MZADAMS 28 LITTLEWIND53
2/8/20 12:19 A
The sunset in California this early evening. 🌟🌟🌟 ALLYLIZZY 26 CHEIVOUS
2/8/20 9:05 A
Just loving this water bottle!! 😻😻. Good reminder to drink! Happy Friday all!! KENNYBARBIE12 31 ROSALIE28
2/11/20 9:05 P
The Good News Thread WOUBBIE 1528 WALLOWA
2/17/20 11:50 P
Today's keto lunch. -5 oz ground beef patty with one slice of Swiss -5 asparagus spears (roasted w FASHIONROADKILL 7 RETAT60
2/7/20 10:20 P
Yum yum...breakfast at the office. 2 hard boiled eggs with a sprinkle of pepper, 1 small avocado and KIBBGIRL 15 LRJUSTUS1
2/8/20 12:17 P
Switched it up for “breakfast” today. I had leftover turkey meatball soup that I made for dinner th GANBA20 19 LRJUSTUS1
2/8/20 12:17 P
Tonight's dinner! Hot ribs and kale! 😍😎😋 #ketomama #dirtylazydeliciousness ARISISHELLE 7 MWHIGGINS
2/6/20 8:34 P
Hi I am Niki. I would like to make friends that can help me getting active so I can reach my weight NIKIFIX 10 GOLDTAG1
2/6/20 8:35 A
I'm feeling silly and found some posts that entertained me. JPISME 15 _RAMONA
2/7/20 1:12 A
Three days in a row of being over 10k steps! DAD_AINT_HIP 25 _RAMONA
2/7/20 1:11 A
Day 5 of exercising every day for the month of February ST3PH 17 _RAMONA
2/7/20 1:10 A
Lots of beauty here at Yosemite National Park! GRAMMY065 25 GABY1948
2/6/20 6:28 P
#keto wedge salad I have no idea why it's upside down. Silly technology. PIPPAMOUSE 14 LRJUSTUS1
2/8/20 12:18 P
Mmmmmm mmmmmmm! Some of my favourites for supper last night. Stayed away from ALL temptations....whi KIBBGIRL 25 BLESSOME
2/6/20 12:25 P
Sliced leftover steak, eggs with cheese and fresh diced jalapeño. ❤️❤️❤️ #carnivore #keto GANBA20 9 NVRGIVINGUP
2/5/20 8:24 P
Transformation Tuesday - down 52lbs! I very much struggle to see a difference because I think I stil FASHIONROADKILL 154 ASLWORDS6
2/16/20 5:05 P
You can find this recipe on SparkRecipes j_mcc_85 I know hot dogs are a processed food but I used to NVRGIVINGUP 14 DAWNWATERWOMAN
2/3/20 9:01 P
Today was a slow day on the treadmill. But the funny part to this day is that my Sun has challenged LOTTALOX 19 1BLAZER282005
2/3/20 9:05 A
10kgs/22lbs down for Jan. I want to publically thank Davedxr and 1CrazyDog for their incredible dail HAPPYKITTYNZ 36 BLESSOME
2/6/20 12:26 P
Spinach, garlic sauteed shrimp, a cherry tomato, and a sprinkling of crushed walnuts - delicious, he FASHIONROADKILL 30 ASHELYLADY
2/2/20 3:29 P
Early dinner, plenty of color and taste 👍 Tried a new upper back and torso exercise set this mornin LRJUSTUS1 15 PIPPAMOUSE
1/31/20 7:06 A
Hot Legs!! 🍗😋😎 #dirtylazydeliciousness #keto ARISISHELLE 6 PIPPAMOUSE
1/31/20 7:05 A
I always enjoy my healthy #lowcarb #keto dinners! I honestly don’t miss the starchy rice, potatoes, NVRGIVINGUP 22 CHID1972
2/3/20 7:07 A
I do not eat a lot of red meat, but every now and again I whip up something like this pan seared bur FASHIONROADKILL 22 BLESSOME
2/6/20 12:27 P
The day is done and dinner is served. Roasted pork loin & wilted leaks 😋 Missed brunch for a meetin LRJUSTUS1 23 BLESSOME
2/6/20 12:26 P
The #Keto board has been quiet lately (including myself). What's up Keto friends? Have you tried so PIPPAMOUSE 12 COOKWITHME65
1/30/20 6:52 A
I just received my challenge badge for January! SILVAS7 9 STEPH6377
1/28/20 10:03 P
I got home and had less than my 10K steps so I found a 3 mile walk at home video on YouTube, which w MONSTERMAYOR 21 YMWONG22
1/28/20 5:06 A
There should be an option to share what music you are working out to. TIGERLILY6VS79 6 YMWONG22
1/28/20 5:04 A
Lost 5.2 at weigh-in for beginning of week 2; missed week 3; lost another 5 last night at weigh-in f SPARKNB 24 YMWONG22
1/28/20 5:07 A
#BeforeAndAfter lost another 2 lbs. This week! SHANNONMCNULTY1 83 BEELADY56
1/28/20 6:28 A
ONEderland! It's been a while. 11.4 lbs lost since Dec. 28, 2019. CREAKYCAT 142 QUARTERMASTER3
1/26/20 5:00 P
My journey! #BeforeAndAfter PAMBACH 183 ELLEYANNA
1/27/20 3:44 A
Spinach for the win 💪 Trying to shift my intermit LRJUSTUS1 16 LRJUSTUS1
1/28/20 5:25 P