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Another poem (: 21SPONGEBOB21 15 GEORGE815
4/5/20 2:52 P
Good morning my friends. Wishing you an awesome day full of health and happiness. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 44 GEORGE815
4/5/20 2:52 P
Happy Palm SUnday. Waving my palms virtually this year. I hope you all have a healthy and peaceful RUTHIEBEAR 16 SPEDED2
4/5/20 6:52 P
I will never grow tired of Okie eggos! 40g sharp cheddar, 2 eggs, ghost pepper salt, 28g Kale saute BLESSOME 18 1CRAZYDOG
4/5/20 5:12 P
happy healthy Sunday everyone stay in stay safe. posting pictures from holiday's past join in --have TRAILWALKERJO54 14 GEORGE815
4/5/20 2:46 P
Posted a photo QUARTERMASTER3 9 GEORGE815
4/5/20 2:49 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 GEORGE815
4/5/20 2:45 P
4/5/20 9:00 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!! It is rest day for me and I totally slept late! Happy TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 75HEALTHYME
4/5/20 5:58 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 15 GABY1948
4/5/20 1:11 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 16 GABY1948
4/5/20 12:07 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 24 GABY1948
4/5/20 12:11 P
I did my first rowing workout with my #AppleWatch. Spent time with an old friend. I’m going to feel DARIALEIGH 7 GEORGE815
4/4/20 5:08 P
Posted a photo MARILYNS481 8 GEORGE815
4/4/20 5:07 P
Posted a photo SPEDED2 31 GABY1948
4/5/20 12:07 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 53 GABY1948
4/5/20 1:10 P
Happy Saturday, Sparklers❣️ RAERAERAE62 32 GEORGE815
4/4/20 5:07 P
I still love the weekend! It doesn’t hurt that Saturday is weigh day. 3.8 lbs down this week, 13.6 t ERICINGEORGIA 37 GEORGE815
4/4/20 5:03 P
Hello Spark Family - I'm loving the special times at home! AURA18 9 JAMER123
4/5/20 12:02 A
Simple Lent lunch!:) NAVYWIFESKI 11 GEORGE815
4/3/20 8:07 P
Let’s just say, yum! I am not much of a cook, but I do make yummy salads! LEARN211 20 PURPLEMOON1
4/3/20 11:52 P
I got my work condom on 😆 HOOAH19766 32 PICKIE98
4/4/20 11:13 A
I like a little meowshroom in my salad. PCK12J 13 GEORGE815
4/3/20 8:03 P
The weekend is coming... PCK12J 11 PCK12J
4/3/20 10:21 P
Did a full 30 minutes on the treadmill (1.5 miles)!!! Big accomplishment for me! I couldn't do that TXSASSY76 35 LISAMARIE2015
4/3/20 8:19 P
How could I forget it's Friday? Happy Day-before-weekend! PCK12J 11 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/20 10:48 P
My roses are loaded with blooms!!! 😍 SHIRLEYABAGWELL 40 GRAMMY065
4/2/20 4:47 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 GABY1948
4/3/20 3:24 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 GABY1948
4/3/20 3:24 P
30 min Ab today BLANCAROMERO4 8 MUGABI123
4/2/20 10:42 A
Went on a beautiful hike yesterday! We are having warm weather! It will be 58 today and in the 60’s GINNABOOTS 36 FLASUN
4/3/20 3:21 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 20 PATRICIA-CR
4/3/20 12:37 P
4/2/20 7:41 P
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 27 GABY1948
4/2/20 3:11 P
Thought this was perfect for Sparkpeople! AALLEY2 24 SABLENESS
4/1/20 12:13 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy April!!! It’s a brand new month and I’m excited about that, I’ve TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 NIKKINIKKI136
4/2/20 9:24 A
My daughters teacher sent a home school activity to reach out in our community to make somebody smil -POOKIE- 27 GABY1948
4/2/20 2:55 P
I love early morning walks. It's so quiet & peaceful♡ OCEANLIVE 24 KAYDE53
4/1/20 2:00 P
Morning everyone DEFENDERDARKSUN 20 KAYDE53
4/1/20 2:01 P
The first few week of March I was doing amazing getting back on track. Not drinking alcohol, running VEG_GIRL04 25 LIZZYMITCH
4/1/20 10:49 A
4/1/20 11:03 A
I'm starting here. I have been doing some bad things to my body for the past 2years. You know the pa PETRONAMCKENZIE 120 SWEETGABROWN1
4/1/20 5:51 P
Every morning for the past three weeks this red bird comes to my bedroom window. #hellobirdie SHIRLEYABAGWELL 18 ANNA907
4/1/20 1:04 A
3/31/20 3:45 P
Enjoy the little things MISMISSYV 37 GMACAMI
3/31/20 9:37 P
And boy are my legs tired 😂 MARJOHN164 17 GEORGE815
3/31/20 2:29 P
I'm trying so hard to keep myself as positive as possible but it is really hard right now! This pho MSMITCHELL2696 134 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/1/20 3:51 P
#Transformationtuesday 😁 20yrs difference I was TMP0418 169 EVILCECIL
4/1/20 6:16 A
Good morning spark family ❤ Just wanted to wish yo TMP0418 41 JRDUPREE
3/31/20 12:55 A
Good morning humans! FAWKES7901 18 CAR227
3/30/20 7:04 P
"A mind is too beautiful to waste. If you expand it, it rarely goes back to where it was." ~ Donna G DGFOWLER 18 AZMOMXTWO
3/31/20 7:43 A
Inspirational Thought ~ DGFOWLER 14 AZMOMXTWO
3/31/20 7:43 A
happy healthy Monday everyone-- let us put up a picture from our last vacation... we can dream... TRAILWALKERJO54 14 NIKKINIKKI136
3/30/20 10:35 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 21 AZMOMXTWO
3/31/20 7:42 A
Please do NOT hoard. If you do, everybody loses! EVIE4NOW 15 GEORGE815
3/30/20 6:14 P
Working from home has its advantages; Lily Lake sunrises are a site to behold. Get outside and enjoy J2002HEIDS 21 GEORGE815
3/30/20 6:15 P
Posted a photo PIXIEDUST04 29 GEORGE815
3/30/20 6:13 P
Thought we could all sing along to this - Happy Monday SMORSEBVR 27 GEORGE815
3/30/20 6:11 P
Well, my housekeeping venture will be on going today. I took yesterday off and just did some cross KLBAUSSIE 27 NETSUE64
3/31/20 3:49 P
Good Monday Morning! Time to get these pots filled with plants! My plan for today is to get outdoor RUTHIEBEAR 23 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/30/20 10:59 P
Good afternoon! After a lovely 57 minute morning walk with the Cooper-dog and Angel (the foster dog) LESLIELENORE 18 REGILIEH
3/29/20 6:24 P
Posted a photo KRISUA 22 KRISUA
3/29/20 11:54 P
Posted a photo NANCY- 9 GABY1948
3/29/20 5:06 P
Tears flood my eyes looking at this. That’s me in the middle as Evilene in THE WIZ! I have lost weig LOTTALOX 10 LIZZYMITCH
3/29/20 3:28 P
Finally under 300 this month. 31 WHOLE POUNDS LOST DEDICATED2ME32 213 EVIE4NOW
3/30/20 12:25 A
I love hats! but I’ve always been self conscious of how round my face is, so I avoided them. somethi SHINEFROMWITHIN 71 SHINEFROMWITHIN
3/30/20 6:31 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 19 SWEETGABROWN1
3/29/20 6:02 P
A good reminder. Stay safe, Sparkpeople. L1VEL1FE 104 GLORYB83
3/29/20 10:55 A
The flowers in my parents' yard are looking mighty beautiful today! I wish you could smell the Swamp SURFIE 91 JAMESEVER
3/30/20 12:30 P
Don't be greedy. Others have needs too and if you hog and hoard, they will be without. Think of ot EVIE4NOW 34 GRAMMYEAC
3/28/20 6:56 P
Please be safe everyone and stay in. We’re working hard in NY to beat this pandemic. 123THERESA123 136 WIN2LIVE
3/28/20 11:24 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 18 CANDLES9103
3/28/20 9:19 P
Has been keeping busy cleaning and organizing since the shelter in place. Came across a picture of m GINNABOOTS 18 STILLSPARKLEIGH
3/28/20 9:59 P
TGIF! I’m a nurse with Infection Prevention & Control. I’ve had to increase my hours (obviously)! Bu JANIMOEN 124 KOSHIE1
3/27/20 6:20 P
I have been in self isolation for two weeks. I am remaining positive. Every day I do at least one RUTHIEBEAR 24 SPEDED2
3/28/20 11:08 P