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Got all 8 glasses of water in today. #h2whoa GREYGIN 25 KESTRYLL
3/30/21 10:11 A
If I lose 1 lb every week by sticking with my nutrition and exercise, I can be down to 180 lbs by ne TH3PH03NIX 19 HAPPYCPA1965
3/30/21 11:47 A
Hi All, I've returned. I chose to step away to deal with some family sorrows of loss, we had 3 blow CLIMBOVERARIES 29 OPTICALXILLUSIO
3/31/21 6:43 P
3/30/21 7:51 P
I finally did it!!! TH3PH03NIX 71 ALLYLIZZY
3/30/21 1:28 P
It's looking super nice for the start of spring 5% challenge! CALAMITY55 4 REDROBIN47
3/29/21 9:44 P
3/13/21 4:06 P
Yeah! Bonus Points for the Team! CAROL_31649731 323 SPARKNB
3/3/21 6:15 P
Post your daily points here! WOUBBIE 233 JANEYBEE
4/5/21 2:19 A
Post any ENCOURAGING emoticon CAROL_31649731 240 REDSHOEBLUE
4/19/21 5:41 P
What did you spin for the team this morning? MRS_EVA_K 5404 BLESSEDBEING
4/20/21 12:34 A
Day 1: 2 cups fairly early (YAY!) 2 more after afternoon workout; 2 more just finished (1AM) & last SPARKNB 9 COMEBACKKID12
2/4/21 12:21 A
February CODE (Gotta do it still Coding, Outside=barely but worked out, Day's2Dues=mostly, Everday E SPARKNB 5 BIGRENTMAN
2/3/21 11:18 A
Motto for the day, or at least the morning... #makeItHappen #g goalGetters #AMpeace #coffee SPARKNB 13 GEORGE815
1/28/21 5:46 P
Hello my Friends๐ŸŽSo this is the Beautiful Ginger Root ๐Ÿ˜ We're talking antibacterial properties ant COMEBACKKID12 11 WIZARDHOWL
1/30/21 9:46 P
1/27/21 11:39 P
Protein Oats w/ Cottage Cheese, Raspberries and a Dusting of Cocoa๐Ÿ˜‹ Have a Happy, Humpy, Windy, Win CATWMNCAT 17 OPTICALXILLUSIO
1/29/21 12:49 A
Helloooooo my SparkFriends!!! Lunch at last. Turkey and quinoa with lots of veggies in spicy chili g MSMOSTIMPROVED 12 LIS193
1/28/21 3:58 A
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad, Black Grapes and Sn CATWMNCAT 26 ISNESS
1/28/21 12:15 A
My parents asked me what my starting weight was today. Which honestly was a dreaded question. Being DISCIPLINE1979 76 SPARKNB
1/27/21 11:22 P
Need this on the wall behind my computer. I sit way too much. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 KITT52
1/28/21 12:32 P
Posted a photo IMLOCOLINDA 15 ALICIA214
1/28/21 12:56 A
Dinner... Spaghetti Squash, Meatball, Chicken and Roasted Veggies... abd if course Wine... it is Win CATWMNCAT 21 GINNABOOTS
1/28/21 8:46 A
1/28/21 12:04 P
Good day for crushing goals! #goalfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 7 NAVYWIFESKI
1/28/21 9:36 A
Chili wrap with mushrooms risotto veggie burger, Asian stir fried mixed vegetables, and zucchini wit MSMOSTIMPROVED 38 1CRAZYDOG
1/28/21 6:55 P
Goodnight everyone hope you all have sweet dreams ๐ŸŒ™ TRINITY133 16 KOSHIE1
1/28/21 2:08 A
Snow was starting to melt (then would re-freeze), so I shoveled in early afternoon to minimize ice f SPARKNB 10 GREYTDOLPHIN
1/28/21 12:55 A
I know I've asked this before (sorry) do I edit a recipe I've entered (a makeover) in sparkrec SPARKNB 2 SPARK_MERLE
1/28/21 12:36 P
Was really bored yesterday and made these peanut butter cookies. Took me 12 minutes. They were so ea OPTICALXILLUSIO 33 FAITHP44
1/29/21 5:01 P
Stupidest Politician of the Day WOUBBIE 246 LADYIRISH317
4/18/21 9:02 A
This #goalfeats challenge reminds me to visualize; heard on NPR that new research shows that visuali SPARKNB 15 LAH1222
1/22/21 11:22 P
I want muscles ๐ŸŽถ ๐ŸŽถ muscles ๐ŸŽต muscles ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ! Oh yeah baby! #fitnessfeats #moveit #goalfeats MSMOSTIMPROVED 29 SPARKNB
1/22/21 3:49 P
I'm changing because I meet my daily challenges! #goalfeats JSTETSER 14 LIS193
1/23/21 4:17 A
done #goalfeats JULIJULINN 3 KITTYHAWK1949
1/22/21 8:39 P
Got both goals done this morning #goalfeats ZZYYGGY3 4 SPARKNB
1/22/21 3:47 P
It's time to adjust my goals with the new semester starting. But THIS time fun fitness gets high pri SUEFROMRI 4 SPARKNB
1/22/21 3:47 P
Goals met #goalfeats RCLYKE 3 KITTYHAWK1949
1/22/21 8:39 P
Chicken Breast, Sweet Potato, Avocado and Roasted Green Beans, Mushrooms & Tomatoes... and a little CATWMNCAT 19 SPEDED2
1/21/21 10:28 A
Posted a photo IMLOCOLINDA 20 MOMMACAT57
1/21/21 10:51 A
Truth be told, keeping it lite with grilled chicken thigh, 1/2 cup quinoa, veggies and kale so I can MSMOSTIMPROVED 28 1CRAZYDOG
1/21/21 5:21 P
Ready to head back to the classroom in the morning JUSTME_MRSK 21 1DAY-ATA-TIME
1/21/21 5:08 A
Posted a photo TOMG155 16 AFWWTX
1/21/21 1:26 A
1/21/21 10:13 P
1/21/21 2:11 A
Congratulations, America! SPARKNB 12 RYCGIRL
1/21/21 7:26 A
Thirty-something and I started beginning ballet tonight! It was WAY harder than I thought it would b MOTAMAMA 9 SNUZYQ2
1/12/21 3:47 A
1/12/21 1:52 P
Homemade albondigas for dinner tonight. This is so esthetically pleasing! #eattherainbow MMVARGAS82 17 WILDKAT781
1/12/21 6:30 P
Realistically I am not going to be able to lose weight where I live in this nursing home in stuck in LORILSIMPSON21 10 ANGEISBACK
1/12/21 2:07 P
Forced myself to stop eating a snack even though I am very hungry. Small win- I think. Given what LORILSIMPSON21 5 DININA48MN
1/12/21 4:04 A
Hoping for a good trip out running errands. TWEETYKC00 5 SNUZYQ2
1/12/21 3:30 A
I bought a Total Gym XL (used on Craigslist) years ago and use it for strength training. My wife pu JEFFCANN 13 JOYCEHARRIS3
1/12/21 6:32 A
Drinking my last 2 cups of water; got in my 2 hours of exercise, including 30 min walk, which was pr SPARKNB 10 79PODGIRL
1/12/21 1:29 P
My year was going to be 2020, like so many others. Started the year with a liver cleanse, a therapis AARDVARKAVENGER 21 KSHELLKAT
1/22/21 6:11 P
Anyone using a mini trampoline for home exercise? Is it effective? COCOAQUEEN82 2 SPARKNB
1/6/21 11:08 P
My lunch this week has been this carb balance spin ASHELYLADY 11 EOWYN2424
1/7/21 12:45 A
Today, my focus is on ... CAROL_31649731 399 MSMOSTIMPROVED
4/19/21 8:30 P
What I Cleaned & Organized: Oct., Nov., Dec. -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 18 4_MY_GIRLZ_N_ME
1/9/21 2:26 P
Need Ideas on what to do with large old Portraits MM11113 7 ITSTIME2BME
1/10/21 9:13 P
52 Weeks To An Organized Home: LHLADY517 44 ITSTIME2BME
3/31/21 2:52 P
January Support and Chat RAINBOWFALLS 44 GRAMMACATHY
1/31/21 1:34 P
January 2021 Fitness Minutes SKCASON 9 SPARKNB
1/2/21 10:51 P
Good morning SparkFriends! Itโ€™s been lazy days around here but excited I finally got to harvest my f MSMOSTIMPROVED 32 SPARKNB
1/2/21 3:39 A
1/2/21 3:35 A
Wishing you all the best in 2021!!! DIVAGLOW 10 SPARKNB
1/2/21 3:33 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 13 SPARKNB
1/2/21 3:32 A
Happy New Year. Looking for hope peace and better health. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 SPARKNB
1/2/21 3:31 A
NEW BLOG POST IS UP. (#3) Set Sail in a General That Way Direction. One method for not getting caug TH3PH03NIX 8 SPARKNB
1/2/21 3:30 A
Salmon salad made with carrots. Topped with tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers on romaine lettuce an MSMOSTIMPROVED 24 JANS-JOURNEY
1/2/21 10:51 A
No hike today, cuz freezing rain, though I did make it half-way around the outside of the house befo SPARKNB 21 GERRYH2
1/2/21 7:11 A
Stayed within my calorie range ๐Ÿ˜Š ST3PH 15 GARDENSFORLIFE
1/2/21 9:38 P
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 20 TOMKAIT
1/2/21 9:58 A
Weekly Challenge - "Yes I Can" CAROL_31649731 16 SPARKNB
1/1/21 5:28 P
You know you can do this...go get it! #2021 #HappyNewYear SPARKNB 5 MSMOSTIMPROVED
1/1/21 11:27 P