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Today's results . . . https://youtu. .be/7Qah8-zy_eI JAMESEVER 10 SURFIE
5/27/20 6:03 A
Drank ALL the 💦 / sleep 💤continues to be good/ and I am working on moving 👣 more consistently thr STILLSPARKLEIGH 30 PCK12J
5/27/20 12:37 P
She just finished her dinner. 😂 ALLYLIZZY 30 PCK12J
5/27/20 12:52 P
And what's past is past-water under the bridge. Start each day fresh. LITTLEREDHEN8 7 1DAY-ATA-TIME
5/27/20 7:26 A
Dinnertime: Quinoa Cheese Bites SOOKIE 8 KAYDE53
5/26/20 8:58 P
Today’s pick, the smell alone♥️ my strawberry bed PELESJEWEL 21 PATRICIA-CR
5/27/20 11:28 A
Crochet to keep the carbs away!! L-RIOT 20 EVER-HOPEFUL
5/27/20 3:55 A
Posted the wrong picture! Biking WONDERGALE 9 SWEETGABROWN1
5/26/20 9:54 P
Joke time: This is my step-ladder. I never knew my real ladder. (I know, I posted another groaner TWIGBISKIT5 7 SURFIE
5/26/20 1:36 P
Here are a few of my peonies. REGILIEH 16 GARDENCHRIS
5/27/20 1:10 P
So these photos make it REAL. THIS is the current shape I'm in! Was only able to walk 0.2 miles yest MARYTJM2609 307 SHELLLITA
5/26/20 10:55 P
Caught in the rain 2 days in a row . 🤨 at least I got my steps CARLOSLAKELAND 26 AQUAGIRL08
5/26/20 7:42 P
Hope everyone had a great day! ☀️❤️🇺🇸✨ This is a tough holiday for me, but I worked at staying bus STILLSPARKLEIGH 38 GMACAMI
5/26/20 12:32 P
Today's results . . . * Looking at the scale & smiling again (over two years of maintaining healthy JAMESEVER 17 GMACAMI
5/26/20 12:34 P
Bee Happy and Safe! LITTLEREDHEN8 18 SARAH_983
5/26/20 7:32 A
Dad barbecued last night. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 30 STEVENTHEFIT
5/26/20 9:48 A
Explored some new trails Saturday in the country along a local river. It was stunning back there! A GINNABOOTS 31 SURFIE
5/25/20 10:44 A
Joke time: Why is Cinderella bad at soccer? She's always running away from the ball🤦 TWIGBISKIT5 14 DAMAOF5
5/25/20 8:48 A
Today will be my first day back at work after my 2nd gum graft. It was nice to get some rest and use SURFIE 18 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/25/20 9:59 P
Spark Friends are bricks! Wait, what? Oh, yeah! PCK12J 9 SURFIE
5/25/20 5:40 A
Started out a nice walk🙂 but I forgot to check the weather 🙁 Ironically listening to 🎶 "Yes, I li CARLOSLAKELAND 14 CINDY247
5/25/20 6:16 A
On military time tonight At 8:20pm it will be . . . 2020 2020. "O Say Can You See" #winningwhen JAMESEVER 9 DAMAOF5
5/25/20 8:31 A
Since I only compete with myself, I will try to beat last week’s stats this week! I’m still getting LORI-K 20 TIGERSEYEHEART
5/25/20 4:16 P
I just started having locally grown organic produce delivered! This is our 1st delivery Pineapple, CINDY247 28 PATRICIA-CR
5/25/20 12:21 P
The Garden Project is coming along! Today my workout is Trenching to prepare the ground for fencing PELESJEWEL 45 NANHBH
5/24/20 11:51 P
Lots of sand and rock removal today, and I got a sunburn. We even got some takeout at a very small, AMYINTHEWILD 19 ALLYLIZZY
5/24/20 12:41 P
5/24/20 12:11 P
5/24/20 2:10 P
Have an inspirational Sunday! My gift for you . . . because "I would not have you to be ignorant JAMESEVER 20 LIBR@RYL@DY
5/24/20 2:10 P
Happy Sunday Sparkers!! How will enjoy the Wellness Lifestyle? I will choose coffee and livestream e STILLSPARKLEIGH 94 TOMSGAL85
5/25/20 9:11 A
FRESH Friday!! What fresh colorful foods will you plate today?!?! 🥗 🥦🌽 I have my five selected an STILLSPARKLEIGH 42 FLASUN
5/23/20 3:43 A
Happy Friday, Spark friends!! I saw this tiny mango tree, that was leaning over because it’s branch MIAMI_LILLY 18 RREDFORD5
5/22/20 1:51 P
Good afternoon spark friends. I hope that everyone had a great day. My day just got better 🙂 8 CARLOSLAKELAND 106 PCK12J
5/22/20 2:51 P
Dad grilled up some barbecued chicken last night. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 20 NAVYWIFESKI
5/22/20 10:40 A
Today, my precious kitty, Mia is being put down. Less than a week ago, she started having seizures. MIAMI_LILLY 195 BERRY4
5/23/20 11:29 P
Well, my resting during recovery is going pretty well. I'm being good and not trying to exercise, so SURFIE 31 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/24/20 11:52 A
Ain’t it the TRUTH??!?? I make steady progress when I consistently show up and do the work....period STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 ELSCO55
5/21/20 12:10 A
Question...does anyone use hiking poles? I'm seriously thinking about them to assist with balance a ROCKYCATSMAMMA 9 SURFIE
5/20/20 7:32 P
These are some of the fruits of my labor. Haha. You've got a tomato, my sunflower patch, an aprium, FIREBRTHR 19 WOMANOFLOVE
5/22/20 11:52 A
Some yummy finds at Aldi today. The sweet corn hummus is crazy good! I bought an avocado, and when i MIAMI_LILLY 17 GINNABOOTS
5/21/20 2:43 A
Happy Healthy Wednesday Afternoon! Where’s My Mask!! 😷 PELESJEWEL 27 ALLYLIZZY
5/21/20 1:21 P
Pics taken In May the last 4 years....SAME weight, different body compositions. Maintenance is hard LORI-K 42 JAMER123
5/21/20 11:43 P
We deserve love and happiness at any size!!! Hope this Sunday starts off a great week of fitness for KJONES1971 13 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:56 P
Hope you enjoy an inspired Sunday! Today's Healthy-Happy Do List: * Reflecting on walks to remembe JAMESEVER 17 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:54 P
I got up and walked 3.15 miles in 66 min. before going to work this morning even though I am sore. L BOMBCHELL23 20 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:54 P
Good morning spark friends! Have a wonderful Sunday and God bless ☕☕🙂 #letyourlightshine #better CARLOSLAKELAND 26 CGARR442
5/17/20 9:34 P
Has anyone had any success with OA?? BOOTYLICIOUS83 5 7STIGGYMT
5/17/20 4:18 P
20 minutes on the kettle bell and 30 minutes on the bike. I think that's a, pretty good start, on th F5-FURY 52 GEORGE815
5/17/20 2:37 P
Great idea!! Lol!! #justdoit CINDY247 56 TCANNO
5/17/20 8:02 P
So I finally had my new gum graft after the 1st one failed. I am so glad they didn't have to harvest SURFIE 22 AMYINTHEWILD
5/17/20 11:17 P
You MIGHT Be a Sparker If.... You Get Super Excited About Your Sleep Score and Want to Share! 🤓😂 # STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 AMYINTHEWILD
5/17/20 11:16 P
The rainy season is days away, so I took advantage of the sun, and the park nearby. I am SLOW, but w MIAMI_LILLY 23 SURFIE
5/14/20 4:56 P
****Singing**** IM BAAAACCCKKKK! My procedure was HORRIFIC and something I wouldn't wish on my worst DEDICATED2ME32 21 SURFIE
5/14/20 4:52 P
Spent much of the day outdoors, cleaning up trash during a hike, and hauling sand from where-I-don’t AMYINTHEWILD 23 SURFIE
5/14/20 4:51 P
For dinner tonight I made salmon, and my Stepmom made this amazing potato salad as a side dish. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 34 FANMAN1968
5/14/20 5:05 P
Have a wonderfully Thoughtful Thursday! Forgive us our . . . debts/trespasses "as" we forgive #h JAMESEVER 27 SURFIE
5/14/20 4:48 P
💛☀️🌻✨ Today is a GREAT DAY to have a GREAT DAY 💛☀️🌻✨ #walkingtowardgoodness 🌟#happy 😊#bestieso STILLSPARKLEIGH 55 SURFIE
5/14/20 4:47 P
Happy Thursday spark friends! Have a beautiful day and God bless! CARLOSLAKELAND 50 CGARR442
5/15/20 12:03 A
5/14/20 10:49 P
Thrilled to be tooling around with a stroller again! We’ve limited our walks to how far I can carry AMYINTHEWILD 18 ALLYLIZZY
5/13/20 12:36 P
Posted a photo CARLOSLAKELAND 18 PCK12J
5/13/20 12:50 P
So nice to be able to get out and hike again. Dose the soul good. Have a great night and God bless CARLOSLAKELAND 24 PCK12J
5/13/20 12:51 P
5/13/20 10:02 P
Have an excellent day! Today's Healthy-Happy Do list . . . * Walking 20k before sunset * Listenin JAMESEVER 15 GEORGE815
5/13/20 12:38 P
Two years Pepsi Free! VCGRANDMA 27 NAVYWIFESKI
5/12/20 6:34 P
Amaryllis in our front yard ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 51 GINNABOOTS
5/13/20 8:20 A
Good morning! South Carolina and several other states are lifting the quarantine for close contact b SURFIE 32 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/12/20 6:40 P
Can I ask for some prayers for my back? I over did it and now its not happy with me. 😞 Currently lo LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 16 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/21/20 5:52 P
Anyone remember Jeff Fox Worthy’s bit “You MIGHT Be a Redneck If.....” I always make it “You MIGHT B STILLSPARKLEIGH 40 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/13/20 5:20 A
Yesterday was a quiet, relaxed Mother’s Day. These 4 are my world right now. They bring me so much j MIAMI_LILLY 29 TEXASHSMOMOF3
5/13/20 11:25 A
Happy Mother's Day! Lots of good fun today, ending with a new do. Time to go wash the dye off my ROCKYCATSMAMMA 12 WIZARDHOWL
5/11/20 10:16 P
My 7th year without Mom....I'm so glad for the time I had with her and the blessings shared. This wa BLONDEE531 8 BLONDEE531
5/11/20 12:01 P
Posted a goal SOOKIE 13 EVIE4NOW
5/10/20 12:46 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 15 DENNIS99707
5/10/20 3:07 P
After 15,000 steps today (lots of yard work and a walk, too), we ate outside and lit up my Mothers LKMANNING7 34 GMACAMI
5/10/20 6:26 P