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Food Feats met! #foodfeats TRISH261 4 KENNAN123
4/14/21 10:55 A
Had a ruby red grapefruit with breakfast, a wonderful veggie packed salad with lunch as well as a ba TRISH261 5 KESTRYLL
4/14/21 7:10 A
Keep a big purple Bubba full of ice cold water attached to me every day! #h2whoa TRISH261 5 KESTRYLL
4/14/21 7:09 A
Got my veggies in this morning by having some celery and peanut butter with breakfast along with my TRISH261 9 KENNAN123
2/10/21 11:52 A
Had a banana with breakfast (really need to get more veggies in in the mornings!); my main colorful TRISH261 5 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/9/21 6:40 P
Had strawberries and a celery stick with some peanut butter with breakfast; my main colorful salad f TRISH261 7 LOVIJO20
2/7/21 10:20 P
Packed my scrambled eggs this morning with broccoli, cucumbers and onions and had honeydew as well. TRISH261 16 CKEYES1
2/5/21 8:30 A
Banana with breakfast, main colorful salad for lunch with mixed fruits consisting of: honeydew, cant TRISH261 3 RALPHDB
2/4/21 12:26 A
Ruby red grapefruit with breakfast, main colorful salad and mixed fruits (blackberries/ /raspberries/c TRISH261 4 MILPAM3
1/31/21 6:07 P
Banana with breakfast, Pink Lady apple as a snack, and my daily colorful salad with a couple of cher TRISH261 4 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
1/30/21 4:14 P
Grapefruit with breakfast, apple and main dish colorful salad for lunch, broccoli mix for supper. # TRISH261 3 KITTYHAWK1949
1/25/21 7:39 P
Had a banana with breakfast, an apple and super colorful salad with lunch. #eattherainbow TRISH261 7 RALPHDB
1/24/21 10:40 P
I know this looks strange and an unusual texture, but it really is tasty, anti-inflammatory, and hea PATBPRICE 12 RALPHDB
1/23/21 4:53 A
I am new to spark people since its been years since I used it.I enjoyed the conversations and suppor JGS31794 9 RACHAEL2020
1/22/21 7:40 P
Natures gift, it's going to be a fab day! ZOOMTHOM 17 RACHAEL2020
1/22/21 7:39 P
I am starting all over. Was in before but it has been awhile. I quit smoking cold turkey almost 2 ye KKBRAN 9 ROSESAREBLUE
1/22/21 4:12 P
Posted a photo SOFAVIT 13 RACHAEL2020
1/22/21 7:38 P
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 15 CHERRYZMB60
1/22/21 11:54 P
I'm back. Again. Restarted using SP on January 1 and in 22 days I have lost 5% of my total body we PHOEBEJANE 4 ROSESAREBLUE
1/22/21 3:49 P
Does it have to be just water or do you count coffee or tea too. #h2whoa TOSHAROGERS1981 9 TOCONNER
1/23/21 7:50 A
And a rainbow 🌈 fruit salad! I chop the apples and sprinkle on lemon juice, then add the other frui JANIMOEN 7 CEEDEEJEY
1/22/21 6:24 P
I made vegetarian cabbage rolls with Impossible “burger” and they are excellent. High protein comfor COOLHEELS 10 COOLHEELS
1/22/21 8:24 P
Had half a ruby red grapefruit with breakfast, and a smoothie with mango, peaches, and spinach with TRISH261 4 RALPHDB
1/22/21 10:09 P
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 61570 JIACOLO
5/9/21 10:43 A
Meal Replacement Shakes ON_A_DIET 9 MRS_OBELLA
2/9/21 1:01 P
Summer or winter? ALLEYCATTUS 338 FURRYMOM1
5/9/21 10:43 A
Covid shot will you get it LWLAR7 308 TDSIMOES67
5/6/21 7:25 A
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 25786 FURRYMOM1
5/9/21 10:42 A
How often do you drink alcoholic drinks? EOWYN2424 201 WILSOD1
4/20/21 11:32 P
Name One Thing You are THANKFUL for today WIZZLEWOLF1 6537 TELOPEA1
5/9/21 5:43 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 163056 FURRYMOM1
5/9/21 10:42 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 41555 FURRYMOM1
5/9/21 10:44 A
Snow, Sun or Rain? ON_A_DIET 315 FURRYMOM1
5/9/21 10:41 A
Posted a photo 1TRUTH4LIFE 5 TRISH261
1/21/21 10:20 P
Had to share a pic of my perfect pony Sora :) She is truly worth her weight in gold...and she weighs DISCIPLINE1979 12 CHERIE38
1/22/21 8:18 A
Thinking of switching from weighing in weekly, to weighing in monthly. That way my focus will be mor CYNFIT4LIFE 6 ALICIA363
1/23/21 6:39 A
TILT!!! bad weigh-in so acted like a spoiled brat and candied in! THREEE 5 BERRY4
1/22/21 4:16 A
I am not doing so well. Trying to stick to 1,000 calories a day so I continue to loose weight but I SUZANNEE5 13 BERRY4
1/22/21 4:17 A
It was a great day, a spa day, pedicure manicure and my hair cut So relaxing. KURTZIE1998 25 WIZARDHOWL
1/23/21 6:08 P
My dinner tonight! Before I started my journey that plate and bowl would have been reversed. Big Ole VBURASZ 19 RENEECALDWELL12
1/25/21 12:00 P
Hey all....1st day here😁 AVIELLA 118 MARCOSTYX
1/22/21 6:31 A
Ruby red grapefruit with breakfast, carrots, celery and 1/3 of a banana with lunch, air fryer brusse TRISH261 5 RETAT60
1/21/21 11:01 P
A beautiful sunset photo to make you smile IBROWNELL 33 ANNIEMAROO
1/19/21 10:30 P
Ruby red grapefruit, salad full of color, kiwi and brussel sprouts planned with supper tonight! #e TRISH261 3 TOMATOCAFEGAL
1/19/21 6:36 P
Ruby red grapefruit (I LOVE these!), a colorful salad with tons of different veggies in it and teard TRISH261 3 KITTYHAWK1949
1/18/21 4:58 P
Grapefruit, purple grapes, and a nice, super colorful salad for lunch today! #eattherainbow TRISH261 6 CECELW
1/17/21 7:44 P
Even though I forgot my water bottle at home today, I still got all my water in! #h2whoa TRISH261 6 JWINKSLLC
1/16/21 11:54 P
Ruby Red Grapefruit, raspberries, watermelon, carrots, broccoli, tomato, greens and caulflower! #ea TRISH261 3 KITTYHAWK1949
1/16/21 10:50 P
Can't get enough of ice cold water! #h2whoa TRISH261 3 SURVIVOR61
1/15/21 9:16 P
Green grapes, ruby red grapefruit, carrots, red onions and orange sweet peppers! #eattherainbow TRISH261 5 BILLTHOMSON
1/16/21 6:42 A
Got'er done to take a walk. Got to work off that chicken sandwich I see in my fut DARLENEK04 32 ILOVEROSES
1/15/21 9:27 A
Tried a new recipe for lunch: A tuna melt. Was excellent! Also had blackberries, raspberries, edamam TRISH261 7 DWROBERGE
1/15/21 5:30 A
Love me some H20! #h2whoa TRISH261 3 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/13/21 10:19 P
Banana, ruby red grapefruit, colorful salad loaded with all kinds of veggies, and roasted zucchini! TRISH261 6 RALPHDB
1/14/21 12:08 A
Macros Balanced ✅ Active Day 💥✅ First Workout Done ✅ Up next- a pile of dishes 😆 but then some el STILLSPARKLEIGH 24 AQUAGIRL08
1/13/21 8:22 P
3 of these a day equals 9 cups. Day 2 done. Hope I don't get up 10 times again tonight. #h2whoa CHICKANO 12 TOCONNER
1/13/21 7:04 A
Tonight’s Dinner: Quick Shrimp and Veggie Stir Fry #healthyeats ONEMORETIME20 23 GMACAMI
1/13/21 1:57 P
My biggest “resolution” for the year (I really don’t do New Year’s resolutions) is to eat slower and JANIMOEN 17 WLHOPE
1/13/21 10:53 P
Hardly drink anything other than H20 #h2whoa TRISH261 4 NOCALORIES
1/12/21 11:31 P
done! #eattherainbow TRISH261 3 KITTYHAWK1949
1/13/21 10:01 P
Had an excellent smoothie this morning, and brought a colorful salad, along with cantaloupe, black a TRISH261 3 KELSEANELSEA
1/10/21 3:29 P
Tonight’s Dinner: 5 oz Petit Filet, Grilled Shrimp, Roasted Zucchini, Cauliflower and Broccoli. ONEMORETIME20 17 ONEMORETIME20
1/10/21 12:11 P
I lost a total of 12 pounds with SP! Soon I'll loo FROGLOVER917 14 ALLYLIZZY
1/10/21 12:23 P
He absolutely loves it!!! Glad he loves what I ma KIMMYP420 13 BLOND1E
1/9/21 10:49 P
Been 1 year and a week since I drank soda HAPPYMAMA2020 11 ANDREEATURCU1
1/10/21 3:06 A
Breakfast for Dinner... Eggs over Sweet Potatoes & Spinach w/ Onion and Garlic and of course... Coff CATWMNCAT 44 ALLENJOSEPH
1/14/21 9:42 P
Beautiful day for a walk, and I did some biking tonight. AMYINTHEWILD 29 GMACAMI
1/10/21 12:20 P
I LOVE veggies and fruit! #eattherainbow TRISH261 2 KITTYHAWK1949
1/9/21 6:05 P
Just got an air fryer for Christmas, anyone use one? Share your favorite thing to cook in it. L17665 3 SISTERPRETTY
12/27/20 4:37 P
This was what kept me from getting off the chair. Or so I claim. Such a boopable snoot. HMKITTEN 34 LINDA7677
12/27/20 5:39 P
Didn't quite make my water today! :( #foodfeats TRISH261 9 METAFUKARI
10/20/20 11:25 A
I always make sure to have a banana with breakfast! #eattherainbow TRISH261 11 20KAREN
10/20/20 11:58 A
Half way there to 8 glasses of water, but the day is young yet! #foodfeats TRISH261 5 BILLTHOMSON
10/18/20 11:26 A
2 cups of pineapple, cucumber, spinach, green apple, black chia seed, ginger lime nutribullet breakf COCOLEAN 9 BONNIE1552
10/18/20 7:24 A
Love those veggies! #eattherainbow TRISH261 4 BONNIE1552
10/18/20 7:24 A