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Proud I have stayed away from candy corn this week! I am getting closer to my goal weight! TYMBERWOLFE 6 PATRICIA-CR
9/21/20 10:40 A
This was me 2019 and Now this morning. Hard to look at myself like that. GRNEYEDSPANIARD 42 ERIN_POSCH
9/10/20 4:18 P
I just finished my second book for September ๐Ÿ˜ It was a great one. Stephen King can tell a great GIRLGETTINGFIT 11 PWILLOW1
9/9/20 8:36 P
Week 3/Day 3 #InsanityPureCardio and #InsanityCardioAbs Tomorrow is going to be ROUGH! LOTTALOX 13 1BLAZER282005
9/9/20 8:39 P
How do I stay away from the candy corn??? I am get TYMBERWOLFE 6 PATRICIA-CR
9/10/20 3:02 P
9/13/20 8:16 P
Good morning! Reviewing my goals and making a new plan! CINDY247 31 PATRICIA-CR
9/1/20 4:09 P
As of today I have lost 25 pounds! It has been a tough battle with injuries and depression and I am TYMBERWOLFE 4 PATRICIA-CR
9/1/20 4:07 P
My life has been wrapped up in my PhD work. It's great to get out in the garden today. I have lost 1 TYMBERWOLFE 29 PATRICIA-CR
8/6/20 11:56 A
What Are You Struggling With? -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 20 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
10/8/20 11:25 P
Pick 3 challenge LHLADY517 2942 LITTLEGUYSMOM1
10/21/20 3:02 P
I'm at the threshhold!! 2-3 days ... 159. ๐Ÿ‘ MUNKIMUNKI 19 JANTWO
7/18/20 1:23 A
Posted a photo DEBBRALE 10 LAH1222
7/17/20 11:56 P
Feeling a little better. I got hit with a bout of depression. Ended up leaving the house for awhil MUSICLADY923 16 ARNETTELEE
7/18/20 6:48 A
My weight graph is a good advertisement for persevering, otherwise you have to lose the same pounds SPARKLAURAK 8 MERLECHRIS
7/18/20 12:17 A
Woo hoo! Good job everyone!!!! You all inspire me! TYMBERWOLFE 2 HAPPYELF
7/4/20 10:42 P
6/8/20 11:24 A
Okay lost another pound this week it is going down slowly but in the right direction. I need to lose TYMBERWOLFE 6 HAPPYELF
5/18/20 9:03 A
5/6/20 2:03 P
Easter Sunrise. Happy Sunday everyone! TYMBERWOLFE 25 GARDENCHRIS
4/13/20 3:05 P
Stress fracture has proved to be still there. Time to use some natural remedies! TYMBERWOLFE 4 PATRICIA-CR
4/11/20 9:27 A
Message Removed CD25388307 16 TYMBERWOLFE
4/10/20 4:26 P
Drink up! It's Thirsty Thursday! #foodfeats JSTETSER 18 HEALTHY-SPARK
4/11/20 1:27 P
No matter what Never stop! CINDY247 35 LOLA38
4/30/20 12:10 A
Love my morning walks along the shoreline. As the sun rises over Lily Lake the morning, the white ca J2002HEIDS 37 KHALIA2
4/17/20 2:18 P
How many of you are taking advantage of time home with a workout? Go go go go HOPEFULHIPPO 6 TYMBERWOLFE
4/10/20 4:20 P
I won the biggest loser contest at my work! Plus $200. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ JENNIFERBR51 49 ALLYLIZZY
4/11/20 1:10 P
Tomorrow is weight in day for the 5% challenge! Hopefully I did well this week! TYMBERWOLFE 1 TYMBERWOLFE
4/10/20 4:16 P
I practiced the 5-4-3-2-1 motivation technique twice today! I just could not get my ass in gear. I d J2002HEIDS 12 KHALIA2
4/7/20 8:33 P
Message Removed CD25388307 20 TYMBERWOLFE
4/7/20 5:45 P
Working on lowering my BP #goalfeats JSTETSER 14 GABY1948
4/8/20 9:21 A
Riding the stationary bike today! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 22 LIS193
4/8/20 4:35 A
Using Quarantine time to do some picture reminiscing ... Here's a picture of Myself, my sister, & CINDY247 29 TYMBERWOLFE
4/7/20 5:37 P
I worked out for about 15mins today. I know itโ€™s not a lot but I feel good that did a little somethi RENEEGIRL123 6 SNS1968
4/7/20 6:13 P
Prepping is done..... I'm pooped today ๐Ÿคช Pork loin with rice and beans ๐Ÿ˜‹ Made enough to give my m TMP0418 34 MOMOF4JDRS
4/9/20 3:11 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 21 MJ7DM33
4/6/20 10:12 P
Carrot Alfredo. Delicious! Plus I donโ€™t feel as bad eating the homemade bread when itโ€™s my only real LINSEYBAKER82 8 JULIEA7201
4/7/20 9:35 A
9/20/20 3:14 P
What I Cleaned in April 2020 TYMBERWOLFE 6 LUANN_IN_PA
4/20/20 1:15 P
7-Day Closet Declutter Challenge LHLADY517 13 TISHTOES
5/10/20 12:00 A
These are scary times I want comfort food but I am doing so well. I have lost over 30 Pounds and I h FIT50LISA 13 GM252775422
3/29/20 10:17 P
Perfect time to institute a stretching program into my routine! Just have to decide if I will do it TYMBERWOLFE 5 GARDENCHRIS
3/30/20 12:37 P
Posted a photo BLONDEE531 20 PWILLOW1
3/28/20 9:50 P
Please be safe everyone and stay in. Weโ€™re working hard in NY to beat this pandemic. 123THERESA123 136 WIN2LIVE
3/28/20 11:24 P
Has anyone read this? I'm going to try this method starting Monday! It sounds fantastic! TYMBERWOLFE 8 HAPPYELF
3/31/20 7:03 A
Tracking is the best weigh to lose weight! *get it weigh instead of way* LOL TYMBERWOLFE 3 PATRICIA-CR
3/3/20 8:20 A
Cleaning and organizing my office so I have enough room to exercise! I am very excited about it! TYMBERWOLFE 18 GARDENCHRIS
3/2/20 1:57 P
Delicious and nutritious. Lemon tahini, roasted cauliflower and roasted carrots that taste like dess TYMBERWOLFE 20 GARDENCHRIS
3/1/20 1:50 P
3/20/20 6:43 A
So can anyone on here give me a pocket definition on #cleaneating ? The concept sounds attractive t EOLIAN_WOMAN 13 CD26017162
6/2/20 1:19 A
So, is this as close to Raw or Vegan as we get ? I don't see any #'s for any of those . I see #eati FOXYHOGG 9 LEARN211
6/15/20 10:19 P
I lost 3 pounds this week! TYMBERWOLFE 24 PATRICIA-CR
2/24/20 9:24 A
Thereโ€™s a solution to every problem. DAD_AINT_HIP 30 LILIANN400
2/24/20 12:14 P
2/24/20 8:57 A
Adventures down to and then across one of Minnesota's ice-covered lakes was the absolute best way to J2002HEIDS 14 J2002HEIDS
2/24/20 10:01 A
Good morning spark family ๐Ÿ˜˜ I've been having a ro TMP0418 228 6PACKKKK
2/24/20 10:19 A
Feels great to be on track again...I accepted the challenge and I am feeling great and healing from TYMBERWOLFE 7 PATRICIA-CR
2/22/20 2:17 P
My boyfriend Mike lost his battle tonight with cancer after finding out Jan 1, 2020 that he had it. DGFOWLER 83 1CRAZYDOG
2/21/20 5:49 P
Time for the yearly mammogram. Met a sweet lady who talked to me about her scans and how she beat br GINGERMONKEY21 11 EDONALDSON68
2/20/20 5:44 P
2/20/20 11:10 P
I saw an eagle yesterday while walking on Granite Lake! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 28 GABY1948
2/22/20 2:19 P
Although yesterday was a rest day, I was successful at hitting my step goal. 10 Min Leslie Walk โ€“ Up SOOKIE 15 SURFIE
2/22/20 5:21 P
This morning I was fine And then All of a Sudden I can hardly walk.... It took everything in me to CINDY247 22 TYMBERWOLFE
2/20/20 4:40 P
I am doing laundry and cleaning for my son as he recovers from surgery GARDENCHRIS 4 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:19 A
PT today was rough but I feel good about it! I've been staying within my set calorie range and getti TYMBERWOLFE 6 PATRICIA-CR
2/21/20 10:30 A
Still healing, but this was first time working out in a gym in three months ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Slow and steady at SPEAKDARCY2ME 24 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:17 A
2/22/20 2:21 P
Been sick for the whole week with the flu. Finally starting to feel better and happy to send everyon CHANGE771 8 TABATHA_CAIN
2/17/20 7:17 A
I am trying Noom I would NEVER replace Spark but has anyone tried it? Success or Dislike? TYMBERWOLFE 6 MCATLEDGE
2/16/20 6:49 P
For those who don't care for kale: EVIE4NOW 23 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/17/20 7:54 A
Our Crazy Cat will get anywhere she fits! Lol! Her motto: If I fit I sits! ๐Ÿ˜ป CINDY247 27 TCANNO
2/16/20 8:08 P
Posted a photo TYMBERWOLFE 16 GEORGE815
2/16/20 6:54 P
Went on a peaceful hike with my daughter this morning while visiting my parentโ€™s home. Seems like I MIAMI_LILLY 58 TEXASHSMOMOF3
2/17/20 12:08 P
My Sunday workout! MAMACRUZ87 15 GEORGE815
2/16/20 6:55 P
Looking for support for running injury and weight gain. Any runners out who want to connect? #runner TYMBERWOLFE 2 GEORGE815
2/16/20 7:01 P