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Home from the hospital with 2 Stents. Had no idea I was close to a heart attack. Sure was a wake u DARLENEK04 21 LITTLEFLOWERTC
6/5/21 10:29 P
No luck catching anything today but the weather was too good to waste. ROCKYCATSMAMMA 12 ROCKYCPA
6/5/21 10:45 P
Signed up to do a boot camp w/a woman I hardly know from church. Then I drove over to my gym for a s UASK4ITDAVE 6 KATHY_2019
6/5/21 5:25 P
Did a 30 min walk today, even jogged for a little bit :) . Hope everyone is having a blessed day! MRSM84 9 KOSHIE1
6/4/21 8:14 P
Just Power Pump & Zumba classes today. So far, so good with the nutrition. And a plan for next weeks UASK4ITDAVE 7 GEORGE815
6/4/21 11:09 P
6/4/21 12:58 A
6/8/21 11:02 P
Small Salad w/ Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad and Blackberries for lunch... perfect after yardwork! CATWMNCAT 29 ISNESS
6/4/21 7:28 P
Today, I did Tubo Kick, Barre Burn, Barre Tone, and Yoga. Seems like a lot. But, Turbo, and both Bar UASK4ITDAVE 9 INSPIREDBYHOPE1
6/3/21 8:33 P
So frustrated. Stuck in the 180's. Once upon a time got down to 180.0. Was SO excited, then it stead FINALLYFREE2BME 17 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/21 2:26 P
I got my 30 minutes of activity in today gardening (weeding, really) I saw a toad! And a spider that CALAMITY55 18 CHEROKEE1946
5/22/21 5:36 P
Left Fitcamp early to get my haircut. I still got 44 minutes of full body workout. So, I am golden o UASK4ITDAVE 18 ALLYLIZZY
5/23/21 2:23 P
Love it when someone asks me what I want to eat,,,,,, DIANEDOESSMILES 35 RYDESKS
5/22/21 11:21 P
I found a way to enjoy a mushroom cheese (turkey)burger with all fixins'. I made it as a salad...yum MUSICMOM 16 KNEESOCKS1945
5/22/21 12:09 A
I warmed-up on the Treadmill for 20 minutes. Then did Circuit Training for 52 minutes, followed by 4 UASK4ITDAVE 5 LOLABRUG3
5/21/21 9:20 P
Changed it up a bit and when to another gym location. I couldn't find their schedule online, so I w UASK4ITDAVE 6 KWOOD1955
5/20/21 4:15 P
How I feel some days.... FELINEBETTER 114 SPARKLINGME176
5/20/21 4:08 P
Message Removed CD27080372 17 LAH1222
5/19/21 10:38 P
First bike ride of the year yesterday may 18th, 2021!! Feels good to get back to a healthy lifestyle OPTICALXILLUSIO 23 CD10929013
5/19/21 8:51 P
Finally under 130! It's the first time in my adult life I've ever weighed this little. The last time SHERIMBECHTEL 180 PURPLEMOON1
5/19/21 10:05 P
Warmed up doing 20 minutes on the treadmill. Since I went to Fitcamp last night, I skipped today's s UASK4ITDAVE 6 GETITDONE79
5/19/21 7:26 P
Posted a photo MARGARETYAKODA 21 EEJAA70
5/19/21 12:12 A
Don’t be like this... NANHBH 15 ROCKYCPA
5/15/21 8:04 P
9:30 am Fitcamp for an hour and twenty minutes. Healthy breakfast, and plans to go to the beach for UASK4ITDAVE 9 PEGJW111
5/15/21 7:43 P
Hello my lovely sparkling friends. I'm asking for a massive prayer chain for one of my long time FLORIDASUN 24 TERMITEMOM
5/14/21 10:38 P
My guys are so awesome. I had to go get an ultrasound for my liver this morning. When I got home th CASTALLCARES1 7 HEALIN1
5/15/21 1:20 A
Late lunch/early dinner is a Nashville hot chicken salad w/ mushrooms, green pepper, avocado, & coti KRIS71882 10 NAVYWIFESKI
5/14/21 9:11 P
After my normal gym routine yesterday. I went to Fitcamp at 6:45 last night. Back to the gym by 8:05 UASK4ITDAVE 6 LAURAKJ70
5/14/21 5:46 P
Cut the lawn again, and patched some of the weaker areas. Dirt & Grass seed. Cut out some dead stu JIMMOORE14 2 UASK4ITDAVE
5/13/21 3:06 P
An hour of spin. 45 minutes of piloxing. And an hour of talking to one of the fitcamp instructors ab UASK4ITDAVE 10 GEORGE815
5/13/21 5:44 P
I really struggled today at Fitcamp. My feet began to ache. Then I got dizzy, and after the session. UASK4ITDAVE 23 LORELEI781
5/12/21 8:00 P
3 years and 50+ pound difference. Definitely in a better place now. And I can definitely see a diff CUPKAKE137 145 GEORGE815
5/12/21 7:38 P
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 17 JAMER123
5/13/21 9:19 P
My niece has been doing food experiments. The latest concoction was cherry jello with beets. Slightl LESLIELENORE 8 GARDENCHRIS
5/12/21 12:45 P
So much to do today. But, started the day with a workout. Treadmill and Piloxing... now eating a pro UASK4ITDAVE 15 FELICIA1963
5/11/21 8:37 P
Happy Mother's Day! This is my mother and I at my sister's wedding a few years ago. UASK4ITDAVE 6 CFITZ1
5/9/21 8:33 P
Posted a photo TZVI-R 11 GEORGE815
5/8/21 5:00 P
@RANDERS33 Hello Biscuit! Bae here. I'm so glad your hoomin mom shared a greeny beany. My hoomin mom NEEKEPOO 20 KNEESOCKS1945
5/8/21 9:59 P
I had to cut my gym time for these little idiots. But, teenagers are kinda fun to watch, and I got 5 UASK4ITDAVE 9 GEORGE815
5/8/21 4:50 P
#BeforeAndAfterHello everyone. Hope you are all well. I'm recovering from spine surgery and strugg LEWOODS55 21 COUNTRYKID3
5/7/21 6:12 P
Posted a photo UASK4ITDAVE 6 KEKEIKO
5/7/21 5:44 P
and for FUN... 75HEALTHYME 19 JAMER123
5/7/21 10:00 P
Posted a photo UASK4ITDAVE 4 GEORGE815
5/6/21 6:00 P
38 minutes of Spin. 66 minutes of Piloxing class. Then I had a talk with Cindy, (the instructor who UASK4ITDAVE 11 MJ7DM33
5/6/21 6:54 P
Great workout, last night. Took way too long to finish though. I wanted to fight my trainer because LOTTALOX 8 TKLBRIDGET1
5/5/21 4:49 P
NSV, today I got dressed in a hurry and grabbed the first top I found out of the dryer. As I head to LADY_RIANY 53 QUARTERMASTER3
5/5/21 8:19 P
Small slice of taco pizza for lunch. 280 cal. Trying to remind myself that I can eat “normal” foods JESSNOTGVNUP 14 RHOOK20047
5/5/21 4:53 P
Getting into yummy salads lately :) RDM121312 9 RDM121312
5/7/21 3:06 A
I made it to the gym by 8:00 am. I did 50 minutes warming up on the treadmill. Then 45 minutes of pe UASK4ITDAVE 7 _RAMONA
5/5/21 10:10 P
48 minutes of spin. 65 minutes of piloxing. I signed up to do "Fitcamp", my gyms answer to bootcamp. UASK4ITDAVE 8 HEDSTS58
5/4/21 6:16 P
On July 30th last year I had a major accident smashing my hip socket in 3 places and fracturing my f KATYMARIA 24 CD10929013
5/4/21 9:00 P
5/5/21 2:31 A
I did some painting 🧑‍🎨 KASANNMIL 8 DIANEDOESSMILES
5/4/21 5:39 P
Just hit the 140s!🤗 woohoo. 149.8. It’s been along time since I’ve seen them😅. Working hard & keep TENNISGMA 18 STARS2000
5/4/21 12:15 A
325 lbs today. This is me and my beautiful grandson I have to live for. Hi everyone! Goal is 220 MANDYMORSE2019 60 DANCINCAJUN1
5/4/21 12:21 A
My son had his birthday party today. It was fear factor themed, ending in our pool. I did a lot of r UASK4ITDAVE 19 MAREE1953
5/2/21 5:55 A
Finally closed on new house in Arizona! Now the fun begins! IBHOOKD 36 COOKWITHME65
6/24/21 9:36 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 33 SPEDED2
5/2/21 10:43 A
Hope you're meeting your goals today. I'm trying to get in my water and more steps. #goalfeats BONNIE1552 16 BOOKISHBABE76
5/1/21 7:06 A
Killed my workout today. 30 minutes warming up on the treadmill. 45 minutes of circuit training. And UASK4ITDAVE 21 BIKE4HEALTH
4/30/21 11:10 P
It's been a year y'all 💪 FOTOLEXIC 137 JAMER123
5/1/21 10:13 P
I just cannot get it together. Three times this week I have stumbled with the gym schedule. Today, I UASK4ITDAVE 17 CMEEGAN8
4/29/21 6:33 P
Hello!! #i haven’t posted here in a while. Probab CQWEATHERS 20 ALLYLIZZY
4/30/21 3:17 P
I am so sick of online appointments. Sure enough, never got a link, no call. I admit (see prior pos UASK4ITDAVE 8 GEORGE815
4/28/21 5:14 P
My alarm went off at 7am, but I fell back asleep. Slept in until 8:25! My son has an online appointm UASK4ITDAVE 16 GEORGE815
4/28/21 5:18 P
Message Removed CD26135775 13 GEORGE815
4/27/21 4:47 P
Posted a photo KBROWER804 31 ERIN_POSCH
4/28/21 11:01 A
If 9 months ago, you'd told me that I'd be able to buy clothes in a regular size again, I wouldn't h LADY_RIANY 213 EEJAA70
4/28/21 12:20 A
I waited until 9am to take a leisurely walk with a friend this morning. I headed over to the gym aft UASK4ITDAVE 9 DONNA_CPS2
4/27/21 5:20 P
Posted a photo TZVI-R 8 PICKIE98
4/27/21 5:12 P
Lunch... Twister Pepper spread w/ Greek Cream Cheese and filled with Imitation Crab Salad😋... Hope CATWMNCAT 20 GINNABOOTS
4/27/21 8:25 A
4/27/21 12:41 P
Made it to the gym this morning. Did 45 minutes of circuit training. Followed by 20 minutes of zumba UASK4ITDAVE 11 CATWMNCAT
4/26/21 7:50 P
Starting a new week with another challenge! #moveit MIESHI21 8 TOCONNER
4/25/21 6:46 A
Rainy here, but we still did our 2 mile walk #fitnessfeats MIESHI21 6 MIMIOH
4/25/21 6:48 A