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My back is much better today, so I was able to do 12 minutes on the glider. I also finished the deep WALKIN4JEANIE 9 PICKIE98
6/17/21 6:57 A
Hurt my back scrubbing the bathroom ceiling on Friday afternoon. So, I took the weekend to recoup. WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GARDENCHRIS
6/15/21 11:55 A
I am going to miss my weekly blogs on SparkPeople. I wrote my own to stay accountable and got inspir WALKIN4JEANIE 3 ROCKYCPA
6/8/21 11:21 P
I am so sad that SP is closing. But, with change comes growth. I have always said that I was going t WALKIN4JEANIE 2 1CRAZYDOG
6/8/21 9:07 P
5/29/21 2:48 P
5/29/21 11:18 A
I have a question. I hope this is where I post it. If not, please advise. I have been counting calo ROSEYINFLORIDA 14 HEATHERDAWN55
5/27/21 8:39 A
Last day of school for me! #teacherworkday WALKIN4JEANIE 14 GARDENCHRIS
5/26/21 12:26 P
Down 45 lbs. If you haven't tried Body Groove, you should. LOTS of fun. AKMARYKAY 30 WHITEANGEL4
5/3/21 10:58 P
Went for what I am calling my walkabout today during lunch. I forgot to turn the exercise monitor. T WALKIN4JEANIE 5 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/27/21 6:05 A
🌤️. 3 of 15 core and lower body workout, marching, gardening, 3 of 15 calf raises, 2 of 60 step-ups CSEGUIN2 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/27/21 11:39 A
4/26/21 11:49 A
Wednesday is my Yoga day. I had a terrible day at school. So, Yoga was just the ticket today. Made m WALKIN4JEANIE 6 SPEDED2
4/14/21 9:56 P
I talked my principal into changing my school duty. My new job is to walk around campus during lunch WALKIN4JEANIE 16 MOMWANTSNOWAIST
4/13/21 7:25 A
elliptical 20 minutes (up from 15) #keepmoving #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 7 SPEDED2
4/5/21 9:54 P
Posted a photo WALKIN4JEANIE 12 PICKIE98
4/4/21 5:10 P
got in a workout and some gardening today! #keepmoving #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 6 ROCKYCPA
4/4/21 5:26 P
Realized that there is no way I can do the 8+ and teach school at the same time. So school days 4+ o WALKIN4JEANIE 6 TOCONNER
4/2/21 6:20 A
3/30/21 8:45 P
1/2 mile walk during my prep period today! Felt good to get some fresh air! #keepmoving WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GEORGE815
3/29/21 3:06 P
Finished my Soulful Sunday Yoga. WALKIN4JEANIE 23 ROCKYCPA
3/28/21 9:18 P
Posted a photo WALKIN4JEANIE 15 PICKIE98
3/29/21 10:08 A
If you are looking for something Covid friendly to do this evening, my daughter is in this week's ep WALKIN4JEANIE 7 NAVYWIFESKI
3/26/21 8:43 P
First long walk at my favorite walking park since last fall. It felt so good to be out in the sunshi WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GARDENCHRIS
3/23/21 1:04 P
Done! I feel like I have developed some good habits through these challenges. I am more mindful abou WALKIN4JEANIE 8 SPEDED2
3/21/21 9:35 P
I am pretty proud of myself. I've exercised every day during this challenge except one. But, even on WALKIN4JEANIE 9 GYNGER12
3/21/21 9:32 A
I had an afterschool meeting today, so I got my walk in during my prep. #moveit WALKIN4JEANIE 9 GARDENCHRIS
3/16/21 11:17 A
Today is going to be a long day. So, I set an alarm and did a loop around campus during my prep peri WALKIN4JEANIE 6 ROCKYCPA
3/8/21 11:19 P
Habits are like comfortable beds. They are easy to get into, but difficult to get out of. Denis Wait JOHNMARTINMILES 5 CUPKAKE137
3/7/21 2:42 P
My 15 minute Yoga workout turned into 20. I feel so good!! #moveit WALKIN4JEANIE 11 BILLTHOMSON
3/8/21 6:22 A
Did HEAVY lifting chores today. But, I finished my attic and was active as well. Always feels good t WALKIN4JEANIE 7 BONNIE1552
3/7/21 8:15 A
I had a four hour grad class this morning! My brain was TOAST. I went upstairs, turned on some dance WALKIN4JEANIE 10 PICKIE98
3/6/21 3:31 P
I got CoVid19 Vaccine Dose #1 today! Right now, all I have is a very sore arm. WALKIN4JEANIE 6 ROCKYCPA
2/22/21 11:19 P
Great day for vegie soup on this cold day. Its 11am & still below 0. Keep warm everybody! #eatthera STARGLOW77 7 KATHYJO56
2/6/21 4:13 P
I am loving my overnight oats with fruit and nuts! #eattherainbow WALKIN4JEANIE 6 CKEYES1
2/5/21 8:32 A
I know that I just have to be mindful and PREP my meals on Sundays. #eattherainbow WALKIN4JEANIE 9 ROCKYCPA
2/3/21 11:24 P
Ate a great big BEAUTIFUL salad for lunch #eattherainbow WALKIN4JEANIE 10 ROCKYCPA
2/2/21 3:53 P
I have been pretty lax with the freggies for a while. I decided to start with a really easy goal to WALKIN4JEANIE 3 KITTYHAWK1949
2/1/21 4:28 P
My next week is going to be extra busy, so I spent the morning prepping meals. #keepimproving #keepm WALKIN4JEANIE 3 GEORGE815
1/24/21 6:14 P
Dear 2020, lets just wipe the slate clean and skip last year, ok? It's not you, it's me. I found a n WALKIN4JEANIE 16 HARROWJET
1/2/21 11:57 P
Discuss Week 1 and your challenge goals here! SP_MELINDA 4157 KAREN_EDMONDS
3/12/21 7:50 A
12/20/20 10:04 P
Finished a full BodyGroove workout for the first time in a long time! My butt hurts but I feel good! WALKIN4JEANIE 12 GARDENCHRIS
11/16/20 2:19 P
I have been back on program a couple of weeks now and am down almost 7 pounds! Proud of myself. #kee WALKIN4JEANIE 8 SPEDED2
11/6/20 10:19 P
Went for my first after school walk in a long long time. It was short, but it sure felt good! WALKIN4JEANIE 21 CD4114015
11/5/20 5:23 P
Yesterday was another day of fighting my anxiety and depression. Didn't feel like doing much. I was AUNTRENEE 12 WALKIN4JEANIE
10/15/20 6:01 A
Workout class complete! #keepmoving #keepimproving WALKIN4JEANIE 9 CD4114015
7/30/20 12:57 P
YAY!!! 30 day exercise streak! I am so proud of myself! #fitnessfeats #streakingthroughsummer #keepm WALKIN4JEANIE 11 CD4114015
7/30/20 1:08 P
Message Removed CD13211793 14 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
7/28/20 8:33 A
Day #29. Strength Sunday! #keepmoving #keepimproving #streakingthroughsummer #teacherlife WALKIN4JEANIE 1 WALKIN4JEANIE
7/26/20 2:43 P
Day #28! Nice long walk with my hubby this morning! Felt good to be able to exercise outside. #keepm WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GARDENCHRIS
7/26/20 11:27 A
Day #27. Just an exercise "snack" today because I had a day full of appointments. But, I just couldn WALKIN4JEANIE 11 CD4114015
7/27/20 3:51 P
Day #26. Tried a Latin Dance workout today! #keepmoving #keepimproving #teacherlife #streakingthroug WALKIN4JEANIE 9 WORKINGSTIFF
8/2/20 2:51 P
Day #24. Today is usually hill work day, but the heat index is too high for me. I have two full flig WALKIN4JEANIE 9 BRUCELANGLEY
7/27/20 10:40 P
Addison Clare has arrived! July 8th, 2020 9lbs, COOKWITHME65 155 ROSEWCI
8/1/20 5:24 A
3/6/19 6:08 P
DAILY CHAT! CD5807913 9380 TINATC26
7/22/21 10:31 A
what are you THANKFUL for today?!? CD5807913 992 NELLJONES
5/12/20 4:55 A
put it down and pour it out WALKIN4JEANIE 5 AWONDERS59
7/8/18 10:27 A
5/23/18 8:44 A
7/23/21 9:01 A
2/18/18 12:30 P
Increasing intensity WALKIN4JEANIE 6 GYMRAT_AT44
6/26/17 9:16 A
Daily Check-in ANGORA4 5506 ENDUROVET
2/28/21 9:52 P
New to team SANTEE57 122 MIAMIRN
8/25/20 3:29 P
Daily Blood Sugar Readings LEMGIRL 3415 LINDAF49
9/9/18 11:54 P
Has anyone tried the Blaze? WALKIN4JEANIE 5 JACKIE0985
3/9/16 10:00 P
Question of the Day...??????? CD15491213 430 GREBJACK
3/25/17 5:42 P
What is the weather in your area? LEANJEAN6 9614 GEORGE815
7/8/21 5:38 P
10/11/18 1:49 P
Emoticon to show your mood to-day LEANJEAN6 5646 NASFKAB
11/12/19 10:55 A
Tell us about yourself WRITER2B 441 TERESAPHILLIPS7
3/30/21 9:47 P
Ideas for getting family to eat vegetables WALKIN4JEANIE 8 IRISHEI
7/25/16 9:14 A
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 163857 MARGE_SELMECKA
7/24/21 11:41 A
eating small meals throughout the day WALKIN4JEANIE 6 KECHARA14
9/9/15 10:22 P