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12/3/20 8:11 A
two words change one JUDYGENTRY 27902 BOSTON481
12/3/20 12:29 P
12/3/20 8:09 A
Share a BEAUTIFUL Smile... --DEBY-- 565 THROOPER62
12/3/20 8:14 A
12/3/20 9:57 A
Fruits and Vegetables You Like? Emoticon (Daily) CD23469564 81 WHITEANGEL4
12/3/20 8:05 A
Another template to use for memes or online cards. MIMAWELIZABETH 17 PATRICIA-CR
12/3/20 12:22 P
A New day! Be open enough to see the opportunities. Be wise enough to be grateful. Be courageous eno GRANDMOTHER20 27 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:20 P
Make it a great mood Thursday! NANHBH 25 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:30 P
Posted a photo DAN1964 30 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:25 P
Christmas cheer🌺 SANDYKK53 49 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:18 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone enjoy your day be safe TRAILWALKERJO54 25 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:23 P
This is my Poohism for the day! Make an adventure with your friends or co-workers. I walked 4.35 mi BOMBCHELL23 17 GEORGE815
12/3/20 5:21 P
Crazy pants at work today! Meal prep is a lifesaver. Salmon, sweet potato, lemon pepper green beans MSMOSTIMPROVED 30 1CRAZYDOG
12/1/20 9:05 P
Goody bye November hello December, new month, new day, new start. We can do it, Keep Sparking. KURTZIE1998 21 GLORYB83
12/2/20 8:31 A
Lunch 🍽️ Tofu scramble; low calories, and full of delicious veggies and spiced/seasoned just right CITYGURLXO 10 GEORGE815
12/1/20 5:41 P
Doubled today's exercise goal and made good use of time by walking during conference call.....Double GREYGIN 16 JTHEALTHY1
12/1/20 10:52 P
Lunch: 3/4 peeled cucumber w/ poppyseed dressing, leftover dressing & cranberry sauce. Not feeling CLIMBOVERARIES 14 CLIMBOVERARIES
12/1/20 8:43 P
60 Minutes to Start December! #moveit 2BDYNAMIC 26 JAMER123
12/2/20 9:56 P
Lunch: HUGE bowl of chicken soup, an egg, and more pineapple. All for about 400 Cal 😉 AWESOMELYADRIA 19 GEORGE815
12/1/20 5:35 P
Rain and wind did NOT stop me from walking today doing errands. I COULD of taken the car, but this w DIANEDOESSMILES 24 HAPPYELF
12/3/20 7:35 A
Name One Thing You are THANKFUL for today WIZZLEWOLF1 5124 ELEKTRA0412
12/3/20 6:23 P
12/3/20 6:22 P
Greetings on this awesome Monday. Have a great day and be blessed. BANEWLAND 11 GEORGE815
11/30/20 5:16 P
happy healthy Monday everyone have a safe last day of November TRAILWALKERJO54 19 75HEALTHYME
11/30/20 7:45 P
11/30/20 8:53 P
11/30/20 10:35 P
Pb2 oats and blueberries BLANCAROMERO4 16 GEORGE815
11/30/20 5:15 P
11/30/20 8:49 P
Turkey soup (homemade) with rice instead of noodles, a large naval orange, and yogurt with a coupl CMRKSU12 29 CMRKSU12
12/3/20 5:53 P
Action is required. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 38 GABY1948
12/1/20 6:23 P
My helper this morning. 😁 Youngest grandson making cookies for Pawpaw. TALULAHLES 27 NAVYWIFESKI
11/30/20 8:25 P
Sign of the Times #84 SPEDED2 40 KEKEIKO
12/1/20 12:30 P
A-Z ending in ing ANGELIS 16714 THREEE
12/3/20 4:26 P
I thought I would get in a walk before day break but it’s raining all day. So it was body combat/ 45 AMYBRO1 15 GEORGE815
11/29/20 3:22 P
My Christmas tree helpers yesterday. TALULAHLES 20 HAZEL2278
11/30/20 2:10 A
Took my grandsons and all our pumpkins to the woods yesterday for "Punkin Smashin 2020" they had a b TALULAHLES 15 LAH1222
11/29/20 11:29 P
‘Nuff said! Have a healthy day! CONNIET88 44 ERIN_POSCH
11/30/20 12:05 P
Breakfast: cheese toast, Mango, and deviled eggs! AWESOMELYADRIA 11 GEORGE815
11/29/20 3:22 P
My Vyvyan and Helga resting up to destroy the Christmas tree as soon as we put it up. TALULAHLES 25 KAYDE53
11/29/20 9:49 P
Good afternoon spark friends. After walking six and a half miles in 80° temperatures this almost loo CARLOSLAKELAND 44 GMACAMI
11/30/20 7:32 P
One of the guilty duo. TALULAHLES 50 HAZEL2278
11/30/20 2:09 A
Another beautiful day for a walk. SAMMIEJ25 24 GMACAMI
11/29/20 12:11 P
Convinced myself, that yes, I would exercise today. Met my goal #moveit GREYGIN 14 BILLTHOMSON
11/29/20 5:53 A
Let it be... NANHBH 13 ROCKYCPA
11/29/20 11:25 A
Watch while the sun kisses the horizon, creating a mirror-reflection across the perfectly still lake J2002HEIDS 21 SPRITEPRINCESS
12/1/20 12:38 P
Chili for a chilly day! 😊 LORIANNA62 14 GARDENCHRIS
11/29/20 12:45 P
Finished up the Thanksgiving pie with the family today, and then went for a run. I should have done AMYINTHEWILD 20 LORIANNA62
11/30/20 9:29 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 -50HEIDI
11/29/20 11:18 A
View from my walk, this is what keeps me motivated! CHICKY789 19 GMACAMI
11/29/20 12:11 P
Especially to someone who irritates you! SISSYFEB48 10 75HEALTHYME
11/29/20 4:04 P
Out enjoying the brisk fall air as got in a 4 mile walk today SANDRAANNI 18 ALLYLIZZY
11/29/20 1:08 P
Four servings of fruits/vegetables so far today. The goal is in sight! Will add at least one more GREYGIN 17 CURIOUS2020
11/27/20 10:06 P
Good Day, even after turkey day I was able to keep my blood sugar at one of my lowest days. It has NITRODADDY-86 18 MOMMACAT57
11/27/20 9:37 P
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 14 JERSEYGIRL24
11/27/20 11:30 P
AAAH!! The day after--lazy, laid back- staying out of the craziness of the stores- Never my thing an DXTECH 12 ALLYLIZZY
11/28/20 11:35 A
My beautiful grandchildren...Elise 1 1/2 and Maksim 4! BMIHALIC 27 NOCALORIES
11/27/20 11:50 P
"Don’t let this pandemic, don’t let the sickness, don’t let the worry, don't let the fear cause you J2002HEIDS 23 CAMRY2019
11/29/20 12:00 A
Well it's Black Friday did you shop today? I put out more Christmas 🎄 decorations. Found beautiful 1BLAZER282005 26 BARBIEE52
11/28/20 1:53 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 20 _RAMONA
11/28/20 2:08 A
May you find something to be grateful for today SISSYFEB48 9 SPEDED2
11/26/20 10:47 P
Posted a photo KATIE5668 12 PATRICIA-CR
11/27/20 8:29 P
Thank you to all those working to assist Thanksgiving and every day as this pandemic rag SISSYFEB48 7 REBECCA_2021
11/26/20 11:18 P
My favorite part of the Thanksgiving Feast... the Sandwich w/ Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Avo CATWMNCAT 22 SPARKLINGME176
11/27/20 2:20 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 LAH1222
11/26/20 11:11 P
This is for now....not for forever....let's keep them safe for next year's gatherings! SISSYFEB48 21 PWILLOW1
11/27/20 1:56 P
Kinda dark, but I set up my Christmas tree. MORTICIARAVYNN 26 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
11/27/20 1:51 A
Posted a photo AZIBBELL 10 EVIE4NOW
11/26/20 10:36 P
Happy Thanksgiving! GARDENSFORLIFE 22 SUNSHINE99999
11/27/20 2:30 A
Not too bad on my dinner choices but I did over enjoy the pumpkin pie with pecans, caramel and whipp NAVYWIFESKI 25 JANS-JOURNEY
11/27/20 8:57 A
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Back on track tomorrow! KAWLIGANZ 26 _RAMONA
11/27/20 1:24 A
Yummy goodness. KAWLIGANZ 22 SUNSHINE99999
11/27/20 2:28 A
Cleaning the fridge and making room for the feast🦃! Quinoa w/ Spinach & Feta, Lentils, Rotisserie C CATWMNCAT 23 SPEDED2
11/25/20 9:28 P
I've started a project that's a bit much for me at my age, but I'm too far in now! 😉 I have a huge SSPRINGER56 7 WHITEANGEL4
11/25/20 5:40 P
Just in case anyone needs instructions for how to cook a Turkey🦃... and it is Wine Wednesday🍷 CATWMNCAT 40 CATWMNCAT
11/26/20 11:20 A