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Please Introduce Yourself to the Team Here KRYS210 902 YOLINDANNE
8/29/19 9:47 A
Question of the Day August 28 VICKYLYLES 5 STEFFY2016
9/4/19 1:15 P
Posted a photo YOLINDANNE 23 PWILLOW1
8/28/19 6:28 P
Question of the Day August 27 VICKYLYLES 5 STEFFY2016
9/4/19 11:04 A
Use emoticon to show how you feel today SYEATS618 28094 SPANKIE3
1/20/20 6:43 P
Question of the Day August 26 VICKYLYLES 6 STEFFY2016
8/29/19 11:09 A
Question of the Day August 23 VICKYLYLES 5 STEFFY2016
8/28/19 1:12 P
"I'm afraid we can't accept Facebook friends as character references!" NANASUEH 14 JUDY1676
8/25/19 12:35 A
..::Do something good for yourself! 2BDYNAMIC 43 MAW_OH
8/25/19 11:32 A
8/25/19 8:57 P
So I have been hoping to break 220. I put 10 beads up on my treadmill for the last 10 pounds. The la DEBYDOINGIT 21 DLDMIL
8/24/19 7:16 P
Making the most of my vacation time. Hiking and sw YOLINDANNE 15 DLDMIL
8/16/19 7:20 P
Good morning, I used Sparkpeople years ago and now I am back. I had forgotten what a GREAT app this KERKIMBAC 57 PURPLEMOON1
8/14/19 10:34 P
I used to huff and puff when I came up those stairs, now I just laugh at them RANDERS33 32 MOONCHILD101792
8/12/19 9:51 P
Everyday for 5 years I have logged in!! 4CONNIESHEALTH 52 HOLISTICJESSICA
8/13/19 9:14 A
I got my first job teaching! I’m switching careers and this is huge! Today will be great! FAYEYSCHAFER 185 DLDMIL
8/8/19 7:44 P
Starting off my birthday by doing laundry😒. But that's ok because that's the ONLY manual labor I'm BARBIEIAMNOT 241 IGSBETH
8/15/19 8:17 P
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 136686 RAPUNZEL53
1/20/20 5:58 P
Daily Chit Chat KATIE100 29045 MPOTTER22
1/9/20 10:16 P
21 Day New Member Challenge DRAGONFLY2874 10 LESS4MORE
11/18/19 5:03 A
Yesterday was a busy day and I was reminded how easy it is for me to get off track when I am not foc YOLINDANNE 2 ONEDAY@ATIME1
8/7/19 11:13 A
Went for a walk early this morning and found a new trail. It was a lovely day. YOLINDANNE 23 GMACAMI
8/6/19 12:54 P
Awesome August Step Challenge VICKYLYLES 10 VICKYLYLES
9/4/19 8:50 A
Question of the Day August 3 VICKYLYLES 7 STEFFY2016
8/6/19 11:04 A
What started as Mac and Cheese... MYSTICALWINGS04 5 YOLINDANNE
8/5/19 9:51 A
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 22254 JANIEWWJD
1/20/20 7:27 P
Went for a walk and did some dancing in the park while watching my kids and their band Québab perfor YOLINDANNE 13 DLDMIL
8/4/19 7:10 P
Hello sparkers LOSEWEIGHT1212 3 YOLINDANNE
8/2/19 11:48 P
Went for a walk with my husband tonight. Small steps. YOLINDANNE 21 GOODGETNBETR
8/5/19 10:58 A
Working on my brain today. Just because I ate some m&ms this am, doesn't ruin my day. Back to good c PIPPAMOUSE 10 BLESSOME
8/3/19 2:54 P
I love summer because walking outside is so much more fun then going on this contraption. YOLINDANNE 6 CLOUDWALKING
8/2/19 2:26 P
Day one. Lunch with friend but I made good choices YOLINDANNE 9 YMWONG22
8/3/19 8:27 A
This... allll day!!! ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 14 GRAMMYEAC
8/1/19 6:20 P
Today is my bday and today is the day I got to open the letter I wrote to myself back in April. Some 2B-ME-AGAIN 225 KREAKYJOINTZ
8/1/19 8:23 P
10/7/19 7:48 A
12/24/19 6:22 P
6/30/12 7:02 P
Did You Work Out Today? Give a WooHoo! If You Did LJR4HEALTH 1660 GAOUDI
11/14/18 6:04 A
I am proud of... POOKASLUAGH 169 LEXJAMI1979
3/13/12 8:40 A