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9/6/15 11:45 A

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Hi Auntie !

I am always a little behind in seeing posts and responding. Practicing for retirement in (hopefully) 10 years. I currently do not have an RV but am still looking for one I like AND can afford. I never named mine when i had one. I also utilize good sam club, Rv. net nd RV village among a few sites online to learn stuff.

My family (mom, brother, and I) usually plan 1 long trip per year (2 weeks) since we kids still work full time. Rest of the time, we camp near home ( within 1-2 hr drive at most). Sounds like you are doing well so far with your health which is good so keep those healthy habits in place. TC

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8/20/15 10:40 P

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Hi, We are very seasoned travelers as we began when we were married and I had been RVing before that. We have had 2 pop up campers when the kids were little and we are on our 3rd travel trailer. We have taken our kids to 42 states, the Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf Mexico and Canada. We even may it to the World's Fair in Vancouver, Canada in '86. We are getting to where we should be looking for another TT as this one has many miles on it. No troubles yet. We are Winter Texans and summer Minnesotans. This year has been a very bad & sad yr. for us and we are still in TX. caring for my mother who fell in March breaking 2 major bones. So going RVing this yr. has been taken out of our vocabulary. Experiencing an TX summer is just that, an EXPERIENCE!! Love the Rio Grande Valley but this summer has been brutal. Even the locals are having troubles but we are tough and will make it through. We don't know what the future will bring as to more travels but we are definitely planning it!
Welcome to the team. Good Sam's organization is a good place to keep learning and making many friends while traveling.


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8/20/15 10:27 P

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Hi & Welcome!

We never named our 5th wheel, but we sure named our (former) dtand alone GPS system! We named her "Confusious" because she confused us all the time with her directions! We feel she named herself! LOL

For instance.... once we were on a bridge over nothing but water, and she said "You have arrived."

Anyway, just wanted to welcome you to our friendly group and encourage you to participate. You are in for an exciting retirement when you choose to RV!



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8/20/15 9:05 P

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We started RV'ing in 2011, started with a 2002 used 5th wheel. You know, we never had a moment's worry or problem with that one, then in 2013 bought a brand new top of the line Jayco Pinnacle, and that is when our troubles began! The actual Jayco part of the RV, the interior and design was perfect, it was the automatic leveling system made by ATWOOD that gave us loads of trouble. We had it in and out of the shop for 2 years, new legs put on and 2 new control boards, but it continued to mess up and Jayco would not pay to switch the system out and we felt that we couldn't continue to live with the problems especially when the warranty was running out after 2 years, so in January of this year we traded it in on a brand new Jayco Eagle Premier, because it had the extras we were wanting on the Pinnacle and they had changed the leveling system to a proven system. Since then, not a moment's trouble with the new RV and we are pleased!

There is LOTS to learn about RV'ing, we were taught a lot by our Good Sam's group members, all of whom had lots of experience and helped us get started. I would suggest you look up your local chapter and get to traveling with them, they will help you a lot. EVERY NEW RV these days seems to be prone to problems, and according to the parent company and dealer you bought from, it can be easy or very difficult to get repairs done. I studied all the RV companies for 2 years before we bought a Jayco. Jayco is the only RV company in existence that still has the original company running it, it has not been sold and bought by another company as all the others have.

We didn't name our RV, never felt the need, though I sure cussed the first brand new one we had often enough! I thought for over 60 grand we should have gotten something that works, but that is not how it goes all the time! Good luck on your travels, and hope to cross paths with you sometime! We aren't full timing but have a small home on a few acres that serves as our home base. We hope to be north in the summer and south in the winter! emoticon

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8/20/15 4:06 P

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emoticon Again Auntie!
Yes, we have named our MH. Our last name is House and we seem to have our friends gather at our RV so people took to saying, Let's meet at THE NUT HOUSE! Therefore, we jumped on it and our MH is named The Nut House.

We retired in 2009 and haven't stopped traveling since. We have a double wide manufactured home in a park which we live in in Michigan in the summer months to be near our family. However, my DH has heart surgery and because of my fears for his health, we choose to leave MI and winter in AZ. I don't care if I ever see another snow storm!

I agree that the internet help forums are great, especially for beginners. My favorite is

We would love to see your new Class C so I suggest you take a couple of pictures and put in your photo gallery if you haven't already. Most of us on this team have pictures of our RV's in ours if you are interested in checking them out.

Sharon - my home is in Zeeland, MI
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8/20/15 3:13 P

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Welcome to the insanity of RVing and the insanity of this group! JK!

GerryB54 at the Jersey Shore

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8/20/15 12:28 P

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emoticon to the team AUNTIEETHEL

we have been full timing in our motorhome for four years now. like it a lot !

have you discovered the many rv forums? they are the best things out there. #1 - if you have had problem "x", you can bet someone else has had the same problem and the forum will detail the fix. and #2 if you have questions, the answers can be found there.

just like having a house, having a motorhome means there are chores that need to be attended to. i am often amazed that more problems don't arise given the fact that we drive our motorhome all over the pace - and some roads are not kind! and then we land somewhere and things work... the levers go down, the slides go out, the fridge is working, we have hot water, etc., etc., etc.


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8/20/15 11:47 A

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Hi, We are new to RVing having purchased a 2015 31ft C class last year. I'm retired and my hubby will be in a couple of years. Our plan is to spend the next couple of years taking lots of 3 and 4 day trips so that we will be ready to move to three or four month snow birding as we move into our retirement. The short trips turned out to be a good idea. Even though our motorhome was brand spanking new we ran into lots of problems and of course we knew nothing to start with. (Manuals and beginner RVing books are great but only take you so far). We have had to learn lots about propane detectors, electrical systems and water pump. That stuff aside we have loved our travels. I have things pretty well organized I think, Now I just have to figure out how to deal with a practically unusable pantry... terrible design.
We haven't met too many other RVers so I am really looking forward to hearing from and about folks on this site.
As far as my diet program I am finding I can easily make our trips without going off program, and since we like to head to provincial parks with the MH and fit in lots of hiking keeping on top of the fitness is simple.
One Question for you all. We feel we should name our MH but haven't come up with a good handle just yet. Any of you have names for your Rigs?

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